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Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 229: Don’t You Touch Grandpa

Chapter 229: Don’t You Touch Grandpa

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Grandpa Shen stood up and marched toward Cen Suyun. Before she opened her mouth, he slapped her hard on her face and bellowed. “Get lost! The further the better!”

Then, Grandpa Shen lost his balance and collapsed. All the Shens were shocked and rushed forward to hold him.



Shen Ruoyi wanted to help Grandpa Shen up, but Shen Lin dragged her away. “The Shen family turns upside down because of you. And because of you, Grandpa has collapsed. Are you happy now? Don’t you touch Grandpa.”


“Shen Lin, don’t bother about them. Let’s send your grandfather to the hospital now.”

Grandpa Shen really wanted to speak up for Qiqi. But he was too weak to do so. He barely managed to sit there. When he saw what happened, he was distressed. He knew that Qiqi was disappointed with him. But he just did not want Cen Suyun to spread the word that Qiqi had fought with the elders.

“Qiqi…” Grandpa Shen kept calling Qiqi’s name. Huang Yu was helpless and called Mu Qiqi immediately.

“Qiqi, I know you are angry with your grandfather. But he has collapsed, we are on the way to the hospital. You should come and see him.”

Because of this, Sheng Xiao took a detour and headed to the hospital.

Grandpa Shen was sent to the emergency department. After the doctor checked on him, he knew he was in distress a moment ago. “How could you let an elderly man get so emotional. Not even a normal person could bear this kind of shock. Do you want him dead?”

Fortunately, Grandpa Shen had been sent to the hospital before it was too late. His life was not in danger, but he was still unconscious.

After a while, Mu Qiqi arrived at the hospital. In the ward, when she saw Grandpa Shen lying on the bed, she felt sorry for him.

“Qiqi, Grandpa really loves you. The doctor said that he is not fully recovered from the fever he got lately so there was some inflammation in his lungs. He must have felt very sick just now.”

“After you left, Father slapped Cen Suyun hard on her face. He asked them to move out of the Shen family already. He loves you. Don’t be angry with him.”

Mu Qiqi walked to Grandpa Shen and shook her head. “I am not angry with him.”

“Father is old. There are many things he cannot do now. he always hopes for the best for all of you.”

Mu Qiqi held Grandpa Shen’s hand. She knew that what happened tonight had caused damage to both parties. Nobody got any advantage out of this.

And now, Grandpa Shen had fallen sick and was hospitalized. Mu Qiqi took a few deep breaths. She took a long time to calm herself down.

“You must be tired today. Go back and rest, Shen Lin will take care of Grandpa. He will tell Grandpa that you are not angry with him.” It was late at night, Huang Yu patted Mu Qiqi on her shoulder and said, “Don’t think too much. Have a good rest.”

Mu Qiqi stood up and walked out of the ward. Then, she went home with Sheng Xiao. She did not say anything on the way home.


“You don’t have to say anything. Just go to sleep.”

Sheng Xiao sped home. He was still angry with what happened to her just now. Because he had heard her voice over the phone. She must have felt wronged. He could not forget her voice just now.

His little one had not been wronged for a long time since they were together. But tonight, he heard it again.

His heart was as if it fell into a pot with boiling water. His heart ached. It was unbearable. That was why he ran all the red lights.

Mu Qiqi said nothing. It was not worth it for those two people. So, she hugged Sheng Xiao’s arm. After they went home, everything would be the same as usual again.

Because she believed that the mother and the daughter would be punished by God!

Cen Suyun was still in a daze until now. Because Grandpa Shen had told her and Shen Ruoyi to move out of Shen Mansion.

Although Grandpa Shen had collapsed, he was serious with what he had said.

“Mother, why are you not packing up yet?” Shen Ruoyi asked her mother, holding a luggage bag. “Haven’t you heard what Grandpa said?”

“Ruoyi, must we move out if your grandfather asks us to do so?” Cen Suyun held and shook Shen Ruoyi’s shoulders. “I am not leaving. I am a part of the Shen family.”

“But Grandpa is serious. When he comes back, we still have to leave.”

“No, I won’t go. I will wait for him and beg him. I will beg him not to let us wander outside.” Cen Suyun cried. “I have never thought that your grandfather would drive us away for that bastard child!”

“Mother, maybe we have gone overboard this time.” Shen Ruoyi regretted what she had done. “This seems to have nothing to do with Mu Qiqi. And now we have lost the battle.”

“Grandpa will not believe in us anymore.”

“Huh, I want to stay here no matter what. I still haven’t found out the secret of that slut. I will endure until that very moment.”

So, the two shameless mother and daughter did not obey Grandpa Shen’s order.

But, they had forgotten that Shen Lin was in the mansion.

After coming back from the hospital, Shen Lin forcefully threw the belongings of Shen Ruoyi and Cen Suyun out of the mansion.

“Shen Lin, have you been bewitched by that slut? How could you do this to me?”

“Grandpa said it already. He wants you to get lost.” Shen Lin did not just throw their baggage out of the mansion, he also dragged them out of the house. “Because of you two, the Shen family was not peaceful.”

“Why don’t you say that it is because of that slut?”

“If you dare to say one more word about Qiqi, I will sew your lips together! Get lost.” After saying that. Shen Lin locked the gate and ordered the security guard not to let them in.

Cen Suyun did not expect that she would be thrown out of the Shen family one day. She was enraged that her heart almost burst. But, she could not do anything to Shen Lin.

“Mother, we should stay in a nearby hotel and wait until Father comes back for now.”

Shen Ruoyi helped Cen Suyun up.

“Just wait. One day, I will come back. By then, I will hack Mu Qiqi into pieces!”

Moreover, she had found out about Mu Qiqi’s little secret. How could she give up now?

Lin Mu’an and Lu Qianqian felt uneasy for somehow causing the fight in the Shen family. They felt sorry for them although it had nothing to do with them.

However, the Lin family still came to apologize to Grandpa Shen the next morning.

“Old Shen, I am very sorry for causing this trouble.” Grandpa Lin apologized to his friend. “It was all because of my grandson not handling the matter properly that had caused the incident. Mu’an, come and apologize to Grandpa Shen.”

“It’s all my fault, Grandpa Shen.”

“Don’t blame yourself for this.” Grandpa Shen shook his hand. “By the way, how did you get to know the girl of the Lu family?”

“That’s right. You haven’t told me about this!” Grandpa Lin questioned Lin Mu’an.

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