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Hello, Heir (Web Novel) - Chapter 722: Inching Closer and Closer to the Truth! (4)

Chapter 722: Inching Closer and Closer to the Truth! (4)

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Clenching her fists tightly, Li Yufeng stared at Zhuang Nainai and bit her lip.

Meanwhile, Ding Mengya stared straight into her eyes, showing no signs of relenting. As she used to be the CEO of the Imperial Group, the dominance in her gaze right now could make one concede defeat.

Li Yufeng pursed her lips as she dared not look Ding Mengya in her eyes. She looked at Zhuang Nainai again and changed the topic of discussion. She said, “Zhuang Nainai, Mi Nuo knows that she has done something wrong. Just forgive her this time around.”

After hearing this, Zhuang Nainai was very surprised. Raising her head, she looked at Li Yufeng. “Forgive Mi Nuo? Why should I?”

Li Yufeng answered, “She is not doing very well right now. Others may not know this, but you should be aware that she has something she can use against me. If the online commotion continues, the Gu family might not be the only one losing face! You might be affected too! There is a saying that goes, ‘Give yourself some room for whatever you do in case we meet again.’ You have already pushed Mi Nuo to her limits. Can’t you just let her off this time?”

Her words made Zhuang Nainai smile. “I have never put her in a spot before. She asked for it.”

“But she is already so miserable. Will you only become satisfied when she is at the end of her rope?”

Zhuang Nainai became more speechless. “But I’m not doing anything to her now. How am I supposed to let her off?”

Li Yufeng said, “You can post something or tell the reporters that you have forgiven her, so that the reporters won’t chase her around anymore.”

Upon hearing Li Yufeng’s words, Zhuang Nainai really wanted to curse at her.

Firstly, she ain’t no Virgin Mary. She wasn’t capable of sympathizing with someone who had harmed her.

Secondly, if she really did that, she would probably be flooded by criticisms!

Then, the netizens would make her their target instead of Mi Nuo.

This Li Yufeng…

She was utterly speechless.

Ding Mengya, who was standing beside her, also could not help but say, “Madam Li, I really wonder if Nainai is your daughter. If wasn’t aware of the context, I would have thought Mi Nuo is your daughter!’

As soon as she heard this, Zhuang Nainai’s eyes narrowed as she stared at Li Yufeng intently.

However, Li Yufeng’s gaze looked complicated. No one could tell anything from it. She just pursed her lips again and straightened her back arrogantly. She had wanted to say something, but taking into consideration Ding Mengya’s presence, she just scoffed after staring at Zhuang Nainai for a while. “I’m leaving now.”

After saying this, she turned around and left.

Not far away from the cafe, a man wearing a baseball cap stuck his head out stealthily. No one had noticed him.

Following a message reminder on his phone, he was counting the table numbers in the cafe using his fingers. At last, his gaze landed on the table near the window.

That girl seemed to look slightly different from five years ago.

Her general features still looked the same. Her eyes looked the same, but her belly was huge and she had gained weight. Hu Zi couldn’t help but narrow his eyes.

The girl he had met five years ago was still wearing her school uniform and carrying a backpack. She had looked extremely pure and beautiful. However, that rich lady behind the glass window exuded classiness with her every move. Her aura was also very different from five years ago.

Is that really her?

Just as Hu Zi was in a dilemma, he saw Li Yufeng walking toward Zhuang Nainai. After seeing Li Yufeng clearly, his eyes narrowed suddenly!

He widened his eyes and stepped back. Immediately, he hid behind that shabby truck and concealed himself entirely.

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