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Divine Card Creator (Web Novel)


The Card Creator is a very ordinary profession. Simply put, the incumbent seals various kinds of abilities, illusions, images and so on in blank cards for convenience of use.

Lu Ming, who initially planned to lead an idle life, had a not-so-boring dream now — He hopes to seal the entire world in the cards.

One still needed to have dreams. What if you could realize them?

1095 • 2020-02-17 12:24:21


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 483 Master, A Kind Man Is Always Harnessed2020-09-13
Chapter 482 The Middleman That Earns the Margin2020-09-13
Chapter 481 Hey, Xiao-Xiaohu.2020-09-13
Chapter 480 A Missing Jiang Feng.2020-09-11
Chapter 479 Don“t Worry, Master Is Very Familiar At This2020-09-11
Chapter 478 The Fight in the Landlord“s Family2020-09-11
Chapter 477 Relationship Mentor Li Ergou2020-09-09
Chapter476 Master Actually Has An Affair Outside?2020-09-09
Chapter 475 The First Day of Cohabitation ~Sob~2020-09-09
Chapter 474 The Sun Card!2020-11-16
Chapter 474 The Sun Card!2020-11-17
Chapter 473 He Had Many Experiences Of Being Assassinated!2020-09-06
Chapter 472 The Little Prince Of The Nightclub—Xiao-Xiaoshé.2020-09-06
Chapter 471 Talking Gibberish!2020-09-05
Chapter 470 An Angry Li Haoran.2020-09-05
Chapter 469 Low-key Title x 52020-09-05
Chapter 468 There Are Too Many Jerry-built Building Projects Nowadays!2020-09-05
Chapter 467 Do You Know That You Will Be Beaten to Death If You Do This?!2020-09-03
Chapter 466 The Price of Becoming Stronger2020-09-03
Chapter 465 If He Was A Woman, He Reckoned That He Would Also Fancy Someone Like Master?2020-09-03
Chapter 464 Philosophical Cookies.2020-08-31
Chapter 463 We Are Still Young. We Are Only Thirty Years Old. Our Hair Has Not Fallen Out!2020-08-31
Chapter 462 One of Your Children Must Bear the Surname Qiu2020-08-31
Chapter 461 They Create Their Own Fortuitous Encounter!2020-08-29
Chapter 460 There Had been Some Minor Accidents2020-08-29
Chapter 459 Sister“s Presen2020-08-28
Chapter 458 Like The Rumors Said, Lu Ming Was Kind-hearted And Sincere.2020-08-28
Chapter 457 A Six-star New Card!2020-08-28
Chapter 456 A Low-key Battle.2020-08-28
Chapter 455 Man“s Mutual Good Friend.2020-08-28
Chapter 454 You Jump, I Jump2020-08-23
Chapter 453Lu Ming, You Have Changed.2020-08-23
Chapter 452 Lu Ming, An Honest Man2020-08-20
Chapter 451 Damn it! What Kind of People Are In Your Association?!2020-08-20
Chapter 450 The Growing Up Journey of Demigod Wu2020-08-19
Chapter 449 Brother Gao Indeed Knows How To Have Fun ̄▽ ̄ ~*2020-08-19
Chapter 448 Phenomenal Swordplay 22020-08-18
Chapter 447 Phenomenal Swordplay!2020-08-18
Chapter 446 Download Progress 99.9%2020-08-18
Chapter 445 The Most Popular Uploader2020-08-18
Chapter 444 You“re Awake2020-08-18
Chapter 443 Can“t You Target Another Vocation?!2020-08-18
Chapter 442 - Damn Planner! Hurry To Strengthen The Vocation!2020-08-18
Chapter 441 Rest Assured, Master, I Understand.2020-08-18
Chapter 4402020-08-18
Chapter 4392020-08-18
Chapter 4382020-08-18
Chapter 4372020-08-18
Chapter 4362020-08-18
435 Chapter 437. Low-key Title x 42020-08-18
Chapter 4342020-08-18
Chapter 4332020-08-18
Chapter 4322020-08-18
Chapter 4312020-08-18
Chapter 4302020-08-18
Chapter 4292020-08-18
Chapter 428 Low-key Title x2020-08-18
Chapter 427 I Am Wrong, Father2020-08-06
Chapter 426 Humph, Bullhead.2020-08-06
Chapter 425 Humph, Mankind.2020-08-06
Chapter 424 Regardless Of Whether Your Are An Eunuch Cat Or Not In The Future You Will Be My Father!2020-08-04
Chapter 423 The Revival Of Excalibur!2020-08-04
Chapter 422 Low-key Title x 22020-08-04
Chapter 421 - If You Humiliate and Chide Him, He Will Tear Down Your House!2020-08-03
Chapter 420 - The Ancient Excalibur!2020-08-03
Chapter 419 - I Will Help To Boost Senior Qiu“s Popularity#2020-08-03
Chapter 418 Do You Know What an Unrivaled Swordsman IA?2020-08-03
Chapter 417 Phase Summary Report of the Sword Card Master Association2020-08-01
Chapter 416 This Rubbish Card of Yours, I“m Dying of Laughter.2020-08-01
Chapter 415 A Strange New Card!2020-08-01
Chapter 414 Your President Is The One And Only Person Who Is That Amazing!2020-07-30
Chapter 413 This Dirty Association of You Guys!2020-07-30
Chapter 412 Maintaining Curiosity In a Pink Street Is a Man“s Most Basic Form of Dignity2020-07-30
Chapter 411 A Brand New Card!2020-07-29
Chapter 410 - Xiao-Xiaojian: Damn! It Turns Out That I Am That Extraordinary?!2020-07-29
Chapter 409 A Rare And Ruthless Man!2020-07-29
Chapter 408 There Is Actually Such A Talented And Dashing Man In This World!2020-07-29
Chapter 407 Suffered The Harshest Blows And Created The Hottest Sensation! I Am Proud To Be The Head of Publicity!2020-07-29
Chapter 406 You“re Not Allowed To Ride the Original Card!!!2020-07-29
Chapter 405 Senior Qiu“s Counseling Session2020-07-29
Chapter 404 Are You Looking Down On Me?!2020-07-29
Chapter 403 I“ll Be Satisfied If He Has One-tenth of Lu Ming“s Outstanding Qualities2020-07-29
Chapter 402 Kneel, Call Father!2020-07-28
Chapter 401 This Doesn’t Have Anything to Do With Lu Ming2020-07-27
Chapter 400 The Failed Debut of the Will-O-Wisp Card2020-07-23
Chapter 399 Low-key Title2020-07-23
Chapter 398 Blow Up The Dagger Spirit!2020-07-23
Chapter 397 You“re So Annoying~2020-07-22
Chapter 396 I“m Not a Kiddie Ride!2020-07-22
Chapter 395 - Master2020-07-22
Chapter 394 - Do You Know What It Means To Do Yourself In?2020-07-22
Chapter 393 - People Who Poach Talents Will Suffer The Same Fate2020-07-22
Chapter 392 - An Unexpected Battle!2020-07-22
Chapter 391 - Luxury Villas! Move In Right Away!2020-07-22
Chapter 390 - Damn. This Will Do As Well???2020-07-22
Chapter 389 - Tian Du City Has Fallen2020-07-22
Chapter 388 - *****2020-07-22
Chapter 387 - Li Ergou“s Dream!2020-07-22
Chapter 386 - The Arrival of a New Disciple!2020-07-22
Chapter 385 - Teacher-Student Romance Is Forbidden!!!2020-07-22
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