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Elite Mages' Academy (Web Novel)






The Final Fool


Fantasy Shounen

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What would you do if you were transported to an academy where becoming immortal was possible? Where magic spells and swordsmanship were your courses and fighting zombies and wars were your exams? Dawn Academy was no ordinary learning institution and Xiao Lin was about to find out how mysterious and exciting this magical academy really was.

Join this self-professed gaming nerd as he embarks on a journey that takes learning to a whole other level. With flying dragons, high-tech systems, and alien livestock that makes your bowels explode, Xiao Lin’s freshmen adventure is just the tip of the iceberg.

12952 • 2020-12-22 02:54:45


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 106: The Inn2021-01-16
Chapter 105: High Priest2021-01-16
Chapter 104: Tower of Revival2021-01-15
Chapter 103: Settling Disputes2021-01-14
Chapter 102: Commander Harry2021-01-14
Chapter 101: Dragon-eagle Knights2021-01-13
Chapter 100: Illusory Dragon2021-01-13
Chapter 99: Seismic Gravity Wave2021-01-12
Chapter 98: New Washington2021-01-12
Chapter 97: Gu Chengyun2021-01-11
Chapter 96: Homecoming2021-01-11
Chapter 95: The Impact on Earth2021-01-10
Chapter 94: Back to Earth2021-01-09
Chapter 93: Wormhole2021-01-09
Chapter 92: Before Departure2021-01-08
Chapter 91: Gu Xiaoyue’s Request2021-01-08
Chapter 90: The Monitors’ Discussions2021-01-07
Chapter 89: The Return Journey2021-01-07
Chapter 88: Monthly Exam Results2021-01-06
Chapter 87: New Dollars2021-01-06
Chapter 86: Discussing the Remuneration Terms2021-01-05
Chapter 85: Hank’s Test2021-01-05
Chapter 84: An Opportunity to Visit the New World2021-01-04
Chapter 83: Negotiations2021-01-04
Chapter 82: Judge Academy2021-01-03
Chapter 81: Cheng Ming’s Result2021-01-03
Chapter 80: The End of The Monthly Exam2021-01-02
Chapter 79: Execution2021-01-02
Chapter 78: The Final Madness2021-01-01
Chapter 77: Hesitation2021-01-01
Chapter 76: Loyalty2020-12-31
Chapter 75: Infiltration Plan2020-12-31
Chapter 74: Interrogation (2)2020-12-30
Chapter 73: Interrogation2020-12-30
Chapter 72: Captive2020-12-30
Chapter 71: Flame Shield2020-12-29
Chapter 70: Counterattack2020-12-28
Chapter 69: Sneak Attack2020-12-28
Chapter 68: Supply Depot2020-12-28
Chapter 67: An Educated Guess2020-12-28
Chapter 66: Victory2020-12-28
Chapter 65: Desert Iguana2020-12-28
Chapter 64: Xiao Lin’s Plan (II)2020-12-28
Chapter 63: Xiao Lin’s Plan2020-12-28
Chapter 62: Split Ways2020-12-28
Chapter 61: The Monthly Exam Begins2020-12-28
Chapter 60: Origins of the Monthly Exam2020-12-22
Chapter 59: Law2020-12-22
Chapter 58: Lifewater2020-12-22
Chapter 57: Sunset Canyon2020-12-22
Chapter 56: Attribute Improvement2020-12-22
Chapter 55: Upcoming Monthly Exam2020-12-22
Chapter 54: The Wand Is Complete2020-12-22
Chapter 53: Elemental Affinity2020-12-22
Chapter 52: Basic Blocking2020-12-22
Chapter 51: Basic Sword Moves2020-12-22
Chapter 50: Wu Qin’s Post2020-12-22
Chapter 49: Ice Bullet Wand2020-12-22
Chapter 48: Custom-Made2020-12-22
Chapter 47: Weapons2020-12-22
Chapter 46: Trading Zone2020-12-22
Chapter 45: Advanced Meditation2020-12-22
Chapter 44: Sophomore Meditation Room2020-12-22
Chapter 43: Replication Target2020-12-22
Chapter 42: Basic Perception2020-12-22
Chapter 41: Dawn Academy Evening News2020-12-22
Chapter 40: Done Deal2020-12-22
Chapter 39: Food Therapy2020-12-22
Chapter 38: Effects Of The Iron Comb Chicken2020-12-22
Chapter 37: A High-Ranking Person Is Looking After Me2020-12-22
Chapter 36: The Clash2020-12-22
Chapter 35: Iron Comb Chicken2020-12-22
Chapter 34: Encountering the Dragon Again2020-12-22
Chapter 33: Logistics Department2020-12-22
Chapter 32: The Second Day’s Courses2020-12-22
Chapter 31: Missing Admissions Notice2020-12-22
Chapter 30: On the Subject of Attributes2020-12-22
Chapter 29: Inquiry2020-12-22
Chapter 28: Gu Xiaoyue’s Meditation Level2020-12-22
Chapter 27: Introduction to Meditation2020-12-22
Chapter 26: Basic Meditation Class2020-12-22
Chapter 25: Cheng Ming’s Talent2020-12-22
Chapter 24: Slashing LV22020-12-22
Chapter 23: Xiao Lin’s Challenge2020-12-22
Chapter 22: Strength2020-12-22
Chapter 21: Basic Swordsmanship Class2020-12-22
Chapter 20: Orcs2020-12-22
Chapter 19: Professor Dai2020-12-22
Chapter 18: General History of Planet Norma2020-12-22
Chapter 17: Special Treatment2020-12-22
Chapter 16: A Monitor’s Authority2020-12-22
Chapter 15: Credits2020-12-22
Chapter 14: Course Selection2020-12-22
Chapter 13: Acting Class Monitor2020-12-22
Chapter 12: Our Goal: Colonizing Foreign Worlds2020-12-22
Chapter 11: The Dean2020-12-22
Chapter 10: Opening Ceremony2020-12-22
Chapter 9: The Freshmen’s Records2020-12-22
Chapter 8: Shockwave2020-12-22
Chapter 7: Replicate2020-12-22
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