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Don’t Heal the Others (Web Novel)


Xiao Feng, the protagonist of the story was an ace at online games. By accident, he knew a game called Mystery which can reduce human’s energy consumption and improve the space-allocation on the earth. In this game, he hit monsters, increased his levels and met a lot of friends. However, at the same time, he was inevitably drawn into the struggle within and outside the labor union. What should he do? And what difficulties would he face? The following are his inner monologues.

I was killed in the game and asked him/her to fight offline only to find that she was a girl. What should I do?

I wanted to be a support and carry my team-mates only to find that all of them were newbies, what should I do?

Please don’t court death and let me kill the boss with the hammer!

To conclude, this story is about a support who would have liked to carry all his team-mates. However, after realizing that support could not save the world, he resolutely picked up the hammer and killed the boss in the game.

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 410 Slaughter the Arena2020-11-04
Chapter 409 Xiaoxue2020-11-04
Chapter 408 Secret2020-11-04
Chapter 407 Connecting2020-10-29
Chapter 406 The Second Server-wide Event2020-10-29
Chapter 405 Get Along Well With Each Other2020-10-27
Chapter 404 Shura, Peerless2020-10-04
Chapter 403 Kim Jonghan2020-10-04
Chapter 402 Mythical Pet Xiaobai2020-08-04
Chapter 401 Fetter2020-08-03
Chapter 400 Undead Soul Scourge2020-08-02
Chapter 399 Emergency2020-08-02
Chapter 398 Not Good2020-07-31
Chapter 397 The Firing of Cannon2020-07-31
Chapter 396 Influence2020-07-31
Chapter 395 Energy2020-07-31
Chapter 394 Threat?2020-07-27
Chapter 393 I’m Midsummer Rose2020-07-26
Chapter 392 Don’t Worry2020-07-26
Chapter 391 A Field Littered With Corpses2020-07-24
Chapter 390 Kill Them All2020-07-23
Chapter 389 The Blessed Faerie Suit2020-07-22
Chapter 388 Plan2020-07-21
Chapter 387 Bishop Jolief2020-07-21
Chapter 386 Nun Ruth2020-07-20
Chapter 385 The Secret2020-07-20
Chapter 384 Taboo2020-07-19
Chapter 383 Betting2020-07-19
Chapter 382 Silver Carp2020-07-18
Chapter 381 Breakthrough2020-07-18
Chapter 380 Take Off His First2020-07-18
Chapter 379 Conspiracy2020-07-18
Chapter 378 Meet Again2020-07-18
Chapter 377 Women Are Troublesome2020-07-18
Chapter 376 Facing Ling2020-07-15
Chapter 375 Shuraba2020-07-15
Chapter 374 Fight2020-07-15
Chapter 373 The Sword Slave Qing’er2020-07-14
Chapter 372 Too Insatiable2020-07-13
Chapter 371 Return2020-07-13
Chapter 370 Jiang Caishen2020-07-12
Chapter 369 The System of Capability2020-07-12
Chapter 368 The Luck of My Life2020-07-11
Chapter 367 Pants Are Pulled Down2020-07-11
Chapter 366 Restart2020-07-10
Chapter 365 Hey No2020-07-10
Chapter 364 I Have Known All2020-07-09
Chapter 363 The City of Gloom Opened2020-07-09
Chapter 362 Zhang Xiaofeng2020-07-09
Chapter 361 Home Run2020-07-09
Chapter 360 Trouble2020-07-07
Chapter 359 Alone2020-07-07
Chapter 358 Go To Your Room2020-07-06
Chapter 357 Fate2020-07-06
Chapter 356 The Sea Breeze2020-07-06
Chapter 355 Fire and Smoke2020-07-06
Chapter 354 Ice Sword2020-07-06
Chapter 353 There Will Be Changes If It’s Late2020-07-06
Chapter 352 The First Battle of the Hell2020-07-06
Chapter 351 Come Out2020-07-03
Chapter 350 Declare War2020-07-03
Chapter 349 Return2020-07-03
Chapter 348 Blond Hair And Silver Hair2020-07-03
Chapter 347 Wake Up2020-07-03
Chapter 346 Full Charisma2020-06-30
Chapter 345 Highness2020-06-30
Chapter 344 Myth Opened2020-06-29
Chapter 343 The Two Worlds2020-06-29
Chapter 342 The Hell2020-06-28
Chapter 341 She, she, she2020-06-28
Chapter 340 The Ultimate Secret of the Base2020-06-28
Chapter 339 A Strange Black Bird2020-06-28
Chapter 338 Hell Three-headed Dog2020-06-28
Chapter 337 The News of The Game World2020-06-27
Chapter 336 Fairy Flowers2020-06-25
Chapter 335 Auction in Imperial City2020-06-25
Chapter 332 The Uninvited Visitors2020-06-22
Chapter 331 Erebus2020-06-20
Chapter 330 The Black King Kong2020-06-18
Chapter 329 The Coming of The Hell2020-06-16
Chapter 328 Xiao Feng Left2020-06-14
Chapter 327 The First Update2020-06-12
Chapter 326 Deterrence Force2020-06-12
Chapter 325 Lance Longinus2020-06-08
Chapter 324 Be Forced2020-06-06
Chapter 323 The Prize2020-06-04
Chapter 322 Breakthrough2020-06-02
Chapter 321 Testimonials for One Million Words2020-06-02
Chapter 320 By Hook or By Crook2020-05-29
Chapter 319 Fighting2020-05-27
Chapter 318 Share Common Interest2020-05-26
Chapter 317 Lich Kerr Sue2020-05-24
Chapter 316 The Situation2020-05-23
Chapter 315 The Chaos Arises2020-05-20
Chapter 314 Build the Light Temple2020-05-18
Chapter 313 The Meet in City of Gloom2020-05-18
Chapter 312 The Antiquity and the God of the Sword2020-05-13
Chapter 311 Anger of Lava2020-05-11
Chapter 310 DPS2020-05-11
Chapter 309 Magma Drake2020-05-08
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