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Dragon Emperor, Martial God (Web Novel)


DEMG, 龙皇武神




Bu Zheng, 步征


Action Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Harem Martial Arts Xuanhuan

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Lingyun, a fierce and savage cultivation genius takes over a dead teenager’s body. Coincidentally, they are both named Lingyun. Set in a alternate version of the 21st century, teenager Lingyun has been killed by someone with a grudge.

1291 • 2019-03-27 23:51:27


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 746: No Arrow Shot in Vain2020-01-19
Chapter 745: Plaything2020-01-19
Chapter 744: The War Begins2020-01-18
Chapter 743: See You at the End, Setting the Bat Cave Ablaze2020-01-18
Chapter 742: I’m Here2020-01-17
Chapter 741: Tenacious! I’ll Cut You Into a Million Pieces!2020-01-17
Chapter 740: Cao Shanshan2020-01-16
Chapter 739: Tracking a Thousand Miles, Miyun Reservoir2020-01-16
Chapter 738: Preparations for the Rescue!2020-01-15
Chapter 737: Increasing Combat Power, Tang Meng’s Arrival in Beijing2020-01-15
Chapter 736: Fuse2020-01-14
Chapter 735: Divine Ability, Those People2020-01-14
Chapter 734: Seven Big Families, Looking Down on the Ancient Martial Arts2020-01-13
Chapter 733: The Capital’s Top Ten Beauties2020-01-13
Chapter 732: Passing Judgment on Everything, Ling Family’s Courtyard2020-01-12
Chapter 731: Three Matters, Absolute Strength!2020-01-12
Chapter 730: The Ling Family’s Fourth Young Master. Ling Zhen Reveals His Hand!2020-01-11
Chapter 729: Defensive Measures2020-01-11
Chapter 728: Shocking News, the Magical Shadow!2020-01-11
Chapter 727: Terrifying Absorption Ability2020-01-11
Chapter 726: The Ling Family’s Dungeon, Interrogating Chen Haizhen2020-01-09
Chapter 725: Ling Hao’s Tragedy2020-01-09
Chapter 724: Astounding Big Sister Ling Xiu2020-01-09
Chapter 723: Martial Arts Absorption Skill, Training for Murder2020-01-09
Chapter 722: Telekinesis, Yin-Yang Vortex2020-01-08
Chapter 721: Repaying the Blood Debt With Blood2020-01-08
Chapter 720: The Rise of the Ling Family Is Just Around the Corner!2020-01-08
Chapter 719: Rejuvenated2020-01-08
Chapter 718: Meridians Cleansing, Ling Lie’s Cultivation Rose Dramatically2020-01-07
Chapter 717: Extravagant Defiance of Heaven2020-01-07
Chapter 716: Future Head of the Ling Family2020-01-07
Chapter 715: Immense Affection2020-01-07
Chapter 714: Returning Home!2020-01-06
Chapter 713: Duel? The Whole Lot of Us Will Duel You!2020-01-06
Chapter 712: Destroying Your Genitals With One Kick2020-01-06
Chapter 711: Ling Yun Has Arrived!2020-01-06
Chapter 710: The Most Dangerous Moment2020-01-05
Chapter 709: The Passionate Ling Family, Unafraid of Death2020-01-05
Chapter 708: Bloody Battle! Death Battle!2020-01-05
Chapter 707: The Ling Family in Danger!2020-01-05
Chapter 706: Butchering Chuunin, Winning the First Battle2020-01-04
Chapter 705: Those Below Xiantian Realm Level Seven Are Ants?2020-01-04
Chapter 704: Shooting a Huge Bird2020-01-04
Chapter 703: Completely Destroyed!2020-01-04
Chapter 702: Killing Spree2020-01-03
Chapter 701: One Versus Many2020-01-03
Chapter 700: Salvation2020-01-03
Chapter 699: Twilight2020-01-03
Chapter 698: The Weapons Workshop and Man of Sacrifice of the Ling Family!2020-01-02
Chapter 697: Golden Bow and Silver Arrows2020-01-02
Chapter 696: Two Loyal and Outstanding Servants2020-01-02
Chapter 695: Mutation of the Blood Clan! Ling Yun’s Miracle!2020-01-02
Chapter 694: The Dark Storm! Too Cool to Be True!2020-01-02
Chapter 693: Won in a Single Battle! Enormous Rewards!2020-01-02
Chapter 692: Duel With Chen Jianwei (Part Two)2020-01-02
Chapter 691: Duel With Chen Jianwei (Part One)2020-01-02
Chapter 690: Scouting the Chen Family Late at Night, Encountering Chen Sen2020-01-02
Chapter 689: Armillary Sphere Maze Formation, Savior2020-01-02
Chapter 688: Abdication2020-02-07
Chapter 687: Obliteration2020-02-07
Chapter 686: Unforgivable!2020-01-02
Chapter 685: Evil Eye2020-01-02
Chapter 684: Breaking Into the Cao Family for the Rescue Mission!2020-01-02
Chapter 683: I’m Going to Destroy the Chen Family!2020-01-02
Chapter 682: Low Profile Into Beijing City2020-01-02
Chapter 681: The Might of the Human Sovereign! The Sabbat of the Blood Clan!2020-01-02
Chapter 680: The Chen Family Again!2020-01-02
Chapter 679: Ling Yun Is Satan to the Blood Clan!2020-01-02
Chapter 678: No Use in Transforming!2019-12-28
Chapter 677: Violent Beating of the Blood Clan2019-12-28
Chapter 676: First War With the Blood Clan2019-12-28
Chapter 675: Ling Yun Leaves Qingshui2019-12-28
Chapter 674: I Finally Meet Ling Yun! A Hot-Blooded Man’s Tears!2019-12-27
Chapter 673: Cao Tianlong on the Run!2019-12-27
Chapter 672: On the Verge of Goodbye, the Shichiyou Pill!2019-12-27
Chapter 671: Attaining the First Minor Realm! The Pinnacle of Physique Tempering Stage Nine!2019-12-27
Chapter 670: Oath2019-12-26
Chapter 669: Eighteen Years Ago, the Night of the Torrential Rain!2019-12-26
Chapter 668: It’s Really You2019-12-26
Chapter 667: Bodhi Bead2019-12-26
Chapter 666: Devoted Feixue, Lingjue Temple2019-12-25
Chapter 665: Heavenly Seal, Half-Immortal2019-12-25
Chapter 664: Goodbye2019-12-25
Chapter 663: So Lost Without You2019-12-25
Chapter 662: Mastermind2019-12-24
Chapter 661: The Four Great Blessings! Admitting Defeat!2019-12-24
Chapter 660: Flirtatious Young Woman2019-12-24
Chapter 659: You Are Down on Your Luck2019-12-24
Chapter 658: Ling Yun Versus Gambling Masters2019-12-23
Chapter 657: Deciding Outcome2019-12-23
Chapter 656: Reason2019-12-23
Chapter 655: Healing2019-12-23
Chapter 654: Anticipation2019-12-23
Chapter 653: The Two-Faced Ling Yun2019-12-23
Chapter 652: Green Dragon2019-12-23
Chapter 651: Gentle Chivalry2019-12-23
Chapter 650: The Corpse Powder, the Divine Yang2019-12-21
Chapter 649: Stealing Her Heart2019-12-21
Chapter 648: Treating the Illness2019-12-21
Chapter 647: Embarrassed by Ling Yun!2019-12-21
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