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Devil’s Son-in-Law (Web Novel)


Chen Rui, an otaku from earth, is reborn into a human body in another world, who falls into the legendary evil, brutal world of the devil called Mozu where humans are treated as food. He has to survive while facing horrors of the devil, violent dragons and a variety of power enemies depending on a strange super system chip and his wits. Surrounded by Devil’s beauties such as black-bellied lolita princess, cold queens, violent dragons, charming poisonous devils …

Wanting to live in the Devil’s world is hard! Wanting to live in the Devil’s world as a human is harder! Wanting a human to be the devil’s son-in-law is hardest!

Let us see how a small otaku uses power and strategy step by step starting from an ordinary human to writing a legend as the devil’s greatest son-in-law.

576 • 2020-06-13 22:54:44


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 412: Artifacts Sharing Session2021-01-18
Chapter 411: The Blue Lava Estate’s Plot2021-01-18
Chapter 410: VIP No. 132021-01-18
Chapter 409: Assassination2021-01-15
Chapter 408: Auction2021-01-14
Chapter 407: An Inch of Blood for An Inch of Harem2021-01-12
Chapter 406: Yini’s Decision! Saving Private Betty2021-01-11
Chapter 405: The Incredible Athena2021-01-11
Chapter 404: The Unwelcomed Ms. Zola2021-01-08
Chapter 403: Zola’s “Misunderstanding”2021-01-08
Chapter 402: The Fight in Princess Retail Store! Enemies of Millennia Met2021-01-08
Chapter 401: The Two Young Ladies Visiting the Dark Moon2021-01-08
Chapter 400: The Woman He Feared Most! The Regretful Azgalor2021-01-05
Chapter 399: Iciz2021-01-05
Chapter 398: Cooperation2021-01-02
Chapter 397: Acquaintances? The Distinguished Guests of the Dark Moon Palace2021-01-02
Chapter 396: The New Artifact of the Exchange Center and the Appearance of “Father-in-law”2020-12-30
Chapter 395: The Leisure Life of the Financial Officer2020-12-30
Chapter 393: The Strongest Legion in the Future and the Capital’s Shock2020-12-29
Chapter 392: The Sea of Undead in Town Yankou2020-12-26
Chapter 391: The Man and Woman in the Secret Room2020-12-24
Chapter 390: The “Retribution” of the Poison Dragon2020-12-24
Chapter 389: Poison Dragon Vs Emerald Dragon2020-12-24
Chapter 388: The Defeat of the Red Spirit2020-12-24
Chapter 387: Three Words2020-12-24
Chapter 386: Fight for You2020-12-18
Chapter 385: Enticing the Powerhouse Away and Beheading Operation2020-12-17
Chapter 384: The Feeling of Loving Someone2020-12-16
Chapter 383: Shea’s Decision2020-12-15
Chapter 382: Faith2020-12-14
Chapter 381: “Papapa” and Upgrades?2020-12-14
Chapter 380: ” A Big “Accident”2020-12-11
Chapter 379: Crisis! Demi-God Territory Space2020-12-10
Chapter 378: Surprising Change! The Beginning of the War of Lords2020-12-10
Chapter 377: Dark Moon’s Initial Setup2020-12-10
Chapter 376: The Defeated Joseph2020-12-10
Chapter 375: “Romantic” Sparks Under the Moonlight2020-12-10
Chapter 374: Searching for Husband for a Thousand Miles And The Women’s Double Dragon Club2020-12-10
Chapter 373: The Battle Ball Bet2020-12-10
Chapter 372: Flower Bloom and Wilt, Life and Death Are Impermanent2020-12-10
Chapter 371: Blood River! The “Excalibur” That Self-Exploded and Injured Its Owner2020-12-10
Chapter 370: Broc2020-12-10
Chapter 369: Years Ago Today! Common Enemy2020-12-10
Chapter 368: Poisonous Devil’s Snare! The Scam Was Exposed2020-12-10
Chapter 367: Ancient Runes! Sword of Fallen Angel’s Mysterious Seal2020-12-10
Chapter 366: The Most Expensive Longevity Potion in the History2020-12-10
Chapter 365: The Ideal Life Partner for the Fairy Dragon?2020-12-10
Chapter 364: The Fairy Dragon’s Decision and the Capital Lord Meeting2020-12-10
Chapter 363: Accident in the Rune Experiment2020-12-10
Chapter 362: Devil’s Snare and Snow Dalle2020-12-10
Chapter 361: The Most Important Cooperation2020-12-10
Chapter 360: Storm2020-12-10
Chapter 359: Thunder and Temptated2020-12-10
Chapter 358: Autumn Territory2020-12-10
Chapter 357: Negotiations and Enemy2020-12-10
Chapter 356: Prison2020-12-10
Chapter 355: Departure2020-12-10
Chapter 354: Guests from Afar2020-12-10
Chapter 353: Determination to Gamble Everything2020-12-10
Chapter 352: A Foolish Woman and the Damn Man2020-12-10
Chapter 351: Agreemen2020-12-10
Chapter 350: Troublemaker Loli2020-12-10
Chapter 349: Elemental Blessing2020-12-10
Chapter 348: Explanation and Resurrection2020-12-10
Chapter 347: Doubts2020-12-10
Chapter 346: Instant Kill2020-11-11
Chapter 345: Ambush2020-11-11
Chapter 344: Stone Slab of the Ancient Runes2020-11-06
Chapter 343: Assistant2020-11-06
Chapter 342: Fairy Dragon2020-11-04
Chapter 341: Rainbow Valley2020-11-04
Chapter 340: The Treasure of the Dark Moon2020-11-04
Chapter 339: Krobelus, The Enemy’s “Widow”?2020-10-30
Chapter 338: Ball2020-10-29
Chapter 337: Diak2020-10-28
Chapter 336: [Body Of Light Blessing]! Charles’ Secret2020-10-28
Chapter 333: Tough Fight and Gain2020-12-10
Chapter 335: Being Summoned2020-10-24
Chapter 334: Nephew2020-10-23
Chapter 332: [Destroying Evil] And Tyrant2020-10-22
Chapter 331: [The Eye of Evil]2020-10-20
Chapter 330: Ruins2020-10-18
Chapter 329: Condition2020-10-18
Chapter 328: Capital Envoy! Poisonous Devil’s Snare Flower2020-10-15
Chapter 327: For Future Happiness2020-10-14
Chapter 326: The Maid’s Seduction2020-10-14
Chapter 325: Ally’s Decision2020-10-10
Chapter 324: The Treasure Map of the Dead Sea?2020-10-09
Chapter 323: Big Fish2020-10-07
Chapter 322: Josh2020-10-06
Chapter 321: Destruction2020-10-06
Chapter 320: Kanita’s Light of Hope?2020-10-03
Chapter 319: Mysterious Guest of Town Moling2020-10-02
Chapter 318: Birthday2020-10-02
Chapter 317: Fly! A Loli Over the Dark Moon2020-09-30
Chapter 316: Skye’s Curse2020-09-29
Chapter 315: Siblings2020-09-26
Chapter 314: Kia2020-09-25
Chapter 313: Duo Dance under the Moonlight2020-09-24
Chapter 312: Subordinate2020-09-23
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