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A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu (Web Novel)


Su Jianan was marrying the love of her life. It all seemed picture-perfect, except for a few catches. One, it was a marriage of convenience. Two, she would be divorced after two years.

With her well-being under threat, Su Jianan had only one choice to keep herself safe: marrying, and pretending to be loved by a powerful man capable of protecting her. Conveniently, her soon-to-be husband was Lu Boyan, a man she had been secretly in love with for fourteen years. She went along with the marriage, knowing full well that her love was one-sided.

Or was it?

Business tycoon Lu Boyan had known Su Jianan ever since she was ten. Back then, the death of his father had plunged his world into darkness, and Su Jianan’s presence had brought a new ray of light into his life. Now, it was his turn to protect her. He would marry her to keep her safe. But two years later, he would divorce her: it would no longer be safe for her to remain by his side.

What fate awaited Su Jianan and Lu Boyan? Would their marriage mark the beginning of a happily ever after? Or would it lead to heartbreak and sorrow? Would their marriage outlast the two years? What kind of secret was Lu Boyan keeping?

Follow along with the twists and turns of this slow-burn, action-packed love story!

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 624 A Strange Way Of Thinking2020-10-23
Chapter 623 What a Bastard He Is (2)2020-10-21
Chapter 622 What a Bastard He Is (1)2020-10-20
Chapter 621 The Future is Undecided Yet2020-10-17
Chapter 620 The Twins’ Telepathy2020-10-15
Chapter 619 They Were Destined to Meet But Not to Stay With Each Other (2)2020-10-14
Chapter 618 They Were Destined to Meet, But Not to Stay With Each Other (1)2020-10-13
Chapter 617 I’ll Be Handsome For My Entire Life2020-10-12
Chapter 616 Xu Youning Is Injured2020-10-11
Chapter 615 Mu Sijue, How Did You Recognize Me?2020-10-10
Chapter 614 I’m Not Afraid Even If the Heavens Fall Down2020-10-09
Chapter 613 Choosing the Same Time2020-10-08
Chapter 612 This is A Chance to Deal With Mu Sijue2020-10-07
Chapter 611 Even Her Name Has Become His Weakness2020-10-06
Chapter 610 He Could Always Find a Way to be More of a Hooligan2020-10-06
Chapter 609 The Iceberg was Thawed by the Sunlight2020-10-06
Chapter 608 No Matter What Happened, It Wouldn’t Stop Boss Lu From Being Jealous2020-10-06
Chapter 607 Jian’an, I’m Getting Married2020-10-06
Chapter 606 You’re Challenging the Imagination of a Hollywood Playwright2020-10-06
Chapter 605 I Give You Full Marks for This Move2020-10-06
Chapter 604 The Man Who Shows Off His Wife So Frequently2020-10-06
Chapter 603 Selling Su Yicheng For The Gift2020-10-06
Chapter 602 I’m a Baby With Temper2020-10-06
Chapter 601 He Will Definitely Be a Good Father2020-10-06
Chapter 600 Lu Boyan’s Unique Handsomeness (2)2020-09-25
Chapter 599 Lu Boyan’s Unique Handsomeness (1)2020-09-24
Chapter 598 Lu Xiyu and Lu Xiangyi (2)2020-09-23
Chapter 597 Lu Xiyu and Lu Xiangyi (1)2020-09-22
Chapter 596 Hello, I’m Your Father2020-09-21
Chapter 595 A Little Boy, And A Little Girl2020-09-21
Chapter 594 She is Your Wife, You will Make the Decision2020-09-19
Chapter 593 The Price for Welcoming a New Life2020-09-18
Chapter 592 Boss Lu, There’s Something Wrong with You (2)2020-09-17
Chapter 591 Boss Lu, There’s Something Wrong with You (1)2020-09-16
Chapter 590 I Always Keep Him in My Mind2020-09-15
Chapter 589 Life Is So Tough2020-09-14
Chapter 588 Su Jian’an Is About to Give Birth (3)2020-09-14
Chapter 587 Su Jian’an Is About to Give Birth (2)2020-09-12
Chapter 586 Su Jian’an Is About to Give Birth (1)2020-09-11
Chapter 585 Shen Yuechuan’s Foresight2020-09-10
Chapter 584 If It’s Possible, I Want to Accompany You2020-09-09
Chapter 583 I Forgive You2020-09-08
Chapter 582 The Attention is Actually Cheap2020-09-07
Chapter 581 Jian’an, Your Behavior is So Dangerous2020-09-06
Chapter 580 I’m Not Unwilling, But Expecting It!2020-09-06
Chapter 579 He’s Not Childish, But Adorable2020-09-05
Chapter 578 I Want To Tell You That You Will Be Beaten Up2020-09-03
Chapter 577 Come on, Xiao Yunyun (2)2020-09-02
Chapter 576 Come on, Xiao Yunyun (1)2020-09-01
Chapter 575 I’d Like to Play A Trick on You2020-08-31
Chapter 574He Has The Right to Choose2020-08-30
Chapter 573 This Trick is Too Devious2020-08-29
Chapter 572 Handsome Boys are Scarce Resources, It’s Better to Store Some in Advance2020-08-28
Chapter 571 Gosh, That Was Just a Joke2020-08-27
Chapter 570 “I am Not a Cat, Don’t Tease Me!”2020-08-26
Chapter 569 The Last Thing He Could Do to Help Lu Boyan2020-08-25
Chapter 568 Life is Like A Drama, Full of Tragedies2020-08-24
Chapter 567 I’ll Grow Old with Him in Two Different Worlds2020-08-23
Chapter 566 Life and Death (2)2020-08-22
Chapter 565 The New-Born and The Death (1)2020-08-21
Chapter 564 Idiot, I’m Pregnant!2020-08-20
Chapter 563 If the Tragedy Is Inevitable2020-08-19
Chapter 562 The Wedding Ceremony Was Kind of Special2020-08-18
Chapter 561 You’re Not Willing to Propose to Me? Then I’ll Propose!2020-08-17
Chapter 560 Come on, Jiang Ye (2)2020-08-16
Chapter 559 Come on, Jiang Ye (1)2020-08-15
Chapter 558 Life Is Short, I Don’t Want to Let You Go2020-08-14
Chapter 557 I’m Afraid of Leaving You instead of Falling Sick2020-08-13
Chapter 556 From Now On, I Will Take Care of You (2)2020-08-12
Chapter 555 I Will Take Care of You (1)2020-08-11
Chapter 554 Recalling the Past (1)2020-08-10
Chapter 553 I Never Do Evil, Why Do I Have to Suffer Retribution?2020-08-09
Chapter 552 She Did Love Shen Yuechuan2020-08-08
Chapter 551 You Have A Brother2020-08-07
Chapter 550 Sorry, I Will Be Happy First2020-08-06
Chapter 549 He Always Thinks For Su Jianan at First2020-08-05
Chapter 548 Then We Can Start from Shen Yuechuan2020-08-04
Chapter 547 Not All Unrequited Stubbornness Could Lead to a Good Result2020-08-03
Chapter 546 I’d Like to See How My Rival in Love Gets Defeated2020-08-03
Chapter 545 I’m Afraid That My Future Girlfriend Would Be Jealous2020-08-01
Chapter 544 That Was Love2020-07-31
Chapter 543 She Didn’t Get a Grassland for the Wild Horse She Loved2020-07-31
Chapter 542 Hypocrites Don’t Chat Up Girls2020-07-29
Chapter 541 It was Too Tacky to Take Others’ Advantage Like That (2)2020-07-28
Chapter 540 It was Too Tacky to Take Others’ Advantage Like That (1)2020-07-27
Chapter 539 Getting a Room Will Solve it All2020-07-26
Chapter 538 Unparalleled Beauty2020-07-25
Chapter 537 I’m Not Going to Bear This Blame!2020-07-24
Chapter 536 Damn You!2020-07-23
Chapter 535 I’d Like You to Check Me Over2020-07-23
Chapter 534 He Is the One Who Can Protect Her2020-07-23
Chapter 533 The Difference Between Like and Love2020-07-20
Chapter 532 Showing Off Her Husband in All the Ways She Could Have2020-07-19
Chapter 531 I Admit it That I Like Him2020-07-18
Chapter 530 All He Wanted Was a Girlfriend Like Her2020-07-17
Chapter 529 I Think You Are Like an Angel2020-07-16
Chapter 528 It’s Up to You (2)2020-07-15
Chapter 527 It’s Up to You (1)2020-07-14
Chapter 526 You Shouldn’t Be so Overbearing2020-07-13
Chapter 525 You Like Yuechuan, Don’t You?2020-07-12
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