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Grabbing Your Hand, Dragging you Away (Web Novel)


I am a princess, moreover, I am a fool of a princess.

Born in the imperial palace, my appearance is as average as that of the white radish and cabbages in the fields. Throughout the four seasons of the year, my face is always displaying a dull expression, eyes forever shrouded in haze.

But in reality, I know of the secrets within this palace.

Including hers, his, and theirs.

Just leisurely living my days comfortably in the palace like this, I firmly believe I can continue to play dumb to the end.

Taking your hand, dragging you away. Not leaving you say? Very well, close the doors and release the hounds. (Expressionless face)

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The chapterAddition Time
Special Chapter Two: Yan You2019-08-13
Special Chapter One (Recap) An Qing2019-08-13
Chapter Eighty-Two (Final Chapter)2019-08-13
Chapter Eighty-One2019-08-13
Chapter Eighty2019-08-13
Chapter Seventy-Nine2019-08-13
Chapter Seventy-Eight: Side Chapter: Meng Han Yu2019-08-13
Chapter Seventy-Seven2019-08-13
Chapter Seventy-Six2019-08-13
Chapter Seventy-Five2019-08-13
Chapter Seventy-Four2019-08-13
Chapter Seventy-Three2019-08-13
Chapter Seventy-Two2019-08-13
Chapter Seventy-One2019-08-13
Chapter Seventy2019-08-13
Chapter Sixty-Nine2019-08-13
Chapter Sixty-Eight2019-08-13
Chapter Sixty-Seven2019-08-13
Chapter Sixty-Six2019-08-13
Chapter Sixty-five2019-08-13
Chapter Sixty-Four2019-08-13
Chapter Sixty-Three2019-08-13
Chapter Sixty-Two2019-08-13
Chapter Sixty-One2019-08-13
Chapter Sixty2019-08-13
Chapter Fifty-Nine2019-08-13
Chapter Fifty-Eight2019-08-13
Chapter Fifty-Seven2019-08-13
Chapter Fifty-Six2019-08-13
Chapter Fifty-Five2019-08-13
Chapter Fifty-Four2019-08-13
Chapter Fifty-Three2019-08-13
Chapter Fifty-Two2019-08-13
Chapter Fifty-One2019-08-13
Chapter Fifty2019-08-13
Chapter Forty-Nine2019-08-13
Chapter Forty-Eight2019-08-13
Chapter Forty-Seven2019-08-13
Chapter Forty-Six: Side Chapter: Past Life2019-08-13
Chapter Forty-Five2019-08-13
Chapter Forty-Four2019-08-13
Chapter Forty-Three2019-08-13
Chapter Forty-Two2019-08-13
Chapter Forty-One2019-08-13
Chapter Forty2019-08-13
Chapter Thirty-Nine2019-08-13
Chapter Thirty-Eight2019-08-13
Chapter Thirty-Seven2019-08-13
Chapter Thirty-Six2019-08-13
Chapter Thirty-Five2019-08-13
Chapter Thirty-Four2019-08-13
Chapter Thirty-Three2019-08-13
Chapter Thirty-Two2019-08-13
Chapter Thirty-One2019-08-13
Chapter Thirty2019-08-13
Chapter Twenty-Nine2019-08-13
Chapter Twenty-Eight2019-08-13
Chapter Twenty-Seven2019-08-13
Chapter Twenty-Six2019-08-13
Chapter Twenty-Five2019-08-13
Chapter Twenty-Four2019-08-13
Chapter Twenty-Three2019-08-13
Chapter Twenty-Two2019-08-13
Chapter Twenty-One2019-08-13
Chapter Twenty2019-08-13
Chapter Nineteen2019-08-13
Chapter Eighteen2019-08-13
Chapter Seventeen2019-08-13
Chapter Sixteen2019-08-13
Chapter Fifteen2019-08-13
Chapter Fourteen2019-08-13
Chapter Thirteen2019-08-13
Chapter Twelve2019-08-13
Chapter Eleven2019-08-13
Chapter Ten2019-08-13
Chapter Nine2019-08-13
Chapter Eight2019-08-13
Chapter Seven2019-08-13
Chapter Six2019-08-13
Chapter Five2019-08-13
Chapter Four2019-08-13
Chapter Three2019-08-13
Chapter Two2019-08-13
Chapter One2019-08-13
Prologue - A Normal Day2019-08-13
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