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Dark Blood Age (Web Novel)


A mysterious natural phenomenon caused the Earth to be plunged into darkness. The world turned into endless bloody chaos and mankind is on the brink of extinction…

Chu Yun Sheng, an ordinary white-collar worker, discovered his family heirloom, a book, shining a bizarre light by accident. Out of curiosity, he tried to study the book.

After long research, he still only understood a few symbols written in the ancient book. However, he was shocked when he figured out what messages the ancient book tried to tell him: the sun will disappear, and humanity is doomed…

He tried to spread the message, but no one believed him; his family and friends even tried to take him to see the psychiatrist. Eventually, he gave up telling anyone but prepared for the apocalypse in secret.

Until one day — the sun really disappeared…

4965 • 2020-11-09 21:16:38


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 688 I Am Talking Nonsense? Or You Still Don’t Want To Accept It?2021-01-18
Chapter 687 You Really Think That God Is So Easily To Be Slain?2021-01-17
Chapter 686 Desperate Times Require Desperate Measures2021-01-16
Chapter 685 Please, Please Don’t Do This To Me2021-01-16
Chapter 684 It’s You!2021-01-15
Chapter 684 It’s You!2021-01-15
Chapter 683 Auroral Shield2021-01-15
Chapter 682 Harmonic Waves2021-01-15
Chapter 681 We Shouldn’t Trust This Man2021-01-15
Chapter 680 Yuan Xiaoyi2021-01-15
Chapter 679 Is Three Days Enough?2021-01-15
Chapter 678 You Don’t Know, But You Have To Remember2021-01-15
Chapter 677 I Miss Her Very Much2021-01-15
Chapter 676 If They Don’t Attack, What Is Waiting For Them Is Only The Destruction.2021-01-15
Chapter 675 Are You Going To Attack The North?2021-01-15
Chapter 675 Are You Going To Attack The North?2021-01-15
Chapter 674: Chapter 674 The Dragon Chapters2021-01-15
Chapter 673 No Matter What You Become, I Can Still Recognize You.2021-01-15
Chapter 672 Current Plan2021-01-15
Chapter 671 You Must Not Linger In This World2021-01-15
Chapter 670 Who Is The Real Devil?2020-12-31
Chapter 669 Limit Break2020-12-30
Chapter 668 Challenge The World2020-12-28
Chapter 667 Spatial Trap2020-12-28
Chapter 666 Oh, Shit, Shit, Shit2020-12-27
Chapter 665 Old Youling Let’s Go!2020-12-26
Chapter 664 Stop Talking Nonsense And Eat Him!2020-12-25
Chapter 663 It Seems Like You Are Also An Descender2020-12-24
Chapter 662 Do You Know Him?2020-12-22
Chapter 661 You Can Control The Insect?2020-12-22
Chapter 660 Even If It Is Your Sect Leader, I Can Also Kill It.2020-12-20
Chapter 659 Draw, Slash, And Sheathe2020-12-19
Chapter 658 Entry2020-12-18
Chapter 657 Shanghai, I’m Back2020-12-17
Chapter 656 Phantom Sect2020-12-16
Chapter 655 Unsheathed In The Darkness2020-12-15
Chapter 654 Hold The Sword Tightly2020-12-14
Chapter 653 Where Are You?2020-12-12
Chapter 652 I Will Deal With Them2020-12-11
Chapter 6512020-12-11
Chapter 6502020-12-10
Chapter 6492020-12-08
Chapter 6482020-12-08
Chapter 6472020-12-06
Chapter 6462020-12-06
Chapter 6452020-12-05
Chapter 6442020-12-03
Chapter 6432020-12-02
Chapter 6422020-12-01
Chapter 6412020-11-30
Chapter 6402020-11-30
Chapter 6392020-11-28
Chapter 6382020-11-28
Chapter 6372020-11-26
Chapter 6362020-11-25
Chapter 6352020-11-24
Chapter 6342020-11-22
Chapter 6332020-11-22
Chapter 6322020-11-20
Chapter 6312020-11-19
Chapter 6302020-11-18
Chapter 6292020-11-18
Chapter 6282020-11-16
Chapter 6272020-11-15
Chapter 6262020-11-15
Chapter 6252020-11-13
Chapter 6242020-11-13
Chapter 6232020-11-12
Chapter 6222020-11-11
Chapter 6212020-11-10
Chapter 6202020-11-10
Chapter 6192020-11-10
Chapter 6182020-11-10
Chapter 6172020-11-10
Chapter 6162020-11-10
Chapter 6152020-11-10
Chapter 6142020-11-10
Chapter 6132020-11-10
Chapter 6122020-11-10
Chapter 6112020-11-10
Chapter 6102020-11-10
Chapter 6092020-11-10
Chapter 6082020-11-10
Chapter 6072020-11-10
Chapter 6062020-11-10
Chapter 6052020-11-10
Chapter 6042020-11-10
Chapter 6032020-11-10
Chapter 6022020-11-10
Chapter 6012020-11-10
Chapter 6002020-11-10
Chapter 5992020-11-10
Chapter 5982020-11-10
Chapter 5972020-11-10
Chapter 5962020-11-10
Chapter 5952020-11-10
Chapter 5942020-11-10
Chapter 5932020-11-10
Chapter 5922020-11-10
Chapter 5912020-11-10
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