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Demon Lord's Reincarnation (Web Novel)








Fantasy Harem

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The strongest Demon Lord dies, and reincarnates as a human. Not only that, he because of various incidents turns into the hero's best friend.

Follow his journey as he tries to help the hero escape his fate, and on the sideline to conquer the continent while he's at it.

1141 • 2020-02-25 10:11:13


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 283 Intermission part 22020-09-03
Chapter 282 Intermission part 12020-09-03
Chapter 281 Elite Guard2020-09-03
Chapter 280 Onto the next demon lord2020-08-26
Chapter 279: Special Chapter: Darius and Elaine2020-08-25
Chapter 278 The Fall of another demon lord2020-08-21
Chapter 277 The game is over2020-08-21
Chapter 276 Let“s end this!2020-08-20
Chapter 275 Vampiric Lord Darius2020-08-20
Chapter 274 Final round2020-08-20
Chapter 273 No longer fighting2020-08-20
Chapter 272 Found a weakness2020-08-19
Chapter 271 Step by step2020-08-19
Chapter 270 Assassins2020-08-19
Chapter 269 The first battle2020-08-06
Chapter 268 Underground fighting Ring2020-08-06
Chapter 267 Let's play a game2020-08-01
Chapter 266 Fame that spreads to every corner2020-08-01
Chapter 265 The Demon Kretos2020-08-01
Chapter 264 The end of the battle and the start to recovering Ren's memories2020-08-01
Chapter 263 Ally or foe all I see is an exciting figh2020-07-22
Chapter 262 Alphonso's tears2020-07-19
Chapter 261 Side Chapter: The meeting that changed Alphonso's life2020-07-14
Chapter 260 Meeting of old acquaintances2020-07-14
Chapter 259 You're pretty interesting2020-07-10
Chapter 258 Be my Husband2020-07-09
Chapter 257 Alphonso De Valerie2020-07-07
Chapter 256 Rabia2020-07-06
Chapter 255 Goddess descen2020-07-06
Chapter 255 Goddesses descen2020-07-04
Chapter 254 Shadow2020-06-29
Chapter 253 Hasten the plan2020-06-29
Chapter 252 You are not my match2020-06-22
Chapter 251 It was just a studen2020-06-18
Chapter 250 Haruto Kazuya2020-06-15
Chapter 249 The owner2020-06-12
Chapter 248 Nero meets Kretos2020-06-09
Chapter 247 I'll treat you to a meal2020-06-07
Chapter 246 That was fun2020-06-06
Chapter 245 Now this is a battle2020-06-06
Chapter 244 Let us kill!2020-06-04
Chapter 243 Scheming2020-05-29
Chapter 242 Side Chapter: The ORIGIN2020-05-26
Chapter 241 Dwarven Weapon Shop2020-05-24
Chapter 240 Demon Empress2020-05-23
Chapter 239 My past?2020-05-20
Chapter 238 The Osted Family2020-05-16
Chapter 237 Death Battle2020-05-12
Chapter 236 Threatening2020-05-09
Chapter 235 High Pries2020-05-06
Chapter 234 Trying to teach2020-05-02
Chapter 233 Teach me2020-04-29
Chapter 232 Demons planning2020-04-26
Chapter 231 Information on the tournamen2020-04-25
Chapter 230 Studen2020-04-25
Chapter 229 Demons of the pas2020-04-19
Chapter 228 Professor2020-04-19
Chapter 227 Let's all calm down2020-04-17
Chapter 225 We will find him2020-04-11
Chapter 226 Keep it down!2020-04-15
Chapter 225 I will find him2020-04-11
Chapter 224 How to wake him up?2020-04-11
Chapter 223 Where am I?2020-04-09
Chapter 222 Kerrolan Fores2020-04-09
Chapter 221 Restar2020-04-09
Chapter 220 Warrior King Willmon2020-04-09
Chapter 219 ...2020-04-03
Chapter 218 Why do you disobey?2020-03-25
Chapter 217 Calm yourself2020-03-25
Chapter 216 Ren's hear2020-03-19
Chapter 215 The next adventure2020-03-07
Chapter 214 I'm sorry2020-03-07
Chapter 213 Sudden2020-03-07
Chapter 212 The wheel of fate turns2020-03-07
Chapter 211 Battling against a past incarnation2020-03-07
Chapter 210 - A normal day for Valdel2020-02-25
Chapter 209 - Four women2020-02-25
Chapter 208 - Death to all2020-02-25
Chapter 207 - Convincing2020-02-25
Chapter 206: Valentine Special: Love that was never meant to be2020-02-25
Chapter 205 - The end of the battle2020-02-25
Chapter 206: Valentine Special: Love that was never meant to be2020-02-25
Chapter 204 - Let's end this2020-02-25
Chapter 203 - Bloodline ability2020-02-25
Chapter 202 - Special Chapter: Deep Within2020-02-25
Chapter 201 - Thoughts of each childhood friend2020-02-25
Chapter 200 - The Village of monsters2020-02-25
Chapter 199 - Movement in the shadows2020-02-25
Chapter 198 - Duel2020-02-25
Chapter 197 - Just tell me2020-02-25
Chapter 196 - Story2020-02-25
Chapter 195 - Who are you?2020-02-25
Chapter 194 - Unwavering2020-02-25
Chapter 193 - First day of the siege2020-02-25
Chapter 192 - Death to all enemies2020-02-25
Chapter 191 - The incoming threat2020-02-25
Chapter 190 - Girl talk2020-02-25
Chapter 189 - Diary2020-02-25
Chapter 188 - Worse than monsters2020-02-25
Chapter 187 - The Sword Princess versus the Silent Death2020-02-25
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