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Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please (Web Novel) - Chapter 304.3: Lian Shi’s Origins (2)

Chapter 304.3: Lian Shi’s Origins (2)

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And the demon race did not take the opportunity to make any outrageous demands, but merely ordered for them to retreat, and for them to never set foot onto any of the demon race’s territories. If they were to see anyone of the demon race in future, they must keep their distance from them, and not cause them any affront. Otherwise, they would send the head of their heir apparent back to them.

Just as everyone on the gods side were holding down the tight ball of indignance they felt in their chest and were about to accede to the demands, they suddenly received news from above. And the news had not only shocked everyone from the gods’ side, even the people from the demon race could not believe it.

The original words in the message was that all of them need not concern themselves with the situation as there was more than one heir to the throne of the gods, so it did not matter if this heir was killed, but the face of the race of gods cannot be allowed to be trampled upon or humiliated by anyone.

Such a callous and unfeeling course of action was usually something that only people from the evil demonic race would do. Never did anyone think that people from the highly revered gods race could also be so heartless.

To only care about their face, and were willing to abandon the heir to the throne they had spend so much effort to groom.

As the saying goes, a tiger does not eat its own cubs. But this ruler of the gods, his heart….. must be harder and colder than stone!

“Did you hear that? You have been abandoned. How coldhearted…..”

None of them had ever thought that the situation would turn out like this when they see this man again.

The man peered down at them from his raised throne upon the pedestal, his pair devilishly deep and captivating violet eyes not carrying a single sliver of emotion, like he was looking at two people who were complete strangers to him, and they had never met each other before.

The man had said he was from the demon race, but never had they thought that he was the mysterious and powerful demon seed.

The expression on the woman’s face remained calm throughout as she looked at the man seated high above. In her silver irises, a sliver of mirth seemed to rise. “We still came to meet in the end.”

“Didn’t you already know who I am right from the beginning?” A corner of the man’s mouth lifted. “Since that is the case, you do not need to continue to put on an act in front of me anymore do you?”

“Put on an act?” The smiles in the woman’s eyes seemed to dim slightly. “In your eyes, you really think the way we interacted with each other for that whole entire month was all just a phony act?”


The man’s tall figure suddenly stood slowly up from his seat before he came walking over towards the woman a step at a time, and then slowly bent his body slightly to look at the woman out of the corner of his eyes as he said: “Are you trying to tell me that you have really fallen for me?”

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