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I Am Really Not The Son of Providence (Web Novel)


After his transmigration to the cultivation world, Shen Tian discovers that he can see the fortuitous opportunities and their providence haloes of others.

In order to rub off some of the luck from these opportune characters, Shen Tian proactively gets close to them.

Eventually, everyone realizes that no matter who it was, as long as they hang out with Shen Tian, they will gain lots of fortuitous opportunities! And there’s no exception to this rule!

From then on, Shen Tian was labelled as the most popular lucky mascot in the cultivation world!

Fairy Qing Yue: “I once followed my Senior Brother to the Kunlun Secret Realm in the West, and obtained the Sun And Moon Orb!”

Princess Ling Long: “I once followed my Senior Brother to the Imperial Burial Valley in the Northern Sea, and both of us inherited skills from Emperor Dan!”

Immortal Phoenix Queen: “Haha, what a bunch of fledglings! Do you know how he got his Dragon-Phoenix Immortal Form?”

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 153: Something Happened To Him? I’ll Be Right There!2021-01-15
Chapter 152: Little Five Elements Yang Divine Lightning Art2021-01-15
Chapter 151: All The Lucky Guy Should Die2021-01-14
Chapter 150: Wearing Female Clothes Can Improve My Providence?2021-01-14
Chapter 149: Let’s Make a Golden Statue for Master Celestial!2021-01-13
Chapter 148: Sacrificing Myself, Shining Universe Blade2021-01-13
Chapter 147: Ask the Heavens, Can You Annihilate Me2021-01-12
Chapter 146: The Soap Opera Love Between Human and Demon2021-01-12
Chapter 145: Stuck By Lightning In Foundation Establishment Stage?2021-01-11
Chapter 144: Eat You All Up!2021-01-11
Chapter 143: Godfiend Body Tempering, Transcendence Stage2021-01-10
Chapter 142: Last Till Master Celestial Turn The Tide2021-01-10
Chapter 141: Mother Vine, You’re Worthy To Be My Concubine2021-01-09
Chapter 140: Wow, Tastes Quite Good!2021-01-09
Chapter 139: Human, I’ll Suck You Dry!2021-01-09
Chapter 138: Attack of the Mutated Divine Binding Vine!2021-01-08
Chapter 137: Drastic Change at the Fog Plains2021-01-07
Chapter 136: Southern Border’s Ruler, Immortal Phoenix Queen2021-01-07
Chapter 135: I Gave Master Celestial Chrysanthemum2021-01-06
Chapter 134: Master Celestial And Me2021-01-06
Chapter 133: Disciples From Divine Firmament Here To Help!2021-01-05
Chapter 132: Master Celestial Is Back2021-01-05
Chapter 131: White Tiger VII VS Divine Binding Vine2021-01-05
Chapter 130: Kneel Here, Don’t Move2021-01-03
Chapter 129: Ding, Your Grandpa Master Has Died2021-01-02
Chapter 128: A Poem Made In Seven Steps, Zhao Hao2021-01-02
Chapter 127: Our Shop’s Specialty, Shrimp Pig Heart2021-01-01
Chapter 126: Brother Zhao, Have You Heard Of Chicken Soup For The Soul?2021-01-01
Chapter 125: Every Dog Will Have Its Day2020-12-31
Chapter 124: The Fiercer Senior Sister Is, The More Fearful Enemies Are2020-12-30
Chapter 123: I’ll Use Some Simple Stuff2020-12-29
Chapter 122: Junior Brother, You Seemed Like a Rabbit!2020-12-29
Chapter 121: This Fortuitous Opportunity is Hard to Get2020-12-28
Chapter 120: Fair Competition For Junior Sister!2020-12-28
Chapter 119: Senior Brother Saint, Enjoys Popular Confidence2020-12-28
Chapter 118: Punishment, Copy 3,000 Times2020-12-28
Chapter 117: Just Come At Me, I, Fang Chang, Am Fearless!2020-12-28
Chapter 116: Peace, Please Act On the Sake of Peace2020-12-28
Chapter 115: Improved Dharmia Artifact, Lotus Shooting Gun2020-12-28
Chapter 114: Shen Tian, Foundation Establishment Cultivator2020-12-24
Chapter 113: First Senior Brother, Senior Sister Was Bullied By The Saint2020-12-23
Chapter 112: If I Regret, I Am a Son Of A B*tch!2020-12-23
Chapter 111: Say That You’re A Son Of A B*tch First!2020-12-22
Chapter 110: Teacher, is it you, teacher?2020-12-22
Chapter 109: Concubine Lan’s Mortal Enemy2020-12-22
Chapter 108: Research For the Sacred Ground’s Rise2020-12-21
Chapter 106: Is It Too Late To Regret?2020-12-20
Chapter 105: Safer Option, Hand Over To Sacred Ground2020-12-18
Chapter 104: Senior Brother, Recorded In History2020-12-18
Chapter 103: I Almost Believed Him2020-12-17
Chapter 102: The Gate to A New World2020-12-17
Chapter 101: Being Renown Between True Disciples2020-12-16
Chapter 100: If I Regret, I Am The Son Of A B*tch2020-12-16
Chapter 99: My Lips Are Sealed2020-12-16
Chapter 98: Art Is All About Explosions2020-12-16
Chapter 97: Black Tortoise Avatar!2020-12-14
Chapter 96: Avatar Appeared2020-12-14
Chapter 95: Junior Brother2020-12-13
Chapter 94: How About Heavenly Courts!2020-12-13
Chapter 93: Believe In Master Celestial!2020-12-13
Chapter 92: Harmonious Divine Firmament Family2020-12-11
Chapter 91: He Tries To Scam Me!2020-12-11
Chapter 90: This Token Can Be Eaten?2020-12-11
Chapter 89: Sword Master Token Does Not Seem So Strong Anymore2020-12-11
Chapter 88: Complicated Relationship Between Saintess And Fairy2020-12-11
Chapter 87: Who Dares To Touch Him?2020-12-09
Chapter 86: Can I Not Go?2020-12-09
Chapter 85: Exposed2020-12-09
Chapter 84: I’ll Be Responsible For You!2020-12-09
Chapter 83: You Make Me Proud!2020-12-09
Chapter 82: If You Could See This, You Would Be So Happy2020-12-09
Chapter 81: Should Have Meet Him Earlier2020-12-09
Chapter 80: Shen Tian’s Armors2020-12-09
Chapter 79: He Is the Son of Providence2020-12-09
Chapter 78: Come, Bring The Map2020-12-11
Chapter 77: 5,000 Years, Best In Lightning Arts2020-12-04
Chapter 76: Mighty Tinder, Chicken-Catching Palm2020-12-04
Chapter 75: The Heavenly Venerable Azure Lotus of the Divine Firmament Sacred Ground2020-12-04
Chapter 74: I Need to Send off Sixth Brother2020-12-04
Chapter 73: The Tinder Body-Tempering Art vs. the Lightning Emperor Body-Tempering Art!2020-12-04
Chapter 72: Why is Mine So Small?2020-12-04
Chapter 71:Image: Black Tortoise Appeared2020-12-04
Chapter 70: Something Is Coming Out2020-12-04
Chapter 69: Make A Guess!2020-12-04
Chapter 68: Father And Son, Forgetting Pill2020-12-04
Chapter 67: He Is My Brother!2020-12-04
Chapter 66: He Actually Saw Through My Disguise2020-12-04
Chapter 65: Divine Lightning Origin2020-12-04
Chapter 64: Finally, I’m Green!2020-12-04
Chapter 63: I’ll Do Anything2020-12-04
Chapter 62: The Lightning2020-12-04
Chapter 61: Thunderstorm Was Coming2020-12-04
Chapter 60: The Primordial Battlefield’s Ore2020-12-04
Chapter 59: Master Celestial Can Predict The Future?2020-12-04
Chapter 58: Fortuitous Opportunity For Zhang Yunxi2020-12-04
Chapter 57: You Are Not Fated With Me2020-12-04
Chapter 56: Release Of Ghost Babies, Rebirth Mantra2020-12-04
Chapter 55: The White Tiger Saintess of the Divine Firmament Sacred Grounds2020-12-04
Chapter 54: Don’t You Want to Purge This Female Ghost Too?2020-12-04
Chapter 53: That Pure Gold Halo, How Piercing!2020-12-04
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