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Embers Ad Infinitum (Web Novel)




Fantasy Sci-fi

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In this latest work by Lord of the Mysteries author, Cuttlefish That Loves Diving, be prepared for a well-thought out and detailed apocalyptic, cyberpunk world with a setting superseding Lord of the Mysteries!

Our protagonist, Shang Jianyao, is crazy—literally crazy, at least that’s what the doctors said. Living in a huge, underground building of Pangu Biology, one of the few remaining factions in this apocalyptic wasteland known as the Ashlands, he acts in unfathomable ways that’s head-scratching, comical, and shrewd. So is he really crazy? Probably.

He has a grand dream: to save all of humanity.

Intricately tied to this dream is something everyone in the Ashlands believes in: Deep in a particular ruin buried away by danger and famine, a path leading to a new world awaits. To step into the new world, one only needs to find a special key and open that certain door.

There, the land is bountiful, as if milk and honey flows freely.

The sunlight is dazzling, as if all coldness and darkness are washed away.

The people will no longer have to face desolation, monsters, infections, mutations, and all kinds of dangers.

There, children are joyous, adults are happy, everything is fine as they are supposed to be.

Every Antiquarian, Ruin Hunter, and Historian roaming the Ashlands knows: That’s the New World.

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 59: A Mood “Regulator”2021-01-16
Chapter 58: Cause2021-01-16
Chapter 57: Exchange of Intelligence2021-01-15
Chapter 56: Meeting Up2021-01-14
Chapter 55: Suspicion2021-01-14
Chapter 54: Slap2021-01-13
Chapter 53: Hyena2021-01-13
Chapter 52: Lying In Wait2021-01-12
Chapter 51: Division2021-01-12
Chapter 50: Clues2021-01-12
Chapter 49: On-Scene2021-01-11
Chapter 48: Subhumans2021-01-11
Chapter 47: Leave it to Nature2021-01-11
Chapter 46: Not Simple2021-01-11
Chapter 45: The Third Evening2021-01-11
Chapter 44: Next Destination2021-01-11
Chapter 43: Invitation2021-01-11
Chapter 42: “Liar”2021-01-11
Chapter 41: Plan2021-01-11
Chapter 40: Pursuit2021-01-05
Chapter 39: Waving Goodbye2021-01-05
Chapter 38: Price2021-01-05
Chapter 37: A Great Dream2021-01-05
Chapter 36: Monk2021-01-05
Chapter 35: Strange Death2021-01-05
Chapter 34: Nothing Left2021-01-05
Chapter 33: First Stop2021-01-05
Chapter 32: Review2021-01-05
Chapter 31: Once Upon A Time2021-01-05
Chapter 30: Tiny “Transaction”2021-01-05
Chapter 29: Reminiscing the Past2021-01-05
Chapter 28: Entering Town2021-01-05
Chapter 27: Moat Town2021-01-05
Chapter 26: “Makeup Lesson”2021-01-05
Chapter 25: Sweeping Clean the Battlefield2021-01-05
Chapter 24: Letter2021-01-05
Chapter 23: Getting Worked Up2021-01-05
Chapter 22: Within 10 meters2021-01-05
Chapter 21: Battle Encounter2021-01-05
Chapter 20: “Racing”2021-01-05
Chapter 19: Gunshot2021-01-05
Chapter 18: Transaction Failure2021-01-05
Chapter 17: On the Way2021-01-05
Chapter 16: Interlude2021-01-05
Chapter 15: Overnight Stay2021-01-05
Chapter 14: Blackmarsh Wilderness2021-01-05
Chapter 13: A Sense of Ritual2021-01-05
Chapter 12: A Substantial Day2021-01-05
Chapter 11: Treatment2021-01-05
Chapter 10: “Chosen One”2021-01-05
Chapter 9: Job2021-01-05
Chapter 8: Holy Communion2021-01-05
Chapter 7: Sermon2021-01-05
Chapter 6: Night Encounter2021-01-05
Chapter 5: “Star Cluster”2021-01-05
Chapter 4: Rumors2021-01-05
Chapter 3: Market2021-01-05
Chapter 2: Follow-up Review2021-01-05
Chapter 1: Central Assignment2021-01-05
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