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God of Fishing (Web Novel)


In a world where humanity lives in suspended space, children undergo a fishing test when they come of age. Those with immaculate talents have the possibility of becoming great fishing masters.

In the endless sea, every life is imbued with a sacred mission. There are fish that can fly, turtles that have absorbed the worldly essence, and whales that can devour the heaven and earth… There are also countless fishers.

Fishing is an art.

There is an ancient saying: If you can’t fish, you might as well be bait.

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 403 Treasure Trove of Prison2020-10-22
Chapter 402 Demon Han’s Action2020-10-22
Chapter 401 Indirect Killing2020-10-21
Chapter 400 Perils in the Inner City2020-10-21
Chapter 399 Conspirators2020-10-21
Chapter 398 Two Schemers2020-10-21
Chapter 397 The 17th Place On The Wanted List2020-10-20
Chapter 396 Traitor on the Team2020-10-20
Chapter 395 You’ll Throw It When I Tell You To2020-10-18
Chapter 394 Entering the Undersea City2020-10-18
Chapter 393 Ask For A Battle in a Provocative Way2020-10-17
Chapter 392 Undersea City2020-10-17
Chapter 391 Lurk2020-10-17
Chapter 390 Robbery2020-10-17
Chapter 389 Unlucky Jiang Tong2020-10-15
Chapter 388 Third on the Wanted List2020-10-15
Chapter 387 A Fish Skin2020-10-15
Chapter 386 I’m Poor!2020-10-15
Chapter 385 Shopping Mania2020-10-15
Chapter 384 Disguise2020-10-14
Chapter 383 Exchange2020-10-14
Chapter 382 Spectral Horn2020-10-12
Chapter 381 Demon Han2020-10-12
Chapter 380 One Against A Hundred2020-10-12
Chapter 379 Full Outbreak2020-10-10
Chapter 378 That Man Is Broken2020-10-10
Chapter 377 Apocalyptic Lightning2020-10-09
Chapter 376 Evil Shield2020-10-09
Chapter 375 The Boat From the Bottom of the Sea2020-10-08
Chapter 374 Wanted List2020-10-08
Chapter 373 You’ve Been Tricked Again2020-10-07
Chapter 372 Exploit the Seaweed2020-10-07
Chapter 371 Catch the Seaweed Ball2020-10-06
Chapter 370 Wind God Boat, Yin-Yang Wheel2020-10-06
Chapter 369 A Shocking Secret about the Fish Avatar Technique2020-10-05
Chapter 368 Who On Earth Cheated Who?2020-10-05
Chapter 367 The Taste of a Counterattack2020-10-05
Chapter 366 Share the Booty2020-10-05
Chapter 365 Make A Deal Again2020-10-05
Chapter 364 Sea Demon2020-10-05
Chapter 363 Cut Down the Tree Together2020-10-04
Chapter 362 Don’t Eat the Fruit2020-10-04
Chapter 361 Transformed into a Fish Again2020-10-04
Chapter 360 Red Ball2020-10-04
Chapter 359 Come Again If You Think You’re Good2020-10-04
Chapter 358 Training2020-10-04
Chapter 357 Fiery Tree2020-10-04
Chapter 356 The Forest of Big Red Trunk2020-10-04
Chapter 355 Secrets That Are More Important Than Life2020-10-04
Chapter 354 Killing the Enemy With Fake Arrays2020-09-30
Chapter 353 Caught Up2020-09-30
Chapter 352 Master Hexagon… Again2020-09-29
Chapter 351 A Sealing Formation2020-09-29
Chapter 350 Across A Sea of Worms2020-09-28
Chapter 349 Color Crystal Mussel and Lotus Fish2020-09-28
Chapter 348 Foxy Seaweed Monster2020-09-28
Chapter 347 Worm Eats Grass, Grass Eats Worm2020-09-27
Chapter 346 Dry Leaf Worms2020-09-27
Chapter 345 A Great Graveyard2020-09-26
Chapter 344 Wall of Seaweed2020-09-26
Chapter 343 SpongeBob?2020-09-25
Chapter 342 Bad Boy2020-09-25
Chapter 341 Another Unexpected Encounter2020-09-24
Chapter 340 Subdue the Monster2020-09-24
Chapter 339 Troubles of a Breakthrough2020-09-23
Chapter 338 Complete Annihilation2020-09-23
Chapter 337 Cunning Villain2020-09-22
Chapter 336 Snake-Tentacled Shark-Faced Octopus2020-09-22
Chapter 335 Who’s the Prey?2020-09-21
Chapter 334 Hunting2020-09-21
Chapter 333 Unexpected Encounter In Water2020-09-20
Chapter 332 The Seaborne Prairie2020-09-20
Chapter 331 Journal of Death2020-09-19
Chapter 330 Millennium Snapper2020-09-19
Chapter 329 Another World in the Stone2020-09-19
Chapter 328 A Cry From the Seabed2020-09-19
Chapter 327 One vs. Four2020-09-17
Chapter 326 Powerless2020-09-17
Chapter 325 Identity Revealed2020-09-16
Chapter 324 Forge the Universe2020-09-16
Chapter 323 Killed Three Men With One Cut2020-09-15
Chapter 322 Dragon Boat Black Market2020-09-15
Chapter 321 Fishing Boat Materials2020-09-14
Chapter 320 Ghost Speed Divine Boat2020-09-14
Chapter 319 A Striking Formation2020-09-13
Chapter 318 Met Her Again2020-09-13
Chapter 317 Men Like Shopping Too2020-09-12
Chapter 316 Good Luck2020-09-12
Chapter 315 The Guide, Lin Miaomiao2020-09-11
Chapter 314 Boarding the Dragon Boat2020-09-11
Chapter 313 Mirror of Icy Salt2020-09-11
Chapter 312 Kill Himself2020-09-11
Chapter 311 Shadow2020-09-10
Chapter 310 White Mist Salt Marsh2020-09-08
Chapter 309 Oh! What A Coincidence!2020-09-08
Chapter 308 Take Me With You!2020-09-07
Chapter 307 Enchantment2020-09-07
Chapter 306 Water Dividing Seal2020-09-07
Chapter 305 Intelligence2020-09-07
Chapter 304 Unexpected Encounter2020-09-07
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