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DIVE!! (Light Novel)






Mori Eto, 森絵都


Adventure Slice of Life Sports

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The Mizuki Diving Club (MDC) is facing hard times, with a decline in membership and public disinterest in the sport of diving causing its parent company to threaten to shut it down. Just when things are looking bleak, a mysterious new coach by the name of Asaki Kayoko arrives and strikes a deal with the company: If the club can send one diver to the Olympics next year, then they must keep the club open. Sakai Tomoki had always loved diving, but now he, along with his teammates, must work harder than they ever had before in order to fulfill that condition.

231 • 2019-08-25 22:13:44


The chapterAddition Time
Book 4 Chapter 11-TAKE OFF2019-08-25
Book 4 Chapter 10-FINAL STAGE ▶ TOMOKI2019-08-25
Book 4 Chapter 10-FINAL STAGE ▶ SHIBUKI2019-08-25
Book 4 Chapter 10-FINAL STAGE ▶ YOUICHI2019-08-25
Book 4 Chapter 9-RETURN GAME2019-08-25
Book 4 Chapter 8-PERFECT WHITE2019-08-25
Book 4 Chapter 7-LINE2019-08-25
Book 4 Chapter 6-WHERE’S SHE GOING?2019-08-25
Book 4 Chapter 5-WHERE’S HE GOING?2019-08-25
Book 4 Chapter 4.5-ONE DAY, IT’LL COME2019-08-25
Book 4 Chapter 4-OH, MY JINX!2019-08-25
Book 4 Chapter 3-DEAREST BROTHER2019-08-25
Book 4 Chapter 2-TRUE DIAMONDS2019-08-25
Book 4 Chapter 1-DREAM MATCH2019-08-25
Book 4 Prologue2019-08-25
Book 3 Chapter 11-SS SPECIAL ‘992019-08-25
Book 3 Chapter 10-CHAMPION TOMOKI2019-08-25
Book 3 Chapter 9-BOY’S DESIRE2019-08-25
Book 3 Chapter 8-OLD BOY’S AMBITION2019-08-25
Book 3 Chapter 7-MEET THE MONSTER2019-08-25
Book 3 Chapter 6-NEVER EVER LOSE2019-08-25
Book 3 Chapter 5-SLUMP2019-08-25
Book 3 Chapter 4-NEXT STAGE COMING2019-08-25
Book 3 Chapter 3-STAR KNOWS2019-08-25
Book 3 Chapter 2-ARE YOU OK?2019-08-25
Book 3 Chapter 1-WAVE2019-08-25
Book 3 Prologue2019-08-25
Book 2 Chapter 12-SWAN DIVE2019-08-25
Book 2 Chapter 11-DAY MUST BREAK2019-08-25
Book 2 Chapter 10-FROM KAYOKO2019-08-25
Book 2 Chapter 9-SUMMER VACATION2019-08-25
Book 2 Chapter 8-SO I ENVY YOU!2019-08-25
Book 2 Chapter 7-ONLY TWO2019-08-25
Book 2 Chapter 6-GOOD-BYE, TOKYO2019-08-25
Book 2 Chapter 5-WHERE TO GO?2019-08-25
Book 2 Chapter 4-FINAL RESULT2019-08-25
Book 2 Chapter 3-THE LATTER HALF2019-08-25
Book 2 Chapter 2-THE FIRST HALF2019-08-25
Book 2 Chapter 1-WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM?2019-08-25
Book 2 Prologue2019-08-25
Book 1 Chapter 11-DIAMOND EYES2019-08-25
Book 1 Chapter 10-SHE’S SO SAD2019-08-25
Book 1 Chapter 9-UNEXPECTED TWIST2019-08-25
Book 1 Chapter 8-THE DAYS OF GRAY2019-08-25
Book 1 Chapter 7-WHAT DO I HAVE?2019-08-25
Book 1 Chapter 6-BIG EVENT COMING2019-08-25
Book 1 Chapter 5-ENTER SHIBUKI2019-08-25
Book 1 Chapter 4-CONCRETE DRAGON2019-08-25
Book 1 Chapter 3-DEAR FRIENDS2019-08-25
Book 1 Chapter 2-WHO IS THAT CAT?2019-08-25
Book 1 Chapter 1-DIVE TO BLUE2019-08-25
Book 1 Prologue2019-08-25
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