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Doomsday Online: Supreme Blessing (Web Novel) - Chapter 114: Request Reinforcements! No Retreat Army!

Chapter 114: Request Reinforcements! No Retreat Army!

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The fight beneath the city was still on-going, but the horizon already showed traces of lighting up.

The siege targeted at Unfallen City was drawing to an end.

The [Doomsday Online] players were killing the remaining Undead creatures, cleaning up the battlefield, and checking their gains.

“After killing the remaining Undead creatures, Unfallen City can then become a home city! We will also be able to have a safe homeland then!” said Yang Xuerou rather elatedly.

Luo Xingyao also nodded agitatedly. She couldn’t help but turn her gaze to Link, who was by the side. In her eyes were admiration and gladness.

She knew very well that this siege was actually extremely dangerous. If it weren’t for this man in front of her being present, they would have absolutely no way of getting through this.

Just the Stage Five Evil General was enough to lead the Undead army and make a clean sweep of everything, let alone the Stage Six monster that came through the Door of Abyss.

Luo Xingyao was very glad that she had chosen to follow Link. After thinking back about it at this moment, this was a very correct decision.

But it wasn’t just Unfallen City that had encountered a siege.

Today, the Undead army would sweep across all human cities and gathering points.

Luo Xingyao slightly gritted her teeth and said solemnly, “If the Undead army every city encounters is this frightening, I don’t know how many cities will be able to survive at the very end…”

“Very few, and this is only the start. Only by constantly improving can we face the crises that come in rapid succession.” Link looked up at the sky in the distance that was slightly white. Rays of morning sunlight scattered on that determined face, and his presence was outstanding.

Luo Xingyao’s gaze—which was directed at Link—faltered slightly. Then, she abruptly turned her head, shifting her gaze away. There were traces of red on her pretty face now.

She thought silently in her heart, If I continue following behind the Lord, I certainly will be able to see the dawn!

“Master, these two pieces of equipment have been cleansed.” The six-winged angel Yuna handed the equipment that the Dark Sage dropped back to Link.

The black substance on the items had been expelled by the holy light. The two items now revealed their complete appearances, shining with glittering glows. They seemed rather extraordinary.

This time, the Dark Sage had dropped two pieces of equipment at one go. It was considered a pretty big surprise.

Link cast [Supreme Blessing] on these two pieces of equipment without hesitation.

Soon, the blessing of the two pieces of equipment was completed. Their attributes were also displayed before Link.

The scroll was suspended in mid-air, radiating a misty brilliance all over. Even the surrounding air was slightly distorted with it.

It was a forbidden curse scroll—[Forged∙Mirror of Illusion] (Legend-grade).

Description: What makes people fearful is usually just fear itself——the wandering pursues illusions.

Effect: Using space as mirror surfaces, reflect the enemy units. Able to create reflections with combat ability similar to enemy units to participate in battle. (Greatest number of replicable enemy units: 200)

Number of times it can be used: 5/5

Note: When the level of replicated units exceeds that of the user, the reflections’ capabilities will drop or even result in replication failure.

The other item was a little mirror that radiated a strong purple glow.

[Mirror of Reflection]

Grade: Epic

Introduction: When you stare at the reflection, the reflection is also staring at you.

Additional skill 1: [Reflection] (Passive Skill): User summons a reflection to participate in battle (summoned reflection has 50% of the original owner’s attributes). Duration: one minute.

Cooldown: One hour.

Tsk tsk!

Both the forbidden curse scroll—[Forged∙Mirror of Illusion]—and the unique piece of equipment, [Mirror of Reflection], were extremely powerful items.

Possessing [Forged∙Mirror of Illusion] was equivalent to owning another group attack skill—it had the ability to turn the tables!

If he were to encounter a large number of enemies next time, he could totally make them fight their own reflections. He could also use the reflections as an army that suddenly appeared from nowhere.

The [Mirror of Reflection] was pretty good too. If Link and the reflection were to use [Death Judgment] at the same time, [Death Judgment]’s original 10% probability of causing instant death would be doubled, not to mention the utilization of some other skills!

If Link suddenly summoned a reflection of himself in the middle of battle, it would certainly catch the enemy off-guard.

Double the joy, double the surprise!

Link’s gains from this siege were considerable. He had also advanced from Stage Four, Level 3 to Stage Four, Level 6.

More importantly, the [Doomsday Online] players who guarded Unfallen City also received a massive boost through this battle’s tests. It wasn’t just an increase in level and equipment; it also improved the people’s unity and caused a surge in morale.

Moreover, many elites sprung up during the battle, performing outstandingly and fighting bravely.

Link planned on nurturing these talents after examining their dispositions.

With the [City of the Undead]’s dungeons, Link could let the elites under his command receive the highest improvement speed so as to cope with the subsequent Zerg swarm.

The Undead army’s siege was like a huge training experience. If one could get through it, they would receive a massive boost in EXP, equipment, and more.

If one was unable to do so, they could only turn into withered bones.

The apocalyptic world was dangerous, but it had its own laws—only the strong stand.

Just as Link’s thoughts were spinning, Fatty Lu Da suddenly brought a young man covered in blood over. The young man’s head and face were filthy with dust and grime.

“Link, this is a member of the No Retreat Army. They want to request reinforcements from us!”

“No Retreat Army.” Link nodded and looked at the youth.

“City Master Link, I am Liu Hao of the No Retreat Army. The No Retreat Army is currently at death’s door; we hope you can quickly send people to support us!” As the youth spoke, his eyes were full of the luster of hope.

Some time ago, the No Retreat Army’s people had contacted Unfallen City. They hoped to form an alliance and fend off the Undead creatures together.

When Liu Hao came forward, he originally didn’t carry too much hope. He merely had the thought of making a Hail Mary effort.

After all, all the human cities and gathering grounds presently suffered the Undead army’s attacks. He assumed that Unfallen City’s situation wouldn’t be too good either.

But when he saw how the battle at Unfallen City was actually drawing to an end already and how the [Doomsday Online] players were practically winning against the Undead creatures by a landslide, Liu Hao was extremely shocked. Hope instantly arose in his heart once again!

If we can get Unfallen City’s aid, perhaps everybody can be saved! Liu Hao thought silently.

Link’s relationship with the No Retreat Army in his previous life was pretty good too. He was willing to lend a helping hand to them as long as it was within his power.

Link did not reject the request, but he found it slightly odd.

According to reason, Link was the only person who established a city—Unfallen City—within Dragon City’s proximity. Although the No Retreat Army had their own base, it was only a gathering point; it wasn’t considered a city.

As a city recognized by the universe, Unfallen City would suffer the Undead creatures’ main offense.

The pressure that the other areas in Dragon City received ought to be relatively less.

“What the No Retreat Army has met probably aren’t just Undead creatures, right?” Link asked coolly.

Liu Hao nodded hard as if he had recalled something terrifying. His body trembled slightly, and tears faintly emerged in his eyes.

“City Master Link has guessed correctly. If it was just Undead, my No Retreat Army would still be able to hold on. But just as my No Retreat Army was battling the Undead army, chaos suddenly broke out at the rear. A group of terrifying monsters appeared, and they slaughtered [Doomsday Online] players—as well as elderly, women, and children!”

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