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Doomsday Online: Supreme Blessing (Web Novel)


Doomsday Online has descended, reducing the entire Earth to a ruined playground. It is occupied by countless terrifying monsters.

Link awakens the one and only SSS-grade talent, Supreme Blessing, which can increase the quality of any equipment, skill, or item, at a rate of 10-10,000.

Skeleton Longsword (Iron-grade), blessing successful, upgraded to Epic-grade weapon—Divine Sword Red Sky!

Death Charge (Silver-grade), blessing successful, upgraded to the Legend-grade skill—Holy Charge!

Void Summoner (Epic-grade), blessing successful, upgraded to the Taboo-grade profession—Great Void Taboo Master!

In this lifetime, he shall rule over the world when awake, and be with beauties when asleep.

Link wants to be king in this doomsday!

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 118: Olive Branch! Mirror Image!2021-01-15
Chapter 117: The Path of Heaven Propers! the Human Race Shall Be Eternal!2021-01-15
Chapter 116: God of Evil’s Servants! Spiderhumans!2021-01-14
Chapter 115: Spiders! Bloodseeker Attacks!2021-01-14
Chapter 114: Request Reinforcements! No Retreat Army!2021-01-13
Chapter 113: Kill! The Outcome Is Set!2021-01-13
Chapter 112: Aberration! God of Evil’s Whispers!2021-01-12
Chapter 111: Mirror of Illusion! Mask of the Faceless!2021-01-12
Chapter 110: Stage Six! Dark Sage!2021-01-12
Chapter 109: Offering Sacrifice! Door of Abyss!2021-01-11
Chapter 108: Might of the Sword! Evil General!2021-01-10
Chapter 107: Silent Domain! Undead General!2021-01-10
Chapter 106: Stitches! [Abomination]!2021-01-09
Chapter 105: Undead Archers! Necromancer Corps!2021-01-09
Chapter 104: Evil Bone Beast! The Might of God Devourer Ant!2021-01-08
Chapter 103: Thunder Domain, Might of the Domain Displayed!2021-01-08
Chapter 102: The Scourge! Siege Begins!2021-01-07
Chapter 101: Huge Rewards! Entire Group Leveled Up!2021-01-07
Chapter 100: Death Judgment! Dungeon Cleared!2021-01-06
Chapter 99: Domains! Mad Rat Tide!2021-01-06
Chapter 98: Stage Five Monster! Sword Immortal Arrives!2021-01-05
Chapter 97: Voodoo Priest! Deep One!2021-01-05
Chapter 96: Double Kill! Hidden Enemies!2021-01-04
Chapter 95: Hell Mode! Team Battle!2021-01-04
Chapter 94: City to Arms! Killing Purgatory!2021-01-03
Chapter 93: Impending Siege! The Unfallen City!2021-01-03
Chapter 92: Token of Killing! [Ring of Teleportation]!2021-01-02
Chapter 91: Good Harvest! Stage Five First Blood!2021-01-02
Chapter 90: Swarm of Rotten Bats! Powerful Suppression!2021-01-01
Chapter 89: [Prophet of Death]! Stage Five Boss!2021-01-01
Chapter 88: Forest of Darkness! Abyss-Like Existence!2020-12-31
Chapter 87: Above Overlord Level! Moths Flying Into a Fire?2020-12-31
Chapter 86: Enter the Wilderness! The truth of the Apocalypse!2020-12-30
Chapter 85: Previous Era! Historical Ruins?2020-12-29
Chapter 84: Bead of Thunder Punishment! Territory Skill!2020-12-29
Chapter 83: Rage of the Thunder Dragon! More Tool Workers!2020-12-28
Chapter 82: The Manipulator Behind The Scenes! Unscathed From The Forbidden Curse!2020-12-28
Chapter 81: Might of the Forbidden Curse! A Sudden Change!2020-12-28
Chapter 80: Iron Mountain Lean! Thunder Lake Fall!2020-12-28
Chapter 79: Baji Quan vs. Spring and Autumn Sword Technique!2020-12-28
Chapter 78: Spring and Autumn Sword Technique! God of Killing Arrives!2020-12-28
Chapter 77: Those Who Covet the City Building Token Must Die!2020-12-28
Chapter 76: Undercurrent Surge! Ancient Martial Arts Heir!2020-12-28
Chapter 75: Breakthrough, Stage Three!2020-12-28
Chapter 74: The Pinnacle of the Sword, Destruction of Space!2020-12-28
Chapter 73: Spring and Autumn Sword Immortal, Eternal Swordplay!2020-12-23
Chapter 72: The Person Behind the Scene, Peerless Sword Immortal!2020-12-23
Chapter 71: Holy Sword, King’s Sword!2020-12-22
Chapter 70: Master Lu Ban!2020-12-22
Chapter 69: Legend-Grade Material!2020-12-22
Chapter 68: Deterrence, Submit!2020-12-21
Chapter 67: Death Judgment!2020-12-21
Chapter 66: One Against Three!2020-12-21
Chapter 65: Joint-Attack?2020-12-21
Chapter 64: Start Battle, Two-Headed Chimera!2020-12-21
Chapter 63: Three Three Big Factions, Threaten?2020-12-21
Chapter 62: Bloodseeker!2020-12-21
Chapter 61: Two Big Factions, Impending Danger!2020-12-21
Chapter 60: Master of the City of the Undead2020-12-09
Chapter 59: Double Profession, Death Judge!2020-12-09
Chapter 58: Blessing of the God of Death, Body of Death!2020-12-09
Chapter 57: Holy Sword of Light, Clear the Seventh Level2020-12-09
Chapter 56: Fight, Taboo VS Super-God!2020-12-09
Chapter 55: Deathbone Swordsman, Super-God Grade Existence!2020-12-09
Chapter 54: Trial, Tier Seven!2020-12-09
Chapter 53: Trial Divine Tablets!2020-12-09
Chapter 52: Opening, City of the Undead2020-12-09
Chapter 51: The Surge of the Undercurrent!2020-12-09
Chapter 50: Building a Base!2020-12-09
Chapter 49: Son of Light!2020-12-09
Chapter 48: Revenge!2020-12-09
Chapter 47: Seven Stars Broken Moon!2020-12-09
Chapter 46: The Terror of Star Moon2020-12-09
Chapter 45: Team Fight Breaks Out, Falling Into a Siege?2020-12-09
Chapter 44: Blood Fiend Arrives, Luo Xinghe Rises Up!2020-12-09
Chapter 43: Attack of the Black Dragon Gang!2020-12-09
Chapter 42: Star Moon!2020-12-09
Chapter 41: Chimera!2020-12-09
Chapter 40: [Necklace of the Holy Spirit]!2020-12-09
Chapter 39: Massive Harvest!2020-12-09
Chapter 38: Destroy the Necromancer!2020-12-09
Chapter 37: The Furious Necromancer!2020-12-09
Chapter 36: Stage Four, Necromancy!2020-12-09
Chapter 35: Level Jump, Skills Activated!2020-12-09
Chapter 34: Breakthrough, Four-winged Angel!2020-12-09
Chapter 33: EXP Babies, Clean Sweep!2020-12-09
Chapter 32: A Crisis Abruptly Emerges, On the Edge of Life and Death!2020-12-09
Chapter 31: Overbearing Tide of Undead, Concealed Conspiracies!2020-12-09
Chapter 30: Reward! Three Big Items!2020-12-09
Chapter 29: Nightmare Rose2020-12-09
Chapter 28: Survivors2020-12-09
Chapter 27: Huge Earning, No loss2020-12-09
Chapter 26: Dark Magus2020-12-09
Chapter 25: [God Devourer Ant]2020-12-09
Chapter 24: Second Summoning2020-12-09
Chapter 23: Robe of Soul2020-12-09
Chapter 22: Leaving The School2020-12-09
Chapter 21: Plan2020-12-09
Chapter 20: One Left, One Stayed2020-12-09
Chapter 19: An Unexpected Outcome2020-12-09
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