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Death Progress Bar (Web Novel) - Chapter 68: Blitzkrieg

Chapter 68: Blitzkrieg

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After two days of negotiations, Zuoyang and Mengla set the meeting place in a private small hospital in the C city of T.

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C City Jiuying and gunfire have forces to station, not afraid of each other suddenly turning face, private small hospital is bought after the two parties talk about cooperation, not the industry of any party, do not be afraid of being pit, and the location of this hospital Very good, close to the road, surrounded by the air, whether anyone can be observed close to the distance, not afraid of someone to raid, escape is also very convenient.

“It is indeed a good place.” After reading the environmental map of the hospital, I objectively evaluated it. Asking Lianjun, “Jun Shao, here is not suitable for a strong attack. Are we going to bury some people into Zuoyang’s team?”

Lian Jun shook his head and replied: “No, Zuoyang is a man, and I am sending you to him. I am not at ease. Our action is mainly to save people. It is not necessary to wait for them to go to the hospital and then act. Make sure that Monla brings people close to the hospital and can grab people directly.”

I nodded and said that I understood.

Lian Jun also ordered: “Let Yan San not relax the pressure on the dark line of the gunfire, and return the 卦五和卦 one, except for the third, you all follow me to the T country. This time we go deep into the nine eagle and the gunfire. The site, whether the action is successful or not, may encounter counterattacks from both sides and must be careful.”

Shi Jinwen immediately put down the tablet in his hand and turned to look at it.

“You stay here, and Jiujiu will stay with you.” Lian Jun seems to know what he wants when he enters, and directly blocks the time when he enters and exits.

When I frowned, “I don’t feel relieved.”

“I want you to stay, not to protect you in the back, but to let you sit here. Mona is cautious, likes multi-line operation, this time with Zuoyang, he may not have doubts in his heart. From the left After Yang knows your importance to me, he is likely to make a second-hand arrangement and find a chance to do it for you. In the time when I and I are not there, once the gunfire really took the opportunity to touch it here. You need to stand up and try to keep the situation and protect yourself.” Lian Jun explained the situation and said seriously, “This is the first task I have handed over to you that you need to control the situation. No one will take you this time. All the people in the hospital will listen to you, their safety is all on you, you have to be more careful than ever, can you do it?”

When I talked about this, although I knew in my heart, the possibility of this hypothesis proposed by Lianjun was very low, but I still suppressed the idea of ​​going to the country with the Lianjun, and nodded: “Yes, I will Protect the rear.”

“Well, I believe in you.” Lian Jun slowed his eyebrows and shook his hand.

The staff arrangement was settled. On the evening of the same day, the meeting time between Zuoyang and Mengla was also finalized. The two parties decided to meet at the private hospital’s lobby at 8:00 in the morning after three days. If they were in the prescribed time, Zuoyang or Mengla Not yet, then the cooperation is abolished, everyone is dead.

During the three days of the vacant flight, the gunfire and the nine eagle stationed in the C city will empty the private hospital together, prepare everything needed for cooperation, and then arrange the private hospital as their temporary base, waiting for the two bosses ‘s arrival

At the same time, the old guns stared at the guns and dens, and there were several movements. Some of them were secretly shipped out, but because there were several batches of people shipped out, the old ghost could not determine which one was Really hostages, afraid of rash actions will be a stunned snake, so they can only hold their hearts and do not move.

After getting these two news, Lianjun immediately sent people to pick up things, ready to go to the T country overnight – Mengla too embarrassed, halfway to save people is not feasible, it seems that only to go to the T country to wait for the rabbit.

Shi Jin was in class at the time and learned that Lian Jun was about to leave immediately. He greeted Mr. Feng and ran to the doctor’s office where Lian Jun was used as a study.

“Would you like to leave?” he asked directly after entering the door.

Lian Jun saw that he was coming. He was busy with three or two sentences and the telephone number of the seven-way communication personnel. He slipped out of the wheelchair and took his hand and asked, “What did you tell you?”

“When he came over and helped you pack things, he gave me a mouth.” When he entered the lower body and held his legs, he clearly had a lot of words to say, but he couldn’t spit out a word at a time.

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