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I Am A Prodigy (Web Novel) - Chapter 632: You Dare Kill Me?

Chapter 632: You Dare Kill Me?

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Black Tiger spat out a mouthful of blood. His eyes were filled with astonishment as he looked at Ali. “How’s this possible?”

That punch had shattered the bones in his right hand. Moreover, the damage spread all the way to his internal organs. If not for his sheer willpower, he would have passed out. If a regular person suffered that kind of injury, they would have died instantly.


Everyone who watched the battle had their eyes opened wide—they were speechless and stunned.

In the Sichuan-Tibet border, Black Tiger was infamous. Even without banking on the Mo family’s name, he was still a well-known expert. None had seen him suffer defeat!

“B-B-Black Tiger is defeated?!”

“Even Black Tiger is defeated? That’s a lot of strength.”

“No wonder Miracle Doctor Y only brought one bodyguard along. Turns out he’s this strong.”

The crowd talked among themselves. They looked at Ali with terror.

Those from the great families were similarly shocked.

They had better knowledge of Black Tiger’s strength. Even within their families, experts at Black Tiger’s level could be counted on one hand, and they had to pay a great price for it. They did not expect Miracle Doctor Y to have one such expert by his side. That was too much of a surprise to them.

“We didn’t expect Miracle Doctor Y to have an endurance training expert by his side. It seems we need to reconsider our approach.” Their eyes glowed, and at the same time, smirked at the Mo family.

Ever since the Mo family became the strongest in the region, they had been acting with impunity. This time, not only did they hit a snag but at the same time scouted out the situation for the other families.

“So, what will you do now?”

Ye Lingchen was still standing at the same spot in a carefree manner, as though nothing happened. He calmly looked over the bewildered old man as he asked.

“So that’s your support!” The old man snapped out of his daze. His voice turned hoarse and had a furious look in his eyes.

Miracle Doctor Y, the one who everyone talked about; because of him, Black Tiger was crippled!

The Mo family just lost an expert!

“It seems you’re still defiant?” Ye Lingchen laughed.

“I submit. I shouldn’t have forced Mr. Y to attend the meeting.”

The old man raised his head reluctantly. Hidden deep in his gaze was an unending stream of hatred and resentment. He could read the situation well and knew how to compromise. Although he believed that Ye Lingchen would not dare do anything to him based on his connection with the Mo family, he still chose to back off. There was no point in retorting as that would only provoke his opponent further, bringing him no benefit at all!

Black Tiger almost died from one punch—he could hardly fight back.

‘Once I get back to Mo family, you’ll be facing its full wrath. You’ll regret it!’

The old man narrowed his eyes, keeping his emotions to himself.

‘Hehe, even if his bodyguard is exceptional, he’s still human. Black Tiger may be strong, but the Mo family have experts greater than Black Tiger, especially the master of Mo family. He can subdue an entire region. From that, one can tell how powerful he is! Moreover, we’re influential enough to get firearms. Miracle Doctor Y won’t be able to escape!’

Those thoughts flashed in the old man’s mind, finally turning into a sneer.

“Since you’re admitting defeat, then it’s about time to return the favor.”


The old man raised his head in disbelief, bellowing, “You dare act against me?”

“Hehe, why not?”

Ye Lingchen smirked. “You announced your intention to cripple my underling. It’s only fair that I return the favor!”

Ye Lingchen’s mindset had long gone beyond that of the ordinary folks. He would not show kindness like a regular young adult. When it was time to act, he would not back off!

Tap, tap, tap!

Ali was already walking toward the old man!

The oppressive feeling immediately caused the old man’s face to turn pale. His expression turned into one of abject terror. “If you dare hurt me, the Mo family will never let you go!”

Ye Lingchen acted as though he heard nothing and continued walking toward the exit.

“By the rules of martial artists, you need to receive a punch from me in order to settle this!”

The old man could not react in time, and Ali’s fist landed squarely on his chest. The strength behind his punch was not to be trifled with. The old man was just a regular person with an average body. In an instant, his chest caved in as though it would risk getting punched through all the way.

“You dare kill me?” The old man could not believe it even at death’s door. His face was filled with defiance and disbelief.


The whole room fell deathly silent.

That was the Mo family’s butler! Although he was not trained in martial arts, his position in the Mo family was quite high and was just barely beneath an elder!

Everyone felt their minds went blank. They watched speechlessly as Ye Lingchen’s figure disappeared from view.

Nobody expected Ye Lingchen to be so decisive. Any one of them would hesitate when faced with the Mo family’s wrath. However, Ye Lingchen killed the old man without a second thought. Just how brazen could he be?

At that moment, they had even forgotten his identity as Miracle Doctor Y. Who in the world could have such a shocking behavior?

Nevertheless, as the crowd recovered from their daze, a chill ran down their spines at the same time as they saw the two dead bodies on the ground. The entire Sichuan-Tibet region will face a calamity!

Ye Lingchen could not be bothered with what others thought, nor did he need to. At his level, there was hardly anything he needed to worry about. He would only mind his own business unless provoked. If the Mo family did not fear death, let them come.

Ye Lingchen knew the Mo family would not let things go even if he let the old man go. The rabies medicine was just too precious. Ye Lingchen had underestimated the allure of this medicine formula.

Instead, only by being ruthless could he strike fear into the other families that were tempted.

He inspected the medicinal herbs in his hands. Since the old man was dead, the medicinal herbs he carried with him were naturally taken by Ye Lingchen.

“How did you feel?” Ye Lingchen asked Ali, who was following behind him.

“Haha, it was awesome!” Ali laughed excitedly. “At first I thought this world had very few experts. I didn’t expect to run into one today. Too bad I couldn’t enjoy it thoroughly.”

Ali’s view of the world had expanded greatly ever since he followed Ye Lingchen. Running into an expert like this filled him with excitement.

To a battle maniac like him, his greatest fear was the lack of an opponent, especially after he equipped himself with martial arts.

“Rest up well and be prepared. That Black Tiger shouldn’t be all that Mo family has to offer,” Ye Lingchen stated.

Ali’s eyes brightened, then he replied excitedly, “That’s wonderful. I can use them as practice.”

He paused for a moment, then looked at Ye Lingchen and asked, “Young Master Ye, if an expert shows himself, can you hold back and wait until I’m really at the end of my rope? Let me enjoy this. I’ve not felt so passionate in a long time.”

Ye Lingchen nodded. It was the right decision to bring this guy along. What a good candidate for a bodyguard…

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