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Earth's Best Gamer (Web Novel)






Ten Flares, 十曜


Action Adventure Fantasy

Original Language:



Magic, eastern fantasy, cultivation, scientific technology…

Machines, biological creatures, energy, souls…

Different civilizations and species have entered a world that follows game-like rules.

As one of the first million people from Earth to enter this world, Ji Ye, who formerly streams his survivalist videos, obtains a Fusion Inheritance skill. Using it, he comes up with many combinations!

AI chip + Tank = Transformer!

T-X + Demonic Sovereign Ancient Sutra + Spirit Possession Fiend Art = Silver Immortal Demoness!

Divine Stone Genes + 10,000-year-old Peach + Nine Transformations Golden Pill + Pet Spirit Monkey = ?

Investiture of the Gods = The light of providence on humans + power of faith + spoils of war godhood + ? + ?

Infinite Glove = ? + ? +? + ? + ?

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 143: Planning on Earth2021-01-15
Chapter 142: The Twin Dragon Mount Fort Player’s Pride2021-01-15
Chapter 141: Synchronization: Healing Ability2021-01-14
Chapter 140: Hero: Ruan Xiaoer2021-01-14
Chapter 139: Spoils: Soul Prisoner’s Mask2021-01-13
Chapter 138: Kill Him to Keep His Mouth Shut?2021-01-13
Chapter 137: Technique: Rock Relocation2021-01-12
Chapter 136: A Spy2021-01-12
Chapter 135: Fusion: Distance Reduction2021-01-11
Chapter 134: One Month for the Newbies & Talent Skill2021-01-11
Chapter 133: Lu Zhishen’s New Ability2021-01-10
Chapter 132: Special Army: Black Armor and Silver Suit2021-01-10
Chapter 131: Additional Ability of the Healing Talent2021-01-09
Chapter 130: Fusion: Healing Talent2021-01-09
Chapter 129: Armor, Shark Oil, Tiger Saber2021-01-08
Chapter 128: Received, Perfect [Rare]!2021-01-08
Chapter 127: Metal Men’s Sacrificial Ritual!2021-01-07
Chapter 126: Yang Zhi’s Ability2021-01-07
Chapter 125: Blue Light Bomb Dagger!2021-01-06
Chapter 124: The Might of Soul Alpha Wolf2021-01-06
Chapter 123: Preferential Treatment for Beta Testers2021-01-05
Chapter 122: Powerful Metal Men2021-01-05
Chapter 121: Harvest and Log-off2021-01-04
Chapter 120: The Five Thunder Heavenly Spirit Technique2021-01-04
Chapter 119: Hero: Yang Zhi2021-01-03
Chapter 118: Hero: Gongsun Sheng2021-01-03
Chapter 117: Quasi Hero: Nie Xiaoqian2021-01-02
Chapter 116: Spoils of War and New Fusion2021-01-02
Chapter 115: Kill and Hulk2021-01-01
Chapter 114: Glow of Sword Aura2021-01-01
Chapter 113: Fight the Forest Monster King2020-12-31
Chapter 112: Advancement: Extraordinary Rank-52020-12-31
Chapter 111: New Rare Resources2020-12-30
Chapter 110: Mirage Dragon Pearl2020-12-30
Chapter 109: Might of the Legendary Bloodline2020-12-29
Chapter 108: Successful Ambush2020-12-29
Chapter 107: Fusion: Legendary Bloodline2020-12-29
Chapter 106: The Mirage Monsters2020-12-28
Chapter 105: The Twin Dragon Mount’s Expansion Strategy2020-12-28
Chapter 104: Hero: Ling Zhen2020-12-28
Chapter 103: The Fourth Hero?2020-12-28
Chapter 102: Leaving the Battlefield With Trophies2020-12-24
Chapter 101: Offerings and Spoils2020-12-23
Chapter 100: Slaying the Thousand-Year Tree Demon2020-12-23
Chapter 99: Flying Sword2020-12-22
Chapter 98: Battle Begins2020-12-22
Chapter 97: Fusion: Nine Yang Divine Art?2020-12-21
Chapter 96: Teammates2020-12-21
Chapter 95: Ah, Blondie!2020-12-20
Chapter 94: Nie Xiaoqian2020-12-19
Chapter 93: Yan Chixia2020-12-19
Chapter 92: Lanruo Temple2020-12-18
Chapter 91: Wolves, Temple!2020-12-18
Chapter 90: Seed of Providence2020-12-18
Chapter 89: Battlefield of Providence2020-12-17
Chapter 88: Nine Yang Art2020-12-16
Chapter 87: Emei Sect, Sister Zhou?2020-12-16
Chapter 86: Dazed Fatty2020-12-16
Chapter 85: Fatty’s Extraordinary Resource2020-12-16
Chapter 84: Poor Fatty Zhu2020-12-14
Chapter 83: Three Thousand Restaurant2020-12-14
Chapter 82: City of Humans2020-12-13
Chapter 81: Jade Ring Steps, Lovers’ Feet2020-12-13
Chapter 80: Hero: Wu Song2020-12-13
Chapter 79: Rumbling Thunder2020-12-13
Chapter 78: Use of the Stones of Civilization2020-12-11
Chapter 77: Thunder Talisman2020-12-11
Chapter 76: City of Humans, Golden Card2020-12-11
Chapter 75: Fighting the Black Serpent Again2020-12-11
Chapter 74: Settlement Advancement Test2020-12-11
Chapter 71: The Alien Beat Them to the Draw?2020-12-09
Chapter 70: Victory and Harvest2020-12-09
Chapter 69: Xu Xue’s Death2020-12-09
Chapter 68: Virgin’s Pee2020-12-09
Chapter 67: Battle Begins2020-12-09
Chapter 66: Ambush From Ten Sides?2020-12-09
Chapter 65: The Second Batch of Starter Equipment2020-12-09
Chapter 64: Ninth Uncle’s Plan2020-12-09
Chapter 63: Hero: Ninth Uncle2020-12-09
Chapter 62: Killing Soul Commander2020-12-09
Chapter 61: Fusion: Commander-Level2020-12-09
Chapter 60: Eagle Man’s Night Attack2020-12-04
Chapter 59: Ren Hamlet Destroyed!2020-12-04
Chapter 58: Extraordinary Rank-22020-12-04
Chapter 57: Mister Bug the Quitter2020-12-04
Chapter 56: New Death Penalty2020-12-04
Chapter 55: Another New Player?2020-12-04
Chapter 54: Totem Wolf Skin2020-12-04
Chapter 53: Specter Wolf2020-12-04
Chapter 52: Victory and Cost2020-12-04
Chapter 51: Challenging the Leader2020-12-04
Chapter 50: Steelback Blue Wolf2020-12-04
Chapter 49: Battle Formation2020-12-04
Chapter 48: The Charm of Treasures2020-12-04
Chapter 47: Hog Hunt2020-12-04
Chapter 46: Arranging the Players2020-12-04
Chapter 45: Two Renowned Elders2020-12-04
Chapter 44: Acquaintances2020-12-04
Chapter 43: Chosen Players2020-12-04
Chapter 42: Advancement: Quasi-Commander!2020-12-04
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