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Death Progress Bar (Web Novel) - Chapter 65: He Who Digs a Pit for Others

Chapter 65: He Who Digs a Pit for Others

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There are some questions and issues you often ask about, so from time to time, I’m going to do this:

Q: Were Lian Jun and Long Shi lovers?

A: No. Long Shi’s feelings and actions we all know, and as for Lian Jun… Whether he loved Long Shi (though I doubt it or Long Shi wouldn’t have gone nuts), thought of him as a friend, or simply treated him as a subordinate, they were never lovers. Lian Jun said so to Shi Jin, and with his character, he’d never lie to Shi Jin about such an important thing.

Q: What about Shi Jin’s brothers? And all the mysteries surrounding Shi Jin?

A: After the current arc ends, the plot is going to focus on Shi Jin again.

I heard that when I entered, I found a clue about the mother. I and I went back in time and went back together to see what was in hand.

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“Is this the handwriting of Long Shi?” Shi Jin pointed to the vague “Jun” word.

After observing a little and squatting, I definitely nodded. I said, “It’s the word of the dragon. When he writes a little name, he likes to lengthen the stroke, especially good.”

When I entered my heart, I was so busy that I stuffed the information into the second-hand shop and said, “Fast, fax this to Long Shu. There must be a new female parent in this area. This plus the part I put out last time. How can the mother be all derived?”

He couldn’t help but slammed his head, took the information, and turned and hurried toward the outside.

When there was a time difference between L and China, when Long Shu was harassed by two telephone calls, it was not long before the study was completed. He had a little bit of gas, but after listening to what he said, he immediately lost his temper. He immediately got up from the quilt and said something to the phone. He walked quickly toward the study. Go.

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As the fax machine continually rang, one piece after another was spit out.

Long Shuyi looked at the past and looked more excited. He said: “This information is very useful! The first few records of the data are the refining ratios and reaction results of various toxic components. The latter records should be the applicable samples. There are several poisons on the top and the maternal ingredients that were last put out in the last time. You have done a good job this time!” After hanging up the phone, I took the information and walked toward the lab.


I listened to the busy tone from the phone, and looked at the time when I was nervous. The serious expression changed, showing a smile. When I reached the arm, I said, “Go! Please eat a big meal.” Our great hero.”

When the heart of the news came, the heart fell and I knew that the great probability of Long Shu was giving a good result. He smiled back and hooked the shoulder of Yu Er, and couldn’t help but force him a few times. Happy yourself.

On the second day, he was injured in internal injuries. He quickly opened him and counterattacked.

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Although the search of the laboratory has not yet ended, the task of Shijin and others has been basically completed.

They first got together and had a happy meal. Then they gave a phone call to Lianjun to report the situation. Then they returned to Lishui Hospital and found a free four-person ward. They are ready to live here for one night. .

After the three people washed each other and picked up the bed, they lie down on the bed and said, “There is a busy work here. Then I should go there and help me. The cleaning on his side is the highlight, only he and Two or two people can be busy.”

I didn’t care about him, and I closed my eyes and wanted to fall asleep as soon as possible.

“Hey, this person is really boring.” He looked at him disgustedly and asked about the time of the opposite bed. “Small advance, are you still with us for the next mission?”

“Follow.” When he answered, he closed his eyes. “Don’t talk, I have to go to bed early, get up early and get up early and get well.”

Who is this saying?

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This night’s Lishui Hospital has been a little noisy. After the Minamata Party was swept away, the L-State official sent another person to come and wanted to transfer the patients in the hospital to other hospitals in batches.

When I went to sleep, I was a little uncomfortable. From time to time, I was awakened by the hospital patient’s movement. I barely slept until three in the morning, and I heard the movement of the three-beder to wake up, and I just sat up.

“You are not sleeping?” He looked at the quilt that was stacking the quilt and lowered his voice.

“Don’t sleep, I slept too early yesterday, and I couldn’t sleep anymore. I was going to go to the lab and look at it. They searched for one night and they should have already had results.” He answered three times and said softly, ” Did I wake you up? You continue to sleep, and I will call you again when I am leaving.”

When I entered, I put my face out of bed and said, “No, I am still asleep, go to the lab with you.”

After seeing it, he no longer persuaded him. The two of them fell in love with each other. After a simple wash, they greeted the people who were outside and walked straight toward the laboratory.

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