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Daoist Master of Qing Xuan (Web Novel)






Action Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts Mystery Xianxia

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What is a Daoist Master? One that is imageless in ten directions and vanishes in the six paths; unrestrained by the three realms and the five elements.

After a day at the clinic, Dr. Li Feng met with an accident on his way home. When he regained consciousness, Li Feng found himself in the body of a weak teenage boy who was born out of wedlock, Shen Lian. Who was the father? The mother would not tell. A scripture he found among his mother’s remnants was the only thing he knew about his father.

The mother came from a wealthy and well known family. When Shen Lian was recalled back to the Shen family, he was entitled for part of the grandfather’s inheritance and businesses. Despite the grand value, Shen Lian did not take a cent with him when he decided to leave the family. Why would he leave this comfortable life behind?

His journey with this new identity brought him into this new world as he travelled between realms in search of knowledge to improve his Daoist skills. As he conquered trial after trial, would he become the chosen one? Will he succeed in becoming the Daoist Master? Only time will tell.

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 710: Servicing the Divines and the Demons2020-02-04
Chapter 709: Midas Touch2020-02-04
Chapter 708: Reunited and It Feels So Good2020-02-04
Chapter 707: Mortal Realm2020-02-02
Chapter 706: Lost Soul and Shattered Spirit2020-02-02
Chapter 705: A Quick Death in Joy2020-02-01
Chapter 704: What is Primeval?2020-02-01
Chapter 703: The Nirvana Hall2020-01-31
Chapter 702: Under the Bodhi Tree was Vidyaraja2020-01-31
Chapter 701: Chi Songzi2020-01-30
Chapter 700: A Small Paradise2020-01-30
Chapter 699: Erniu2020-01-30
Chapter 698: Old Master2020-01-30
Chapter 697: The Master of the Netherworld2020-01-30
Chapter 696: To Write His Name on the Register of Life and Death2020-01-30
Chapter 685: No Regrets2020-01-23
Chapter 684: Tiger Demon2020-01-23
Chapter 683: The Nailhead Seven Arrows Book2020-01-22
Chapter 682: Zhang Ba2020-01-22
Chapter 681: One Sword To Rule Them All2020-01-21
Chapter 680: The Hand that Could Summon the Stars2020-01-21
Chapter 679: Destiny2020-01-20
Chapter 678: Guanghan2020-01-20
Chapter 677: The Path of Dao Without Hope2020-01-19
Chapter 676: Accountability2020-01-19
Chapter 675: Chowhound2020-01-18
Chapter 674: Depiction of Biscuit2020-01-18
Chapter 673: Secret Rumor2020-01-18
Chapter 672: Repression2020-01-18
Chapter 671: The Great Battle of Bi You Palace2020-01-17
Chapter 670: Spare Me Some Mana2020-01-17
Chapter 669: Shangqing Daoist Master2020-01-16
Chapter 668: Could There Still Be a Miracle?2020-01-16
Chapter 667: He Is Not as Perfect as You Imagined Him to Be2020-01-15
Chapter 666: Tiantai Mountain Which Is a Hundred and Eighty Thousand Feet Tall2020-01-15
Chapter 665: Golden Pitcher2020-01-15
Chapter 664: Cultivation of Celestial Form with The Yellow River of Nine Provinces2020-01-15
Chapter 663: Friends2020-01-14
Chapter 662: Retained Forcefully2020-01-14
Chapter 661: Jinji Ridge2020-01-13
Chapter 660: The Band-Tightening Spell2020-01-13
Chapter 659: Vishnu2020-01-12
Chapter 658: The Flying Celestial Formation Chart2020-01-12
Chapter 657: Undefeatable by Thousands of Trials2020-01-11
Chapter 656: The Demon Master2020-01-11
Chapter 655: Captured2020-01-10
Chapter 654: Flying Guillotine2020-01-10
Chapter 653: Bei Mingzi2020-01-09
Chapter 652: Into the Netherworld2020-01-09
Chapter 651: The Void Setting Pearl2020-01-08
Chapter 650: Daluo2020-01-08
Chapter 649: Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha Dao Fruit2020-01-07
Chapter 648: Ancient Tree of the Netherworld2020-01-07
Chapter 647: Ox Head and Horse Face2020-01-06
Chapter 646: Irregularities in the River of Spirits2020-01-06
Chapter 645: The Heaven and Earth Was a House to One2020-01-05
Chapter 644: Runes Method from Zhengyi Sect2020-01-05
Chapter 643: Cannot See nor Hear Shen Lian2020-01-04
Chapter 642: Shen Lian Expound Doctrine2020-01-04
Chapter 641: The Spectacular Event2020-01-03
Chapter 640: The Nodes Stripped Away from the River of Time2020-01-03
Chapter 639: Incomparable To You2020-01-02
Chapter 638: Each Exhibiting Their Supernatural Powers2020-01-02
Chapter 637: To Finally Meet Lu Jiuyuan2020-01-02
Chapter 636: A Sentimental Heart, Merciless Spells2020-01-02
Chapter 635: The Painting of Mounts and Rivers of the Gods of Earth and Vale2019-12-30
Chapter 634: The Heart Is like a Bright Mirror’s Stand2019-12-30
Chapter 633: The Red Leaves Would Flutter Every Autumn2019-12-30
Chapter 632: The Same Dream2019-12-30
Chapter 631: Peacock Killing Method2019-12-28
Chapter 630: Reminiscing You Made Me Age, It Was Too Late for Time Had Passed2019-12-28
Chapter 629: Bull King2019-12-27
Chapter 628: Will of Shen Lian2019-12-27
Chapter 627: Technique of Thunder2019-12-26
Chapter 626: As the Demon Lord Comes and Goes2019-12-26
Chapter 625: King Kui Li2019-12-25
Chapter 624: Dengtian Building2019-12-25
Chapter 623: Buddha’s Birthday2019-12-24
Chapter 622: The Grave Below the Poplar2019-12-24
Chapter 621: Returning to the Monastery2019-12-23
Chapter 620: Shapeless Sword, Lifeless Sword, Anattā Sword2019-12-23
Chapter 619: When The Flower Bloomed, It Saw Me, and I Saw Tathagata2019-12-22
Chapter 618: Unparalleled in The World2019-12-22
Chapter 617: Trial within Trial2019-12-21
Chapter 616: Beginning Qi of Earth2019-12-21
Chapter 615: A Sudden Recount of A Remark Made in The Past2019-12-20
Chapter 614: Keep it Simple2019-12-20
Chapter 613: Divine Blade2019-12-19
Chapter 612: Daoist Lu Ya2019-12-19
Chapter 611: Coveting the Throne2019-12-18
Chapter 610: World Destructing Power2019-12-18
Chapter 609: The Right Path2019-12-17
Chapter 608: Alienation2019-12-17
Chapter 607: Six-Character Great Bright Mantra2019-12-16
Chapter 606: Yin Devilry Incantation of Asura2019-12-16
Chapter 605: Soul is Always Accompanied by Qi2019-12-15
Chapter 604: Spell Wine2019-12-15
Chapter 603: Back to The God Temple Again2019-12-14
Chapter 602: Imperial Consort2019-12-14
Chapter 601: To Annihilate Humanity2019-12-13
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