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Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant (Web Novel)


There is a very strange restaurant in the City of Sin.

Elves and dwarves must share a table, orcs are strangely well behaved, dragons are only welcomed on the small square in front of the restaurant, and the demons must bring their own stool.

This strange restaurant with their strange rules continuous to attract a long line of customers.

“This place serves the best food! The chef of this restaurant is a genius!” Some of the guests in the restaurant left glowing reviews. But these guests have a word of warning for other guests, “No matter what you do, never, never attempt to kidnap the boss or try to ‘eat and run’. You will die.”

A cute little girl stood near the door, and demanded in her tiny voice, “You have eaten the food, now pay up, or I will beat you to death.” The five-meter tall dragon suddenly felt a chill running up its spine.

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 1179: Go, Little Fireball!2021-01-15
Chapter 1178: This Cleaver Will Be Called ‘Fat Head Fish’!2021-01-15
Chapter 1177: Become Brothers With The Rock Spirit2021-01-14
Chapter 1176: I Will Kneel Down Here And Call You Daddy Today!2021-01-14
Chapter 1175: Mm-hm. This Pancake Is Super Delicious!2021-01-14
Chapter 1174: Today, I Will Teach You How To Forge A Cleaver2021-01-13
Chapter 1173: You Are An Exceptional Chef2021-01-12
Chapter 1172: The Insane Steamed Fish Head With Diced Hot Red Peppers2021-01-12
Chapter 1171: Please Taste It2021-01-12
Chapter 1170: You Can Continue To Jump Around2021-01-11
Chapter 1169: Excuse Me, Can You Lend Me A Knife Please?2021-01-10
Chapter 1168: Humiliating The Master!2021-01-10
Chapter 1167: The Legendary Blacksmith2021-01-10
Chapter 1166: Can I Just Take A Small Bite, Please?2021-01-09
Chapter 1165: Issen Castle2021-01-08
Chapter 1164: Hey, Dirty Grandpa, You Have To Pay For What You Broke2021-01-08
Chapter 1163: Host, Please Respect This System. Don’t Humiliate Me With Money2021-01-07
Chapter 1162: Let’s Fight, Fat Head Fish!2021-01-07
Chapter 1161: Guidelines For Encircling Cities With Villages!2021-01-07
Chapter 1160: Boss Mag Hired Us2021-01-07
Chapter 1159: Your Highness, We Have Been Surrounded For Six Days2021-01-07
Chapter 1158: Host, You Are So Naughty!2021-01-05
Chapter 1157: Hair Care Day Promotion2021-01-05
Chapter 1156: I Didn’t Know That There Is Such A Marvellous Restaurant2021-01-04
Chapter 1155: The Isolated And Defenseless Underground Cavern2021-01-04
Chapter 1154: System Learning In Progress…2021-01-04
Chapter 1153: Congratulations On Earning The Title “Master of Hair Growth”!2021-01-04
Chapter 1152: The Best Weight For Ducks Used In Roast Ducks Is 5 KG2021-01-02
Chapter 1151: Little Boss, You Are Really Mischievous…2021-01-02
Chapter 1150: Don’t You Have Any Idea How Dirty You Are?2021-01-02
Chapter 1149: A Century Egg That Is Not Bouncy Enough2020-12-31
Chapter 1148: I think I Have Walked Into The Wrong Room…2020-12-31
Chapter 1147: Haha, Stupid Human2020-12-31
Chapter 1146: Now It’s Time For You To Acknowledge It.2020-12-30
Chapter 1145: Father, I Am Here2020-12-30
Chapter 1144: Can’t We Single People Eat In Peace?2020-12-29
Chapter 1143: 5:0!!!2020-12-29
Chapter 1142: Boss Mag, One More Bowl Please!2020-12-29
Chapter 1141: Boss Mag Is Too Stingy!2020-12-27
Chapter 1140: Boss Mag Opened The Lid!2020-12-27
Chapter 1139: Is This A Solo Culinary Skills Performance?2020-12-26
Chapter 1138: Please Wake Up2020-12-26
Chapter 1137: Soup Duel2020-12-25
Chapter 1136: Dear, You Are So, So Naughty!2020-12-25
Chapter 1135: Who Can Handle That!2020-12-25
Chapter 1134: What Drug This Restaurant Is Selling2020-12-24
Chapter 1133: This Is The Letter Of Challenge, Mr. Mag. Please Accept It2020-12-23
Chapter 1132: Job Title: Junior Chopper2020-12-23
Chapter 1131: Cyril Is Just An Imbecile Who Cannot Be Groomed2020-12-22
Chapter 1130: Uncle Mag, Are You Planting Flowers?2020-12-22
Chapter 1129: A Helping Of Yangzhou Fried Rice That Is Charred2020-12-22
Chapter 1128: I Will Pass This To Her Highness2020-12-21
Chapter 1127: I Hope Chief Sargeras Can Take Care Of Her Along The Journey2020-12-20
Chapter 1126: The Princess Needs Me2020-12-20
Chapter 1125 Punishment For Mission Failure: Sweeping The Whole Aden Square By Yourself!2020-12-13
Chapter 1124 Little Amy Wants to go on a Holiday!2020-12-08
Chapter 1123 Boss, You Are So Naughty!2020-12-08
Chapter 1122 My Uniform Was Burst At The Seams By Me2020-12-08
Chapter 1121 Do You Want To Learn How To Battle From Me?2020-12-08
Chapter 1120 Where Are My Boobs?2020-12-08
Chapter 1119 If I Like Boss2020-12-08
Chapter 1118 It’s Going To Be A Long Journey, A Long Journey…2020-12-04
Chapter 1117 This Is Faith, Faith Of A Lifetime!2020-12-04
Chapter 1116 The Woes Of A Balding Young Man2020-12-04
Chapter 1115 Every Mouthful Tastes Of Money!2020-12-04
Chapter 1114 We Welcome Your Joining Chaos City2020-12-04
Chapter 1113 Hair Gave One Confidence2020-12-04
Chapter 1112 My Lord, Should We Launch An Attack?2020-12-04
Chapter 1111 System Didn“t Lie To Me2020-12-04
Chapter 1110 I Am Going To Dig In2020-12-04
Chapter 1109 Father, This Grandpa Is Such A Poor Thing2020-12-04
Chapter 1108 If You Stop Me, I Will Kill You!2020-12-04
Chapter 1107 Monk Jumps Over The Wall!2020-12-04
Chapter 1106 Hey, Let“s Talk Things Ou2020-12-04
Chapter 1105 Being Able To Meet You Is My Greatest Fortune, Mr. Mag2020-12-04
Chapter 1104 Is This Nine Yin Skeleton Claw?2020-12-04
Chapter 1103 Take Off Your Clothes2020-12-04
Chapter 1102 I“ve Had A Change Of Mind2020-12-04
Chapter 1101 Madam Countess, Do You Want To2020-12-04
Chapter 1100 This Was Obviously Another New Medicine2020-12-04
Chapter 1099 It“s Delish!2020-12-04
Chapter 1098 The First Authentic Breakfast Set Meal2020-12-04
Chapter 1097 Youtiao And Soybean Milk Set Meal2020-12-04
Chapter 1096 Repositioned To Produce Adult Magazines2020-11-21
Chapter 1095 Otherwise, You Are No Different From A pig?2020-11-21
Chapter 1094 I am willing!2020-11-20
Chapter 1093 I Have Three Terms2020-11-20
Chapter 1092 God“s Spokesperson!2020-11-20
Chapter 1091 He Will Show Lantisde The Right Way!2020-11-20
Chapter 1090 Excuse Me. I Am Not Interested2020-11-18
Chapter 1089 Confirm Capture?2020-11-18
Chapter 1088 Nether Shark Invasion!2020-11-18
Chapter 1087 Perfect From All Angles2020-11-17
Chapter 1086 Boss, You“ve Fed Us Too Much2020-11-17
Chapter 1085 Father, I Want More!2020-11-17
Chapter 1084 The Outside World Had Become So Terrifying After A Thousand Years?!2020-11-15
Chapter 1083 Sashimi2020-11-14
Chapter 1082 I Don“t Know How To Swim2020-11-14
Chapter 1081 The Moon? It“s Full Of Pits2020-11-14
Chapter 1080 Are You Preparing To Bring Some Local Specialty Home?2020-11-13
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