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Dominating Sword Immortal (Web Novel)


On this land of real souls, with millions of different martial art institutions, there’re so many strong fighters just like the trees in the forests.

Among all, a mediocre apprentice from one of the mediocre institutions suddenly became a martial art genius after a mysterious incident. Not only did he acquire a photographic memory and keen perception, but he had also come to discover that his ability to comprehend martial arts is astronomically good, which eventually made him an almost godly existence.

From the hot-blooded intense battles to the clashes between the top geniuses, Martial Arts is no longer limited to the mortal world, it reaches to a level that can do everything from controlling the oceans to flying up the sky and diving under the ground.

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 913: Sky Puncturing Sword(1)2020-06-19
Chapter 912: Bestowal King Palace2020-06-19
Chapter 911: Great Bear Sword Art, Monkey Wine2020-04-27
Chapter 910: Demonic Race Gives Up Ye Chen’s Pursuit2020-04-27
Chapter 909: Sky Shattering Arts, Second Style2020-04-27
Chapter 908: High Stage Four Star Batte Power2020-04-27
Chapter 907: Another Huge Cultivation Base Advancement2020-04-27
Chapter 906: World Shocking Heavenly Shower2020-04-27
Chapter 905: Sword Domain Second Layer2020-04-24
Chapter 904: Hundred Year Cultivation Base2020-04-23
Chapter 903: Primordial Slaughter King2020-04-22
Chapter 902: Godly Yuan Calamity2020-04-22
Chapter 901: Frightening Heart Demon2020-04-21
Chapter 900: True And False2020-04-21
Chapter 899: Doomsday Dragon2020-04-16
Chapter 898: Doomsday Dragon Palace Calamity2020-04-16
Chapter 897: Life And Death Calamity2020-04-16
Chapter 896: Bloody Battle Against Two Powerful Kings2020-04-16
Chapter 895: Large Progress2020-04-11
Chapter 894: Comprehending Life Dao2020-04-10
Chapter 893: Comprehending Life Dao2020-04-09
Chapter 892: Six Star Battle Strength2020-04-08
Chapter 891: Dragon King, Fire Emperor2020-04-07
Chapter 890: Copper Sword King Kills The Masked Man2020-04-06
Chapter 889: The Peak Of Sword Domain’s First Layer2020-04-05
Chapter 888: Life Force Magnetic Field External Projection2020-04-04
Chapter 887: Mid Level Blood Demon Crystal2020-04-03
Chapter 886: Clouds Of Storm On The Way2020-04-02
Chapter 885: Overworking Sky Scorpio Sword2020-04-01
Chapter 884: 第八百八十四章 六阶毁灭剑意2020-03-31
Chapter 883: High Step King’s Consciousness Projection2020-03-30
Chapter 882: Blood Demon Crystal2020-03-30
Chapter 881: King Grade Forbidden Zone2020-03-30
Chapter 880: Great Poison Conversion Art2020-03-29
Chapter 879: Star Poison Fire Diamond2020-03-27
Chapter 878: Fire Poison2020-03-25
Chapter 877: A Bitter Bloody Battle2020-03-24
Chapter 876: Ye Chen’s Guess2020-03-24
Chapter 875: Limb Regrowth, Death Dao2020-03-23
Chapter 874: Fifth Step Immortal Sword Soul2020-03-23
Chapter 873: After Three Years, I Will Not Stop You2020-03-22
Chapter 872: Beast King, Giant Wolf King2020-03-21
Chapter 871: Congealing Water’s Might2020-03-21
Chapter 870: Autumn Water Sword Art2020-03-20
Chapter 869: Comprehending Water Profound2020-03-19
Chapter 868: Life And Death Substitute List Rankings2020-03-18
Chapter 867: Sword Domain Against Sword Domain(2)2020-03-17
Chapter 866: Sword Domain Against Sword Domain2020-03-17
Chapter 865: The Ultimate Battle For The Strongest Sword Artist, Begins2020-03-14
Chapter 864: Sword Domain Appears Again2020-03-13
Chapter 863: Second Step Sacred Dragon Fist2020-03-12
Chapter 862: Sword Rule2020-03-11
Chapter 861: Peak Battle(2)2020-03-10
Chapter 860: Peak Battle(1)2020-03-09
Chapter 859: Gorgeous Sword Arts2020-03-08
Chapter 858: Spatial Teleportation2020-03-06
Chapter 857: Ye Chen’s Terror2020-03-05
Chapter 856: You’re In For A Surprise2020-03-04
Chapter 855: Credit Battle2020-03-03
Chapter 854: Vital Qi Rankings2020-03-01
Chapter 853: You Have Life And Death Medal?2020-02-29
Chapter 852: Life And Death Palace2020-02-28
Chapter 851: Defensive Sword Spell vs. Sword Realm2020-02-28
Chapter 850: Wind’s Sword Realm2020-02-27
Chapter 849: Tearing Space2020-02-26
Chapter 848: Peak Level Evil Spirit2020-02-25
Chapter 847: Xu Jing Reappears2020-02-23
Chapter 846: Instant Kill2020-06-05
Chapter 845: Who is Ye Chen?2020-02-22
Chapter 844: The First Level of Life and Death Challenge2020-02-22
Chapter 843: Life and Death Bridge2020-02-22
Chapter 842: Death Qi Iron2020-02-21
Chapter 841: Life And Death Secret Realm Opens2020-02-20
Chapter 840: Life and Death Challenge Door2020-02-19
Chapter 839: Top Martial Genius2020-02-15
Chapter 838: Once For All2020-02-12
Chapter 837: Nobody Can Save Eternal Sky Sect2020-01-30
Chapter 836: Eight Beast Warriors2020-01-23
Chapter 835: The Battle with Ling Huyi (Part Two)2020-01-22
Chapter 834: The Battle with Ling Huyi (Part One)2020-01-16
Chapter 833: Piss off2020-01-11
Chapter 832: Mo Xiaotang’s Plan2020-01-11
Chapter 831: Ling Huyi2020-01-11
Chapter 830: Top Rank Half Step King Warrior2020-01-04
Chapter 829: Zhang Shan Martial School’s Crisis2020-01-03
Chapter 828: The Vibration in the Zhang Tian Martial School2020-01-02
Chapter 827: The Overdue Reward2020-01-01
Chapter 826: The Information Pavilion Inside Blood Sky Land2020-01-01
Chapter 825: Battle King’s Martial School2020-01-01
Chapter 824: Fifty Rob Gang Met the Three Warriors (Part Two)2019-12-31
Chapter 823: Fifty Rob Gang Met the Three Warriors (Part One)2019-12-30
Chapter 822: Lady in blue and Thunder Spirit King2019-12-29
Chapter 821: 50 Robbers2019-12-29
Chapter 820: Peaceful Solution2019-12-26
Chapter 819: Demonic Human Emperor Appears2019-12-26
Chapter 818: This Can Beat You2019-12-26
Chapter 817: 第八百一十七章 Sky Scorpio Sword In Hand2019-12-26
Chapter 816: Demonic Human King Descends2019-12-22
Chapter 815: Forging Sword2019-12-22
Chapter 814: Life And Death Substitute List2019-12-11
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