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Earth's Best Gamer (Web Novel) - Chapter 139: Spoils: Soul Prisoner’s Mask

Chapter 139: Spoils: Soul Prisoner’s Mask

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“That’s why you suspected that this Wu Xiong was impersonated by an Eagle Man, Master?”

Several minutes later, in the camp of the Twin Dragon Mount’s fort that was constructed near the cave not far away from the cliffs…

Holding the Frost Metal Meditation Staff, Lu Zhishen looked at Wu Xiong, who was definitely dead, and remarked.

“That’s what I suspected at first, but I don’t think it’s true.”

Ji Ye shook his head.

The reason was simple. Su Nongying couldn’t read this guy’s information unless he was near the providence core, which meant that this Wu Xiong wasn’t entirely fake!

In fact, that was the reason why Ji Ye had pressed his hand on Wu Xiong’s back instead of his head when performing the Nine Yang Divine Art.

It was because Wu Xiong would’ve been killed directly if he were to smack his head. The man couldn’t be saved even though he had a “Healing” talent.

But of course, now that Wu Xiong’s head had been shot through by the Commander Eagle Man, Ji Ye couldn’t bring him back to life either.


However, Ji Ye wanted to make an attempt. He pointed his finger at Wu Xiong’s arm, and a stream of white light spread on Wu Xiong’s body from his fingertip!

“Well, his body has the structures of a human being, so he’s really Wu Xiong…”

Reading the information he acquired with the Healing talent, Ji Ye thought to himself.

That’s right. He didn’t really use the Healing talent to “heal” Wu Xiong, but to perform a detailed body examination on the corpse on the ground.

There could only be two reasons why Wu Xiong behaved erratically.

Firstly, this “Wu Xiong” was impersonated by an Eagle Man.

Secondly, he was hypnotized or mind-controlled in a certain way.

Ji Ye would be able to find leads through a full-body exam.

The white glow caused by the Healing talent scanned Wu Xiong’s arms, chest, and even heart, but nothing unusual happened.

However, when the white glow moved upwards to Wu Xiong’s throat, which he claimed to have gotten hurt in an accident, and was about to reach his head…


Wu Xiong’s face changed drastically.

A black face that looked like a mask and was full of the dark aura of souls suddenly emerged from Wu Xiong’s face.

After breaking out of Wu Xiong’s body, the dark aura of souls slightly dispersed under the sunlight, but the face it formed was changing nonstop. It was now the face of a beast, now that of a bug, now that of a bird, and now even Wu Xiong’s human face!

“That’s why. Did you occupy Wu Xiong’s body as a soul?”

Ji Ye understood.

The Healing talent could cure all kinds of wounds, including both the physical ones and the mental ones, and even those on the soul!

Therefore, knowing that it couldn’t avoid being detected by the white glow, the “face” that was brimming with the dark aura of souls had to appear!


In the dark aura, the continuously changing face was finally stabilized into one that belonged to an Eagle Man!

After it was stabilized, it instantly turned into a streak of dark light and rushed to the cliffs!

“You want to flee? Can you really?”

When the black face soared, a roar that could almost shake the mountain burst out!


The Frost Metal Meditation Staff, which was freezing the air, slithered like a black serpent and smashed the face.

The Frost Metal Meditation Staff weighed almost one hundred kilograms. Even though it wasn’t as heavy when it was thrown to the sky, it could still easily destroy a piece of rock.

But the black face wasn’t destroyed. It was made of the power of souls, so the Frost Metal Meditation Staff simply penetrated through.


But the attack wasn’t entirely ineffective. The frost from the Frost Metal Meditation Staff was from the Ice Soul Crystal of the Soul race. It had been fully activated the moment Lu Zhishen threw the staff out.

Although the black face wasn’t squashed, it was greatly slowed down after being contaminated by the white frost.


Then, the Extraordinary Rank-5 Soul Alpha Wolf, which was more than two meters tall with flames burning in its eyes, caught up to it. It stomped on the ground and leaped, swallowing the black face in midair.


However, the Soul Alpha Wolf’s body suddenly expanded after it landed again, and the dark aura of souls fluctuated intensely on it.


After that, the black face broke out of the Soul Alpha Wolf’s stomach. Although its power of souls was greatly weakened, this was the first time anything ever escaped from the Soul Alpha Wolf.

As if realizing that it couldn’t run away directly, the black face simply went into a soldier’s head.

“Five Thunder Art—Evil Banishing!”

However, a voice sounded at this moment.

A talisman made of red blood appeared in midair, emanating a golden light and crashing into the black face from one side, making it fall to the ground uncontrollably.

In the meantime, blood flowed out of Ji Ye’s wrist.

He had drawn the Evil Banishing Talisman with his blood.

After mastering the Flood Dragon Bloodline, and when his mental strength reached Extraordinary Rank-5, it was finally possible for him to “draw talismans in the air” as he hoped before.


However, the black face, which was in the look of an Eagle Man, quickly escaped from the talisman, which could suppress all soul creatures, after it fell to the ground.

Although it was even dimmer than before, it lunged at the soldier again.

This was the first time Ji Ye had seen a soul item that could break free after being devoured by the Soul Alpha Wolf and even resist the evil suppressing talismans!

However, he had seen it coming, that the item that was hiding in Wu Xiong’s body was unusual.

If it were something unworthy, it wouldn’t have escaped when he found it but would’ve fought and attempted to assassinate him.

However, Wu Xiong had tried his best to flee to the cliffs, which suggested that he feared that the human beings would find the item in him.

But Ji Ye didn’t really slit his wrist to draw an evil banishing talisman that he had barely practiced, but to…

“Blood sacrifice!”

A tremendous amount of blood splashed around the Soul Alpha Wolf as a mist of blood that was almost concrete.

Absorbing his blood, the Soul Alpha Wolf turned red and emitted the vibe of Extraordinary Rank-6.


Then, with a much higher speed, the wolf dashed forward and swallowed the black face that attempted to jump at the soldier.

Pop! Crackle!

This time, although the mist of blood was boiling around the Soul Alpha Wolf, the black face wasn’t able to break free again.

“Heh… Huff… Thank you, Master!”

The soldier’s forehead was covered in sweat. He knew that he probably would end up just like Wu Xiong if the black face had reached him.

Clearly, when the Commander Eagle Man killed Wu Xiong as if he didn’t want human beings to torture the spy and elicit information of the Eagle Men from him, he was actually trying to cover up the black face that was hiding in Wu Xiong.

Ji Ye estimated that this black face wouldn’t have been detected if Wu Xiong’s body had been examined in a regular way, and it would’ve only been buried. Then, this black face that was full of the power of souls would likely escape at night and possess another random soldier of the Twin Dragon Mount fort as its spy.

However, the Eagle Man didn’t see it coming that Ji Ye had an amazing method of test that was the Healing talent or that he had a Soul Alpha Wolf that specialized in swallowing souls!

Hum! Hum!

Black air was raging around the Soul Alpha Wolf. In the process, although the blood mist was dwindling, its soul was being enhanced without stop. About half an hour later, the wolf completely turned black again, and it reached Extraordinary Rank-6.

[You have killed an Eagle Man (Extraordinary Rank-3, Commander). EXP received: 488. Honor received: 74. Rare Honor: 1.]

At the same time, a piece of information popped up in Ji Ye’s head.

The enemy was an Eagle Man who was Extraordinary Rank-3 and even rated as a Commander?

However, it didn’t seem too surprising, because a common Eagle Man couldn’t have persisted so long in the Soul Alpha Wolf’s stomach!

In particular, this Commander Eagle Man carried a piece of equipment.

The face that the Soul Alpha Wolf spat out had lost all the dark power of souls and turned into a mask that was almost fully transparent.

[Soul Prisoner’s Mask]

[Level: Special]

[Rarity: Excellent (Rare)]

[Description: This is one of the spoils the Eagle Men got after killing some aliens. The mask contains a strange power, but unfortunately, the Eagle Men doesn’t know the right way to use it!]

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