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Genius Daddy in the City (Web Novel)





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An ordinary man, Ye Chen traveled to the cultivation world by accident and became a phenomenal immortal of that era. After 3,000 years in the cultivation world, he was betrayed and traveled back to earth through a spatial tear.
Five years had passed in the mortal world, but when he came back with his abilities, he found out he now has a daughter!

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 192: The Xue Family’s Threat2020-07-09
Chapter 191: What? He’s Master Ye?2020-07-09
Chapter 190: A Night Without the Moon is Perfect for Killing2020-07-08
Chapter 189: I’m Going to Kill Someone2020-07-08
Chapter 188: How Many Heads Does He Have for Me to Sever!2020-07-07
Chapter 187: Slap Yourself 30 Times, and Then Scram!2020-07-07
Chapter 186: Get Him to See Me2020-07-06
Chapter 185: Blame Fell from The Sky When He was Chilling At Home2020-07-05
Chapter 184: You’ll Definitely Die A Devastating Death Within A Month!2020-07-05
Chapter 183: Yan Ning’s Invitation2020-07-04
Chapter 182: Monkeys Gathering Around The Dragon Spitting Mist2020-07-04
Chapter 181: Lin Tai’s Arrangement2020-07-03
Chapter 180: Aged Ginger is More Pungent2020-07-03
Chapter 179: You’ll Definitely Die Within Seven Steps!2020-07-02
Chapter 178: Please Help Me. I Don’t Feel Well2020-07-02
Chapter 177: No. 1 on the Heaven Leaderboard2020-07-01
Chapter 176: Yuhan, I’m Bringing You Home with Our Daughter2020-06-30
Chapter 175: A Dragon Has Been Born into Our Family2020-06-30
Chapter 174: Because I, Ye Chen, Am Wealthy2020-06-29
Chapter 173: My Shoe Seems to Be A Little Dirty2020-06-29
Chapter 172: Let Them Kneel!2020-06-28
Chapter 171: Engagement Banquet2020-06-28
Chapter 170: You Want to End my Family?2020-06-27
Chapter 169: Asura Heaven-suppressing Kill2020-06-27
Chapter 168: No, I Must Go in to Catch Adultery in the Act2020-06-26
Chapter 167: Russian Roulette2020-06-26
Chapter 166: You Seem Reluctant2020-06-25
Chapter 165: Ancient Martial Artist Bai Xiaosheng2020-06-25
Chapter 164: The Stirred Martial Dao World2020-06-24
Chapter 163: Did You Have Fun? Do You Want to Do it Again?2020-06-24
Chapter 162: We Can Do Whatever We Want Because We Have Money2020-06-24
Chapter 161: Honoring the Country, Salute from the Three Forces2020-06-24
Chapter 160: Those Who Offend My Country Will Be Killed Even If You’re Far Away!2020-06-22
Chapter 159: Killing with A Punch!2020-06-22
Chapter 158: Why Are You Going to America? Hell Suits You Better!2020-06-21
Chapter 157: 1,000 Miles Chase, Won’t Stop Until I’ve Killed You!2020-06-21
Chapter 156: Chao Tianba’s Remorse2020-06-19
Chapter 155: Anyone Who Wants to Kill Me Must Die!2020-06-19
Chapter 154: Killing A Master with A Single Swing of Sword2020-06-18
Chapter 153: Come Accept Your Death, Three Old Dogs!2020-06-18
Chapter 152: You Humiliated My Disciple! Die!2020-06-17
Chapter 151: Do You Dare to Say it Again?2020-06-17
Chapter 150: Do You Think My Master Himself Needs to Show Up to Defeat You2020-06-16
Chapter 149: People Gather from Far and Wide as the Battle Happens2020-06-16
Chapter 148: Three Days Later On Top of The Snow Mountain2020-06-15
Chapter 147: The Martial Dao World is Stirred2020-06-15
Chapter 146: Psychic Hypnosis2020-06-14
Chapter 145: Ye Chen, Have You Heard of Mad Southern Ye?2020-06-14
Chapter 144: Methods Shouldn’t Be Passed Down Simply2020-06-13
Chapter 143: The Northern Devil’s Reputation is Nothing2020-06-13
Chapter 142: You Asked Me to Try2020-06-12
Chapter 141: How Dare You Behave Atrociously in My Territory?2020-06-12
Chapter 140: Scram Within Three Breaths of Time, Or I’ll Definitely Kill You2020-06-11
Chapter 139: I, Mad Southern Ye Am Here to End the Song Family2020-06-11
Chapter 138: Kindness is Always Returned Tenfold, The Same Applies to Revenge2020-06-10
Chapter 137: I’ll End the Song Family Tomorrow Afternoon2020-06-10
Chapter 136: The Arrogant Aunty2020-06-09
Chapter 135: Recruiting Mad Southern Ye2020-06-09
Chapter 134: People from the Su Family are Here2020-06-08
Chapter 133: Trouble at the Company2020-06-08
Chapter 132: Stargazing with His Daughter2020-06-06
Chapter 131: I Want A Child2020-06-06
Chapter 130: The Black and White Coming Together to Make Me the King2020-06-05
Chapter 129: He Killed A Dragon with A Sword While Walking on Air2020-06-05
Chapter 128: Black Miao Village’s High Priest2020-06-04
Chapter 127: Killing A Thousand People Like A Piece of Cake2020-06-04
Chapter 126: Are You Really Mad Southern Ye?2020-06-04
Chapter 125: I’ll Kill Him As If I’m Killing A Chicken Within Ten Steps2020-06-03
Chapter 124: Treating Sexual Dysfunction and Backache2020-06-01
Chapter 123: I Killed Him With A Slap2020-05-31
Chapter 122: What If I Refused To2020-05-31
Chapter 121: Battle Between Black and White2020-05-30
Chapter 120: Xiao Ya is Acting Weird2020-05-30
Chapter 119: I’ve Already Said That They Can’t Handle Me2020-05-29
Chapter 118: I Don’t Worship Nor Pray to Any Gods2020-05-29
Chapter 117: Encountering A Celebrity2020-05-28
Chapter 116: Ridiculous Little Girl2020-05-28
Chapter 115: Don’t Mind Us2020-05-27
Chapter 114: Ye Wen’s Apology2020-05-27
Chapter 113: All Hail the Lord2020-05-26
Chapter 112: The Martial Alliance’s Revenge2020-05-26
Chapter 111: The Name Mad Southern Will Spread2020-05-26
Chapter 110: The Ability to Boil the Sea Into Wine, The Sword that Shines Through Nine Provinces2020-05-26
Chapter 109: Majestic Killer Fist2020-05-26
Chapter 108: Crushing Waves with A Finger2020-05-26
Chapter 107: Are You Master Ye?2020-05-26
Chapter 106: I’ve Been Waiting for You for A Long Time2020-05-26
Chapter 105: Waves on the Surge River2020-05-26
Chapter 104: The Martial Alliance’s Approach2020-05-26
Chapter 103: If He Wants to Fight, Let’s Fight!2020-05-26
Chapter 102: He’s Here2020-05-26
Chapter 101: I’ve A Sword that Can Kill Millions of Demons2020-05-26
Chapter 100: Daddy, Please Save Them!2020-05-26
Chapter 99: Master Yao’s Technique2020-05-26
Chapter 98: There’s Someone in the Tomb2020-05-26
Chapter 97: Arriving at the General Cemetery2020-05-26
Chapter 96: Feng Shui Can Heal, Feng Shui Can Kill Too2020-05-26
Chapter 95: You Sure Are Daring2020-05-26
Chapter 94: There’s An Old Man in Traditional Attire Walking on The River2020-05-26
Chapter 93: The Sky Stones’ Whereabouts2020-05-26 Copyright 2016 - 2020