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Defiant Martial God (Web Novel)








Action Adventure Martial Arts Xuanhuan

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The ancient continent of Wu is a place where cultivation is law and the strong reign supreme. Thousands fall to their knees when the strong appear, and rivers of blood flow when they’re angered.

A peak expert known as Xie Di fell and was reborn in a young man beaten into idiocy. He lost all of his memories and his cultivation was crippled, causing him to be despised by all. To rid his shame and fight against the destiny of being toyed by others, the young man cultivated with all his strength, killing experts, and splattering the whole country with blood. All until the day he becomes a martial god who shatters the firmament and scorns mortals.

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 149 Underground City Exterminated, Murong Yue Becomes King(Conclusion)2019-08-26
Chapter 148: Revenge2019-08-26
Chapter 147: The Terrifying Vision2019-08-26
Chapter 146: Hunting Area2019-08-26
Chapter 145: A Monster, a Freak.2019-08-26
Chapter 144: The Road to Death2019-08-26
Chapter 143 The Matters of the World are Hard to Guess2019-08-26
Chapter 142 Killing to Prevent Leaking of Secrets2019-08-26
Chapter 141 Qing Yun’s Whereabouts2019-08-26
Chapter 140: Void Realm2019-08-26
Chapter 139: Cultivating the Frozen Soul Miracle2019-08-26
Chapter 138: The Fat Girl that Big Bull Likes2019-08-26
Chapter 137: Refined Skin2019-08-26
Chapter 136: The Legendary Blood Blade Youth2019-08-26
Chapter 135: Big Bull’s Strength2019-08-26
Chapter 134: A Race!2019-08-26
Chapter 133: The Reunion of Family2019-08-26
Chapter 132: The Mysterious Ancient Witch Race2019-08-26
Chapter 131: The Departure.2019-08-26
Chapter 130: To Avenge Qin Zhan.2019-08-26
Chapter 129: Collapse of the Qin Family's Young Generation.2019-08-26
Chapter 128: Rescue2019-08-26
Chapter 127: Breakthrough!2019-08-26
Chapter 126: Two God Killing Seniors2019-08-26
Chapter 125 A Difficult Battle With the Qin Family2019-08-26
Chapter 124: The Fall of Qin Zhan2019-08-26
Chapter 123: Qin Yuandao Dies, Luosang City Falls2019-08-26
Chapter 122: Killing Qin Biao, Slaying Qin Chong2019-08-26
Chapter 121: Qin Biao’s Cries2019-08-26
Chapter 120: The Demonic Blade Rebels2019-08-26
Chapter 119: The Fall of the Qin Family2019-08-26
Chapter 118: A Showdown of Spirit Weapon Against Spirit Weapon2019-08-26
Chapter 117 Transformation into a Blood Demon2019-08-26
Chapter 116: The Qin Family’s Dread2019-08-26
Chapter 115: Qin Yuandao's Fury2019-08-26
Chapter 114: Saving Su Yinxue2019-08-26
Chapter 113: The Shock that Qin Yu Brought2019-08-26
Defiant Martial God Chapter 112: Wrecking Qin Yuandao's Wedding2019-08-26
Chapter 111: The Calamity Comes Upon Us2019-08-26
Chapter 110: The Annihilation of the Qin Family Is Nothing for the Sake of a Beauty2019-08-26
Chapter 109: The Underground City's Punitive Expedition Battle2019-08-26
Chapter 108: The Changes in Ten Thousand Beast Mountain.2019-08-26
Chapter 107: Heavenly Wolf Guards2019-08-26
Chapter 106: Forced Marriage2019-08-26
Chapter 105: Father Qin Is Seized, and Mother Qin Is to Scorch in the Sun2019-08-26
Chapter 104: Prevention Kill2019-08-26
Chapter 1032019-08-26
Chapter 102: Burning Down the Su Family Manor.2019-08-26
Chapter 101: An Unwilling Death2019-08-26
Chapter 100: If You Want My Death, You Too Must Die Before This Laozi2019-08-26
Chapter 99: Spirit Realm Might2019-08-26
Chapter 98: Godly Fist Versus Violent Sword2019-08-26
Chapter 97: The Arrival of the Spirit Realm Master2019-08-26
Chapter 96: Since you’re so ruthless, don’t blame me for being the villain.2019-08-26
Chapter 95: A Frightening Existence2019-08-26
Chapter 94: The Shadows2019-08-26
Chapter 93: The Qin Family’s Spirit Realm Master2019-08-26
Chapter 92 - Soul from an Incomplete Cross-Over2019-08-26
Chapter 91 Non-differential attack2019-08-26
Chapter 90: Qin Zhao’s Death2019-08-26
Chapter 89: What I hate most is others being even more arrogant than me.2019-08-26
Chapter 88: Battle to Protect the Flower Envoy.2019-08-26
Chapter 87 Pretty girl, weird song2019-08-26
Chapter 86 Joint-assassination2019-08-26
Chapter 85 Dead Assassin In The Lovers’ Pool2019-08-26
Chapter 84: Seductive Killer2019-08-26
Chapter 83: Broken Flower, Withered Willow; This Young Master Has No Interest2019-08-26
Chapter 82: Finally Alive Again2019-08-26
Chapter 81: The Illusionary Battlefield’s Destruction2019-08-26
Chapter 80 Shameless old fool2019-08-26
Chapter 79: Battle of the Souls2019-08-26
Chapter 78: Havoc in the Array2019-08-26
Chapter 77: Wrath of Destruction2019-08-26
Chapter 76: Blood Shadow - Tri Definite Kills2019-08-26
Chapter 75: The Cursed Hell2019-08-26
Chapter 74: Hunting Down Mu Rongrui2019-08-26
Chapter 73: Betrayal2019-08-26
Chapter 72: Ensnared2019-08-26
Chapter 71: Suddenly Revealing The Identity of a Princess2019-08-26
Chapter 70: Mu Rongyue’s Breakthrough2019-08-26
Chapter 69: A Bad Premonition2019-08-26
Chapter 68: The Power of a Spirit Weapon2019-08-26
Chapter 67: Betrayal2019-08-26
Chapter 66: Killing the Demonic Spirit2019-08-26
Chapter 65:When Souls Fight2019-08-26
Chapter 64: The Blood Demon Dies.2019-08-26
Chapter 63: The Blood Demon’s Frantic Pursuit2019-08-26
Chapter 62: Qin Yu’s Madness2019-08-26
Chapter 61: Blood Demon Descends2019-08-26
Chapter 60: The Price of Underestimating your Opponents.2019-08-26
Chapter 59: Who Killed the Gatekeeper?2019-08-26
Chapter 58: Blood Shadow Definite Kill2019-08-26
Chapter 57: Fighting For Tokens2019-08-26
Chapter 56: Crazy Massacre2019-08-26
Chapter 55: Buried Alive2019-08-26
Chapter 54; Double Breakthrough2019-08-26
Chapter 53: The Demon Kills All2019-08-26
Chapter 52: Trying to be smart, only to be foolish2019-08-26
Chapter 51: Punishing Qin Fang2019-08-26
Chapter 50: Unending Chain of Attacks2019-08-26
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