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Demon Emperor’s Defiant Love (Web Novel)


She roused from a pool of blood, vowing to exact retribution on those who had harmed her.

She slapped her despicable father and smacked his wicked concubines

She trampled on a two-faced girl who acted innocent but had a malicious heart, and pointed her sword towards the heartless man who was unworthy of her love.

Countless beasts trembled in front of her cute pet, and her divine artifact intimidated even the Ninth Heaven.

As soon as her Elixir Furnace was lit up, the world came to kneel before her.

Between him and her, it all started with a fair trade. Yet, the handsome demon ended up being obsessed with her.

“Lay an egg for me, and I’ll promise you a peaceful life in any of the three realms!” He wrapped himself around her eagerly.

“Leave me alone, and I’ll grant you a long life till eternity!” She pushed him away with a defiant laugh.

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 5732020-11-22
Chapter 572: The Sacrifice of The Holy Soul2020-11-22
Chapter 571: Fan Yin’s Quest For Revenge2020-11-22
Chapter 570: Kidnapping Someone Else’s Child2020-11-22
Chapter 569: Little Dragon’s Game of Control2020-11-22
Chapter 568: Striking A Deal With Osamu (2)2020-11-22
Chapter 567: Striking A Deal With Osamu2020-11-22
Chapter 566: First Meeting with The Imperial Highness2020-11-22
Chapter 565: The Favored Pets Protect Their Master2020-11-22
Chapter 564: Demonic Blood Flower2020-11-22
Chapter 563: His Imperial Highness Strikes2020-11-22
Chapter 562: Little Dragon Meets With Danger2020-11-22
Chapter 561: Zi Shang Comes Out Of His Shell2020-11-22
Chapter 560: I’ll Give You The Celestial Palace2020-11-22
Chapter 559: Marry Me, Your Highness (2)2020-11-22
Chapter 558: Marry Me, Your Highness (1)2020-11-22
Chapter 557: Demon King: Blooming Flowering Tree2020-11-22
Chapter 556: Little Dragon’s Transformation2020-11-22
Chapter 555: No Meeting Of Your Ex-lovers Alone2020-11-22
Chapter 554: I Only Need One Person in My Harem2020-11-22
Chapter 553: Side Story 1: Zi Shang Becomes an Egg2020-11-22
Chapter 552: The Ending2020-11-22
Chapter 551: Birth of The Child of Life2020-11-22
Chapter 550: I Love You, Keep On Living2020-11-22
Chapter 549 The Sealed Holy Essence2020-11-22
Chapter 5482020-11-22
Chapter 547: The Truth Behind Eyeball’s Betrayal2020-11-22
Chapter 546: Finding Nangong Yue2020-11-22
Chapter 545: Saving Nangong Li And Baili Moyun2020-11-22
Chapter 544: The Golden Tree’s Secret2020-11-22
Chapter 543: The Human-Rabbit Hybrid Clan’s Blood Carrots2020-11-22
Chapter 542: Qiu Sen’s Death2020-11-22
Chapter 541: A’dai Awakens2020-11-22
Chapter 540: A Siege by Puppets2020-11-22
Chapter 539: The Might of the Naughty Child2020-11-22
Chapter 538: Demonic Eyeball2020-11-22
Chapter 537: Steeped in Mystery2020-11-22
Chapter 536: Liliya’s Discovery, The Divine Envoy’s Argument2020-11-22
Chapter 535: If You Can’t Do It, Scram2020-11-22
Chapter 534: Not Like I’m Having An Affair2020-11-22
Chapter 533: The Boastful Human-fox Hybrid2020-11-22
Chapter 532: Sleep — How About It?2020-11-22
Chapter 531: The Clans Awaken, Advisor Jun Transforms Abnormally2020-11-22
Chapter 530: The Clans Awaken, Killer Human-snake Hybrids2020-11-22
Chapter 529: Zi Shang Returns2020-11-22
Chapter 528: The Protective Strength2020-11-22
Chapter 527: Aunt Gaga’s Awakening2020-11-22
Chapter 526: The Nine Serenities Yin Formation2020-11-22
Chapter 525: Blood-grown Carrots2020-11-22
Chapter 524: Reasons Behind The Human-beast Hybrids’ Awakening2020-11-22
Chapter 523: Crazy A’ze’s Golden Light2020-11-22
Chapter 522: The Blood Clue (2)2020-11-22
Chapter 521: The Blood Clue (1)2020-11-22
Chapter 520: The Founding of Yun City, Highly Esteemed by Various Clans2020-11-22
Chapter 519: The Leopard Clan’s Secret2020-11-22
Chapter 518: Blood-sucking Qiu Sen2020-11-22
Chapter 517: Qiu Sen’s Tracks at Gray Castle2020-11-22
Chapter 516: The Cave Has Been Ransacked, Guo’er Disappears2020-11-22
Chapter 515: The Youthful-looking Human-Rabbit Hybrid Clan Leader2020-11-22
Chapter 514: The Human-Wolf Hybrids of the Grassland2020-11-22
Chapter 513: Zi Shang’s City (2)2020-11-22
Chapter 512: Zi Shang’s City (1)2020-11-22
Chapter 511: The Human-Rabbit Hybrid Clan’s Secret (5)2020-11-22
Chapter 510: The Human-Rabbit Hybrid Clan’s Secret (4)2020-11-22
Chapter 509: The Human-Rabbit Hybrid Clan’s Secret (3)2020-11-22
Chapter 508: The Human-Rabbit Hybrid Clan’s Secret (2)2020-11-22
Chapter 507: The Human-Rabbit Hybrid Clan’s Secret (1)2020-11-22
Chapter 506: The Vanished Human-rabbit Hybrid Clan2020-11-22
Chapter 505: I Want to Build A City2020-11-22
Chapter 504: I’ll Help You With A Heated Water Bath2020-11-22
Chapter 503: Good, But Not as Good as Green Moss2020-11-22
Chapter 502: Feifei Advances In An Epiphany2020-11-22
Chapter 501: Human-rabbit Hybrid Clan’s Guo’er2020-11-22
Chapter 500: Healing the Young Human-Snake Hybrids2020-11-22
Chapter 499: Rice Herb and Potato Herb (2)2020-11-22
Chapter 498: Rice Herb and Potato Herb (1)2020-11-22
Chapter 497: Pig-out Grass That’s Worth Having2020-11-22
Chapter 496: Removing Demon Qi to Save A’dai2020-11-22
Chapter 495: A’dai Turns Crazy2020-11-22
Chapter 494: So It’s Demon Qi2020-11-22
Chapter 493: I Have A Yin-Yang Body2020-11-22
Chapter 492: The Mystery of Gaga Grass (2)2020-11-22
Chapter 491: The Mystery of Gaga Grass2020-11-22
Chapter 490: Human-snake Hybrid Meng’s Beliefs2020-11-22
Chapter 489: The Human-Snake Hybrid Clan2020-11-22
Chapter 488: Zi Shang Posing as A Serpent2020-11-22
Chapter 487: The Mystery Behind Premature Deaths of the Young2020-11-22
Chapter 486: Eagle Cliff’s Predicament2020-11-22
Chapter 485: The Eagle Clan’s Old Nest2020-11-22
Chapter 484: The Youth From The Leopard Clan2020-11-22
Chapter 483: Searching For A’dai’s Home2020-11-22
Chapter 482: The Frightening Chaotic Secret Realm2020-11-22
Chapter 481: Biggest Lie: I’m Pregnant2020-11-22
Chapter 480: Zi Shang, Does Her Highness Know How Despicable You Are?2020-11-22
Chapter 479: Shiwan Grand Mountain In Shambles2020-11-22
Chapter 478: Yun Jiuge’s Frightening Cultivation Speed2020-11-22
Chapter 477: What? They’ve Entered The Secret Realm2020-11-22
Chapter 476: The Mastermind Behind All This2020-11-22
Chapter 475: A’dai Goes Crazy2020-11-22
Chapter 474: The Ling Clan Princess – Yue Ling’er2020-11-22
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