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Destroyer of Ice and Fire (Web Novel)






Innocent, 无罪


Action Adventure Fantasy School Life Shounen Xuanhuan

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As the era of dragons gradually came to an end, as arcane masters left countless riches and legends under the starry sky, one awakened youngster after another began to set foot on their journey.

486 • 2020-02-02 12:07:35


The chapterAddition Time
Afterword And Announcement Of New Book2020-07-01
Chapter 696 New Era (Epilogue)2020-07-01
Chapter 695: The Most Glorious Sunrise2020-06-30
Chapter 694: It Does Not Matter2020-06-30
Chapter 693: Bone Severance, The Final Rainbow2020-06-29
Chapter 692: A Chance That Absolutely Cannot Be Wasted2020-06-29
Chapter 691: Ayrin’s Instinct, The True Power Of The Silver Dragon Bloodline2020-06-28
Chapter 690: Make Me Angry2020-06-28
Chapter 689: I Will Personally Watch You Die2020-06-27
Chapter 688: The Strongest Force Of Nature2020-06-27
Chapter 687: Deep Green2020-06-26
Chapter 686: Fellemang, The Final Secret Unraveled2020-06-26
Chapter 685: Blood Reincarnation!2020-06-25
Chapter 684: Similar Rage, Lighting Dragon’s Despair2020-06-25
Chapter 683: The Final Fear2020-06-24
Chapter 682: Reversed Situation, The Evil Dragon’s Servant Captain!2020-06-24
Chapter 681: The Source Of Premonition2020-06-23
Chapter 680: Successful Explosion, Ayrin’s Scheme2020-06-23
Chapter 679: Dragon Slaying Sword2020-06-22
Chapter 678: An Unimaginable Countermeasure2020-06-22
Chapter 677: Difference, Ayrin In Danger!2020-06-21
Chapter 676: Simple Arcane Skill, Big Usage2020-06-21
Chapter 675: Can We Really Win?2020-06-20
Chapter 674: One Strike! Ferguillo’s Confidence And Determination!2020-06-20
Chapter 673: Crisis! Pure Power2020-06-20
Chapter 672: Black Flower Vs Spear2020-06-20
Chapter 671: The Miscalculated Evil Dragon2020-06-19
Chapter 670: Time To Create Epic2020-06-19
Chapter 669: The Frontal War Commences2020-06-17
Chapter 668: The Corps With Unknown Utility2020-06-17
Chapter 667: The Evil Dragon Breaks Through!2020-06-16
Chapter 666: Ayrin Also Has A Secret2020-06-16
Chapter 665: The Evil Dragon’s Secret2020-06-15
Chapter 664: Unable To Defeat2020-06-15
Chapter 663: Ferguillo vs. Evil Dragon Descendent2020-06-14
Chapter 662: The Evil Dragon Descendent’s Ambition2020-06-14
Chapter 661: None Of Those2020-06-13
Chapter 660: The Signal To The Final War2020-06-13
Chapter 659: The Deep Green In Dream2020-06-12
Chapter 658: Two Valkyries2020-06-12
Chapter 657: Black Jasmine Reappears2020-06-11
Chapter 656: Hand Blade and Thousand Storms Sword2020-06-11
Chapter 655: Fellemang’s Assassination2020-06-10
Chapter 654: The Past Warriors Could Not Be Proud2020-06-10
Chapter 653: Stingham’s Use2020-06-09
Chapter 652: The Reborn Ambitionist2020-06-09
Chapter 651: Final Clean Up2020-06-08
Chapter 650: Ayrin’s Bizarre Plan2020-06-08
Chapter 649: An Eye Blinding Army2020-06-07
Chapter 648: Dissimilar Companions2020-06-07
Chapter 647: Waiting For the Opportunity Of The Final Showdown2020-06-06
Chapter 646: The Evil Dragon’s Descendent2020-06-06
Chapter 645: Ferguillo’s Calmness and Belo’s Agitation2020-06-05
Chapter 644: Ferguillo’s Clean Up2020-06-05
Chapter 643: All Resulted From Courage2020-06-04
Chapter 642: Two Pupils2020-06-04
Chapter 641: Ferguillo Transplanting An Arm2020-06-03
Chapter 640: A Changed Stingham2020-06-03
Chapter 639: Ice And Fire2020-06-02
Chapter 638: Hermit Residence2020-06-02
Chapter 637: Is Every Person Born A Hero?2020-06-02
Chapter 636: Cursed Army And Crown2020-06-02
Chapter 635: White Giant Arcane Master2020-06-02
Chapter 634: Born For Fighting2020-06-02
Chapter 633: This Is A Type Of Ancient Ceremony2020-06-02
Chapter 632: Ice Cold Body2020-06-02
Chapter 631: The Hand Within The Forest2020-05-29
Chapter 630: Evil Spirit Servant2020-05-29
Chapter 629: This Era Is Not Pure Coincidence2020-05-29
Chapter 628: Powerful! Eccentric Arcane Master!2020-05-29
Chapter 627: Unreasonable Breakthrough And Shock2020-05-28
Chapter 626: The Strongest Is Never The Bloodline2020-05-28
Chapter 625: Old Ginns Reappears2020-05-26
Chapter 624: Storm Kingdom’s Punishment2020-05-26
Chapter 623: The Evil Dragon’s Enemies2020-05-26
Chapter 622: The Evil Dragon Rapidly Growing Stronger2020-05-26
Chapter 621: Stop Running Away2020-05-24
Chapter 620: Companion’s Determination2020-05-24
Chapter 619: Dragon’s Grief2020-05-24
Chapter 618: Never Give Up2020-05-24
Chapter 617: Hot-Blooded Individuals2020-05-23
Chapter 616: Fearless!2020-05-23
Chapter 615: Rinloran’s Rage2020-05-23
Chapter 614: Resurrected Evil Dragon!2020-05-23
Chapter 613: Sparkling Tears, Elegy Of Life2020-05-20
Chapter 612: Office of Special Affairs’s Mistake2020-05-20
Chapter 611: Responsibility Matures A Person2020-05-20
Chapter 610: Changing Situation2020-05-20
Chapter 609: Domineering Beastman2020-05-20
Chapter 608: The Powerful Army After The War, And Unsatisfied Youths2020-05-20
Chapter 607: If You Don’t Give Us, We Will Kill You All!2020-05-18
Chapter 606: The Final Opponent2020-05-18
Chapter 605: Powerful Escort2020-05-16
Chapter 604: Eye Blinding2020-05-16
Chapter 603: Notebook Teacher Reappeared2020-05-16
Chapter 602: The Most Powerful Moment2020-05-16
Chapter 601: The True Coffin Master Bishop! Evil Dragon Gate!2020-05-16
Chapter 600: Winged Devil, The True Destroyer2020-05-16
Chapter 599: Stingham Meatshield, Ayrin’s Breakthrough2020-05-13
Chapter 598: Jean Camus’s Trembling2020-05-13
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