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Campus Rebirth: The Strongest Female Agent (Published Novel)


She is an international ace agent,An amazing doctor, God of Assassination, However due to a box she accidentally rebirthed and became an ordinary junior high school student. Weak and incompetent, That scum woman wants to put her head into the toilet. The gambling father, borrowed a lot of money and now they are being chased by loan sharks for debt? There is also a group annoying people in her life. The reborned Yunxiao sneers: I want to know how to write the dead words! She returned from the wind, high-profile attack, if people dared to bully me, they are courting death!

944 • 2020-09-27 01:48:28


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 175: Slash, To Slit One’s Throat. Going Abroad Soon2020-10-23
Chapter 174: Commendable Spirit. Your Aliases2020-10-22
Chapter 173: Assessment Cancelled. A Mission Instead2020-10-22
Chapter 172: Make Clear Of It. I Remember You2020-10-21
Chapter 171: Her Secret, The Art of Hypnotism2020-10-21
Chapter 170: Pick Your Fight2020-10-20
Chapter 169: Want A Ride? Encountering A Cousin2020-10-20
Chapter 168: Come Back Alive. A Supercar2020-10-20
Chapter 167: Need To Know. An Ancient Catacomb2020-10-19
Chapter 166: Taken. The Reason of His Return2020-10-18
Chapter 165: A Failed Ambush And A Mini Show2020-10-18
Chapter 164: Even Pacing, Constant Speed2020-10-17
Chapter 163: Geared Off Roading In A Team Of Seven2020-10-17
Chapter 162: Familiarizing And An Assessment2020-10-16
Chapter 161: Training Camp. Play Nice2020-10-16
Chapter 160: An Invitation. I Agree2020-10-15
Chapter 159: Testing Her. Is This Assaulting The Police?2020-10-15
Chapter 158: Comforted Qin Yirou And Seeking Ge Junjian2020-10-14
Chapter 157: Si Yi’s Letter. A Study Trip Abroad2020-10-14
Chapter 156: Last Warning. Feels Like A Rebirth2020-10-13
Chapter 155: Throwing A Flying Dagger And Wetting Herself From Fear2020-10-13
Chapter 154: Carping. Her Gaze2020-10-12
Chapter 153: Why Should I Help Shabby Relatives?2020-10-12
Chapter 152: Ridiculous Reason. Unfilial Descendants!2020-10-11
Chapter 151: Going Back To Xinjiang Town And A Bunch of Relatives2020-10-11
Chapter 150: The Special Forces. Beating Up Lu Rongrong2020-10-10
Chapter 149: Gasps! Shiniji, K.O.!2020-10-10
Chapter 148: The Battle Of Professionals, A One-Move Showdown2020-10-09
Chapter 147: Unqualified. A Born King2020-10-09
Chapter 146: Dead Meat. Assassin Wolf Blade2020-10-08
Chapter 145: Amazing Observation: The Tire Marks2020-10-08
Chapter 144: We’re Done. Brimming Resentment2020-10-07
Chapter 143: Address Acquired. Gambling Addict Of A Father2020-10-07
Chapter 142: The Truth Of The Kidnap And The Foreboding Of Her Wrath2020-10-06
Chapter 141: Invincible Across The Globe. Where’s She?2020-10-06
Chapter 140: Taking Who’s Mine, Do You Want War?2020-10-05
Chapter 139: An Assassin’s Technique. Straight To The Backdoor2020-10-05
Chapter 138: Harass Her And She Will Kill You2020-10-04
Chapter 137: Intel Leads To Prime Casino2020-10-04
Chapter 136: It’s Too Late. The Intelligence Service2020-10-03
Chapter 135: The Blind Sharpshooter. Uh Oh…2020-10-03
Chapter 134: A Playboy And A Sharpshooter2020-10-02
Chapter 133: Pop The Balloons? Easy Breezy2020-10-02
Chapter 132: Her First Disciple And A Conspired Scheme2020-10-01
Chapter 131: Banquet Ends, Returning to Country Z2020-10-01
Chapter 130: Unhappy: I Want Something2020-09-30
Chapter 129: The Forces. So Rude!2020-09-30
Chapter 128: Gu Sha And An Hun2020-09-29
Chapter 127: What Are You? An Enraged Si Chu2020-09-29
Chapter 126: His Mother Died. Making It Known2020-09-28
Chapter 125: The Lace Gown. Incoming Sweetheart Alert2020-09-28
Chapter 124: New York, Country M. The Dinner Dress2020-09-27
Chapter 123: This Is My Master. She Got Tricked2020-09-27
Chapter 122: Breaking Both Of His Hands And Winning The Match2020-09-27
Chapter 121: Child’s Play: Taking Your Gun And Killing You2020-09-27
Chapter 120: A Singular Finishing Blow And Wanting To Kill Her2020-09-27
Chapter 119: Come At Me Directly. This Is A Quick Fight2020-09-27
Chapter 118: That’s All To The Rampant Impertinence2020-09-27
Chapter 117: Before The Fight2020-09-27
Chapter 116: Smooth Entry. She Knows Him2020-09-27
Chapter 115: The Flamboyance And The Arena2020-09-27
Chapter 114: The Sandalwood Box And The Ring Match2020-09-27
Chapter 113: Embarrassment By The Tranquil Ocean2020-09-27
Chapter 112: Penalized To Stand Outside. Hiding The Note2020-09-27
Chapter 111: The Tattletale Reports, She Passed A Note2020-09-27
Chapter 110: Hit The Road. The Announcement Of The Fall Outing2020-09-27
Chapter 109: Substitute Fighter? She’s In!2020-09-27
Chapter 108: Got It. He’s Doomed2020-09-27
Chapter 107: Contesting Bids. The Shop Is Mine2020-09-27
Chapter 106: The Mayor’s Goodwill. The Auction Begins2020-09-27
Chapter 105: You Reap What You Sow2020-09-27
Chapter 104: Like A Thunderbolt2020-09-27
Chapter 103: Attending The Auction And Encountering Her Uncle2020-09-27
Chapter 102: Seductive And Tantalizing2020-09-27
Chapter 101: Underground Fighting And A Bidding2020-09-27
Chapter 100: Money Makes The World Go Round2020-09-27
Chapter 99: A New Company. New Cruise2020-09-27
Chapter 98: A Devil. What About The Car?2020-09-27
Chapter 97: He Pointed At Me With His Left Hand2020-09-27
Chapter 96: Breaking Your Arm. I Keep My Word2020-09-27
Chapter 95: A Shoot-Out. The Game Has Begun2020-09-27
Chapter 94: A Threat. An Unnerving Tone2020-09-27
Chapter 93: Too Garish, Time To Move2020-09-27
Chapter 92: The Warmth Of Kinship. Are You Going, Big Brother?2020-09-27
Chapter 91: The Shooting Game. To The Arcade2020-09-27
Chapter 90: Happy Birthday. Thank You2020-09-27
Chapter 89: Mafia Boss Xu Zetian2020-09-27
Chapter 88: An Incredible Face Slap. Keep It2020-09-27
Chapter 87: One Thousand Each, No Need To Return It2020-09-27
Chapter 86: Freeloaders. She’s My Friend2020-09-27
Chapter 85: You’re Slaying God. An Intentional Hard Time2020-09-27
Chapter 84: You Can’t Slay A God, The Snake Won’t Turn Into A Lizard2020-09-27
Chapter 83: Can You Drive? The Appearance of Snake.Lizard2020-09-27
Chapter 82: My Aunt Asked Me To Pick You Up2020-09-27
Chapter 81: School Dismissal On Friday. He Said Get In2020-09-27
Chapter 80: A New Friend Seeking To Become Her Pupil2020-09-27
Chapter 79: Parrying The Prankish Boy2020-09-27
Chapter 78: Longmen Yi Junior High School, I Am Yun Jian2020-09-27
Chapter 77: Leaving The Town To Longmen City2020-09-27
Chapter 76: Cheating. Verified2020-09-27
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