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Bigoted Mr. Fu Lets Me Do Whatever I Want (Web Novel)





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“Are you still going to run away?”

“No, not anymore.”

He loved her to the point of paranoia, a compulsion that penetrated his bones and was impossible to cure.

“Babe, you can only smile at me.”

“Babe, I’ll get you everything you like.”

After getting revived, Qin Shu’s eyes were as bright as snow and she had high intelligence. She held on to her handsome and rich husband, refusing to let go, devoting herself to protecting and pampering him. She worked hard to become stronger so that she could stand shoulder to shoulder with him.

Before her revival, Qin Shu believed the words of her younger sister. She hated him, blamed him, and devised a thousand ways to run away from him.

Yet, he loved her deeply, pampered her with all his heart, and allowed her to behave atrociously.

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 59: A One Month Deal?2021-01-16
Chapter 58: Wimp2021-01-16
Chapter 57: Sir’s Happiness2021-01-15
Chapter 56: Sir, This is Yours2021-01-14
Chapter 55: An Uneasy Man2021-01-14
Chapter 54: Do You Like This Gift?2021-01-13
Chapter 53: Don’t Be Rash2021-01-13
Chapter 52: Using The Photos2021-01-12
Chapter 51: A Grade Three Student With Straight As2021-01-12
Chapter 50: Do You Like Madmen Too2021-01-12
Chapter 49: My Wife is Very Sweet2021-01-11
Chapter 48: The Forgotten Scarf2021-01-11
Chapter 47: Disfigurement2021-01-11
Chapter 46: Biological Second Uncle2021-01-11
Chapter 45: Childish2021-01-11
Chapter 44: His Personal Pillow2021-01-11
Chapter 43: He Looked for Her Like a Mad Man2021-01-11
Chapter 42: Was She His Biological Grandmother?2021-01-11
Chapter 41: Very Bewitching2021-01-11
Chapter 40: Scandal2021-01-05
Chapter 39: Heartache2021-01-05
Chapter 38: Passing Notes in Class2021-01-05
Chapter 37: Tingyu, Please Think About Me2021-01-05
Chapter 36: Babe, I Want to Tease You2021-01-05
Chapter 35: Hush! Close Your Eyes2021-01-05
Chapter 34: Can We Abandon the Past?2021-01-05
Chapter 33: Acting Cute2021-01-05
Chapter 32: Feeling Indignant?2021-01-05
Chapter 31: I Miss You2021-01-05
Chapter 30: Those Three Words2021-01-05
Chapter 29: You Are My Future2021-01-05
Chapter 28: Who Would I Pamper if Not You?2021-01-05
Chapter 27: Mr. Fu’s Romantic Moments2021-01-05
Chapter 26: Smile Only at Me2021-01-05
Chapter 25: Mr. Fu’s Deep Affection2021-01-05
Chapter 24: It Has to Do with Who is in Your Heart2021-01-05
Chapter 23: A Gift for You2021-01-05
Chapter 22: I Did it For Myself2021-01-05
Chapter 21: Furious2021-01-05
Chapter 20: Does Your Heart Ache for Him?2021-01-05
Chapter 19: I Want to Punch Scumbag Shen2021-01-05
Chapter 18: Hacking Skills2021-01-05
Chapter 17: Bear with It2021-01-05
Chapter 16: Do You Love Me2021-01-05
Chapter 15: I Was Blind2021-01-05
Chapter 14: A Snack2021-01-05
Chapter 13: Awesome Boss2021-01-05
Chapter 12: Don’t Challenge My Limit2021-01-05
Chapter 11: You Can Only Be My Wife2021-01-05
Chapter 10: Get A Divorce2021-01-05
Chapter 9: Shell-Shocked2021-01-05
Chapter 8: Is She Worth It?2021-01-05
Chapter 7: For His Sake?2021-01-05
Chapter 6: Willing to do Something Disgusting2021-01-05
Chapter 5: Secretly Photographed2021-01-05
Chapter 4: Aren’t You Afraid She Will Run Away?2021-01-05
Chapter 3: Come and Please Me2021-01-05
Chapter 2: Crying Tears of Joy2021-01-05
Chapter 1: Protecting You at All Costs2021-01-05
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