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Because I’ve Been Reincarnated as the Piggy Duke, This Time I Will Say I Like You (Web Novel)


There is a hated person on the popular anime,「Girl & Shuya」.

The Denning, House of the Duke’s third son, or also known as the Piggy Duke, Slow Denning.

As a person hated throughout the school, he had a lot of reason to be hated, things like he looks down on people, he brags about his pedigree, fat, real orc, and the Piggy has a tragic future waiting for him, he would be banned from his country at the end. And he even has the misfortune on the side that the retainer that he secretly gives his heart to, was stolen away from him.

Wondering why I’m talking about this?

It’s because I reincarnated to that Piggy Duke!

I will definitely make the Piggy Duke who had the number one position on the anime’s popular poll, also the number one in the real world!

2860 • 2019-03-21 12:05:03


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 108: The Orc Wizard Acts Quickly2020-10-23
Chapter 107 : The Pixie named Aeris2020-10-21
Chapter 106 : The Pigs Class A Adventurer: Flaming Flames (Flare Arc)2020-10-20
Chapter 105: What’s it like in the Orc Village?2020-10-18
Chapter 104 : An intelligent orc, what’s that?2020-10-17
Chapter 103 : Attack of the Buhiiiiiii2020-10-16
Chapter 102: Attack of the Kobolds2020-10-15
Chapter 101: The Great Spirit of Darkness, Nanatrilege2020-10-13
Chapter 100: Monster!!!2019-12-30
Chapter 99: We Are――2019-12-18
Chapter 98: Prologue - The Orc Magician Saves the World2019-12-11
Chapter 97: Epilogue - The Wind Prodigy is Returning (2)2019-12-10
Chapter 97: Epilogue - The Wind Prodigy is Returning2019-12-10
Chapter 96: Knight Nation Daris (2)2019-12-09
Chapter 96: Knight Nation Daris2019-12-09
Chapter 95: The Orc King returns2019-06-26
Chapter 94: The Return of The Wind Prodigy (part 4)2019-04-23
Chapter 93: The Return of The Wind Prodigy (part 3)2019-03-26
Chapter 92: The Return of The Wind Prodigy (part 2)2019-03-26
Chapter 91: The Return of Wind Prodigy (part 1)2019-03-26
Chapter 90 - The Wind Prodigy and The Imperial Princess (part 10)2019-03-26
Chapter 89 - The Academy in Nightmare (Part 6)2019-03-26
Chapter 88 - The Wind Prodigy and The Imperial Princess (Part 9)2019-03-26
Chapter 87 - The Academy is in Nightmare (Part 5}2019-03-26
Chapter 86 - The Wind Child Prodigy and The Imperial Princess (part 8)2019-03-26
Chapter 85 - The Academy in Nightmare {part 4}2019-03-26
Chapter 84 - Enchanted Sword of Daris2019-03-26
Chapter 83 - World peace, are you serious?2019-03-26
Chapter 82 - The Never Changing Young Master2019-03-26
Chapter 81 - I promised I will return2019-03-26
Chapter 80 - What Happen to Kurushu Magic Academy?2019-03-26
Chapter 79 - We meet again2019-03-26
Chapter 78 - The Academy in Nightmare (part 3)2019-03-26
Chapter 77 - The WInd Prodigy and The Imperial Princess (part 7)2019-03-26
Chapter 76 - The Magic Academy in Nightmare (2)2019-03-26
Chapter 75 - The Wind Prodigy and The Imperial Princess (5)2019-03-26
Chapter 74 - The Magic Academy in Nightmare2019-03-26
Chapter 73 - The Radiance of Enchanted Sword2019-03-26
Chapter 72 - My Guardian2019-03-26
Chapter 71 - Karina Little Daris2019-03-26
Chapter 70 - What The Heck is happening here!?2019-03-26
Chapter 69 - The Wind Prodigy finally arrived2019-03-26
Chapter 68 - Natalia Windle the Mercenary2019-03-26
Chapter 67 - The Wind Prodigy and The Imperial Princess (part 4)2019-03-26
Chapter 66 - The Wind Child Prodigy and The Imperial Princess (part 3)2019-03-26
Chapter 65 - Cardinal Maldini and Princess Karina2019-03-26
Chapter 64 - The Wind Child Prodigy and The Imperial Princess (Part 2)2019-03-26
Chapter 63 - The Wind Prodigy and The Imperial Princess2019-03-26
Chapter 62 - When The Bell of Hell Ring, The Bell of The beginning also come with it2019-03-26
Chapter 61 - The Cathedral2019-03-26
Chapter 60 - Run, run, run, We’re almost—-. AH, My magic!2019-03-26
Chapter 59 - Royal Knight2019-03-26
Chapter 58 - The Imperial Princess is in mayhem2019-03-26
Chapter 57 - Magic is indeed something awesome2019-03-26
Chapter 56 - The Collapse of The Barrier2019-03-26
Chapter 55 - The Sign of A Hero2019-03-26
Chapter 54 - White Lili and The Princess2019-03-26
Chapter 53 - Hihihihiiiin!2019-03-26
Chapter 52 - The Genius Wind Swordsman2019-03-26
Chapter 51 - The legend begin with Pig headed Knights2019-03-26
Chapter 50 - The Hot Blooded Diviner (Fire Diviner)2019-03-26
Chapter 49 - The Wind Prodigy (The All Geniuses) and…2019-03-26
Chapter 48 - Elemental Master was A Rare Power2019-03-26
Chapter 47 - The Empire Had Interested in me?2019-03-26
Chapter 46 - And the Ice Curtain, Raise up Quietly2019-03-26
Chapter 45 - I Will Restrain Myself From a Horror Movie2019-03-26
Chapter 44 - The Prologue of The Wind Prodigy2019-03-26
Chapter 43 - The Wind Harbringer2019-03-26
Chapter 42 - It begins from Zero, My White Piggy Duke2019-03-26
Chapter 41 - Finally the mercenary starting to move!?2019-03-26
Chapter 40 - A Dungeon!?2019-03-26
Chapter 39 - I Want to Say I Like You2019-03-26
Chapter 38 - Next time I will, towards you…2019-03-26
Chapter 37 - I was reincarnated2019-03-26
Chapter 36 - To Piggy Duke2019-03-26
Chapter 35 - The Road of a Hero2019-03-26
Chapter 34 - The northern princess was hiding her secret2019-03-26
Chapter 33 - The mercenary is wagering a coin2019-03-26
Chapter 31 - The mercenary is an enemy!? Or is she a friend?2019-03-26
Chapter 30 - Tempering A Certain Mercenary Magic Circle2019-03-26
Chapter 29 - The empire princess is taking out her purse2019-03-26
Chapter 28 - The second princess is waking up early after a long time2019-03-26
Chapter 27 - The Young Noble Who Lives at The First Floor is Part Timing2019-03-26
Chapter 26 - Be Quiet While The Opening Act Is Showing!2019-03-26
Chapter 25 - Shuya’s Whimsical Divination2019-03-26
Chapter 24 - The Wind Great Spirit is just A Big Lazy Cat2019-03-26
Chapter 23 - The Legendary Mercenary, I wonder who is it?2019-03-26
Chapter 22 - Let’s Go For It! The Protagonist’s Event!2019-03-26
Chapter 21 - Let’s have fun Hearing His Love Story2019-03-26
Chapter 20 - My Knight is Overconfident as Always2019-03-26
Chapter 19 - Chaotic Dream of The Wind Great Spirit2019-03-26
Chapter 18 - My Former Fiancée Has A Nasty Tongue2019-03-26
Chapter 17 - Answer - Not a chance2019-03-26
Chapter 16 - Question - Is There a Way for Me to Lose In the Eating Competition?2019-03-26
Chapter 15 - It’s a Mystery why I Disguise Myself as a Piggy!!2019-03-26
Chapter 14 - It Came! The Protagonist’s Event is Here!2019-03-26
Chapter 13 - The Protagonist Arrives!2019-03-26
Chapter 12 - A Trip With My Friend! A Trip With My F.R.I.E.N.D!2019-03-26
Chapter 11 - The Friends Declaration2019-03-26
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