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Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife (Web Novel)





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Born as twins, but Mu Qiqi was left suffering every torment and became the greatest scapegoat in history only because she was not a better actress than her sister!

That was when she had a nasty thought on how she would escape her family: she would marry the archnemesis of her own parents. She just never imagined that it would come true!

However, she soon grew addicted to being the enemy’s wife: after the hardship of being the daughter of her parents, for her naughty husband was giving her strength and aided her revenge.

Life does not get any better!


“Doesn’t payback feel awesome?”

“It does!”

“Well, I can make you feel even better!”

290 • 2020-05-26 11:21:13


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 247: Aunt and Uncle are here…2020-07-09
Chapter 246: Listen to Your Hubby, Okay?2020-07-08
Chapter 245: I Actually Lost to that Bastard Child!2020-07-08
Chapter 244: Isn’t That the Crown Prince of Huang Yao?2020-07-07
Chapter 243: Sheng Xiao Wins Surprisingly2020-07-07
Chapter 242: I Want You Only2020-07-06
Chapter 241: Go Where Sheng Xiao Is2020-07-06
Chapter 240: It’s Ridiculous2020-07-05
Chapter 239: I Want to Marry Her2020-07-05
Chapter 238: What Do You Want to Ask?2020-07-04
Chapter 237: I Need to Spoil Her No Matter What Happens2020-07-04
Chapter 236: No One Can Save You2020-07-03
Chapter 235: Qiqi Needs Our Help2020-07-03
Chapter 234: You Are Not Allowed to Enter2020-07-02
Chapter 233: I Will Not Leave You2020-07-02
Chapter 232: A Dangerous Love Game2020-07-01
Chapter 231: I Will Go Crazy2020-07-01
Chapter 230: Apologize Face-to-face2020-06-30
Chapter 229: Don’t You Touch Grandpa2020-06-30
Chapter 228: You Are the One Who Should Get Lost…2020-06-29
Chapter 227: How Dare You Slap Me, Mu Qiqi!2020-06-29
Chapter 226: Don’t You Always Spank Me2020-06-28
Chapter 225: Or, Do You Want to Get Wet?2020-06-28
Chapter 224: I Couldn’t Let Mu Qiqi Take It Away From Me Again2020-06-27
Chapter 223: Xiao Qi, Just Admit That You Like Him2020-06-27
Chapter 222: That’s a Deal, Bastard2020-06-26
Chapter 221: Don’t You Like Sheng Xiao?2020-06-26
Chapter 220: Little One, It’s Time for Us to Enjoy Ourselves2020-06-26
Chapter 219: How Dare You Fall in Love With Your Uncle2020-06-26
Chapter 218: How Annoying2020-06-26
Chapter 217: Enemies Are Bound to Meet Each Other Someday2020-06-26
Chapter 216: Are Both the Mother and Daughter Mad?2020-06-26
Chapter 215: I’m Afraid…2020-06-25
Chapter 214: Isn’t Sheng Xiao Your Boyfriend?2020-06-25
Chapter 213: You Know How to Coax Him2020-06-24
Chapter 212: They Cannot Indulge Mu Qiqi2020-06-24
Chapter 211: You Better Know What You’re Doing2020-06-24
Chapter 210: You Are Not the One Who Is Humiliated2020-06-24
Chapter 209: Those Are the Nice Things Said in Your Favor2020-06-22
Chapter 208: Why? Are You Afraid to Meet My Mother?2020-06-22
Chapter 207: Are You Afraid That Madam Might Dislike Miss Qiqi?2020-06-21
Chapter 206: Mu Qiqi Was Sheng Xiao’s Masterpiece2020-06-21
Chapter 205: On the Way2020-06-20
Chapter 204: Don’t Blame Me If I Act Mercilessly2020-06-20
Chapter 203: I Will Bring You Home Later2020-06-19
Chapter 202: Remembering Names Is Troublesome2020-06-19
Chapter 201: Did You Get Into Trouble?2020-06-18
Chapter 200: Then I Shall Embarrass Them Back2020-06-18
Chapter 199: This Will Cause An Allergic Reaction2020-06-17
Chapter 198: He Is Just a Useless Man2020-06-17
Chapter 197: Stop Comparing2020-06-16
Chapter 196: She Is A Bastard Child That Would Seize Your Things!2020-06-16
Chapter 195: I Worked so Hard to Pursue You2020-06-15
Chapter 194: Grandpa, I Am Still Young…2020-06-15
Chapter 193: What a Pity? You Are Being Evil.2020-06-14
Chapter 192: Is Qiqi Falling in Love?2020-06-14
Chapter 191: Wicked2020-06-13
Chapter 190: You Wicked Thing!2020-06-13
Chapter 189: How Shameful!2020-06-12
Chapter 188: I’ll Lock You up and Give You a Shower Ten Times a Day2020-06-12
Chapter 187: No One Wants to See Your Performance2020-06-12
Chapter 186: How Dare You Claim That You Know Nothing of It2020-06-12
Chapter 185: For Her, Sheng Xiao Is Everything2020-06-12
Chapter 184: Don’t You Want Me to Show up2020-06-12
Chapter 183: The Shen Family Is Bullying Me2020-06-12
Chapter 182: I’m Not Being Disobedient2020-06-12
Chapter 181: How Dare You Make the Whole Family Wait for You!2020-06-12
Chapter 180: I’m Angry but I’ll Teach You a Lesson2020-06-12
Chapter 179: Do You Really Want to Be My Uncle?2020-06-12
Chapter 178: Why Do I Have to Forgive You?2020-06-12
Chapter 177: Now You Know That You Need to Plead With Me2020-06-11
Chapter 176: It’s Filled With Loopholes2020-06-11
Chapter 175: I Told You That We’re Easy to Be Differentiated2020-06-10
Chapter 174: Show Me the Evidence That You’re Mu Qiqi2020-06-10
Chapter 173: Don’t Dream About to Sleep Tonight If You’re Not Aware2020-06-09
Chapter 172: She Hid Herself Well2020-06-09
Chapter 171: How Great is Your Admiration?2020-06-08
Chapter 170: Real and Fake Mu Qiqi2020-06-08
Chapter 169: Are You Wishing for a Fate Worse Than Death?2020-06-07
Chapter 168: Is There Really No Room for Salvation?2020-06-07
Chapter 167: The Duan Family Will Come and Beg You2020-06-06
Chapter 166: Can’t I Even Take Control in My Territory?2020-06-06
Chapter 165: Isn’t It Too Early to Say That She Is in Charge?2020-06-05
Chapter 164: The Empress Has Come Here to Fight, Cool2020-06-05
Chapter 163: I Dare!2020-06-04
Chapter 162: Good That She Dares to Come2020-06-04
Chapter 161: After We Take Care of the Scum and the Slut, We Shall Start Anew!2020-06-03
Chapter 160: You Have Your Bath and I Will Have You2020-06-03
Chapter 159: You Are the Best Man on Earth!2020-06-02
Chapter 158: Taking Revenge for Your Daughter?2020-06-02
Chapter 157: Another Discovery?2020-06-01
Chapter 156: It Is so Embarrassing to Let Aunt Know2020-06-01
Chapter 155: You Always Beg for Mercy at Midnight2020-05-31
Chapter 154: Deprived of Love?2020-05-31
Chapter 153: Whoever Blocked His Woman’s Way Would Have to Pay the Price2020-05-30
Chapter 152: I Am Not a Fragile Clay Figurine2020-05-30
Chapter 151: How Are You Going to Compensate Me?2020-05-29
Chapter 150: But He Does Not Want to See You2020-05-29
Chapter 149: Why Don’t You Change Your Surname to Rong?2020-05-28
Chapter 148: Qi’er, You Should Know That You Have Me2020-05-28 Copyright 2016 - 2020