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I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World (Web Novel) - Chapter 272: He’d Better Die in the Secret Realm (2)

Chapter 272: He’d Better Die in the Secret Realm (2)

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As sword cultivator, since spiritual power could not be used here, he knocked Xinyue on the ground using only one move and then continued to chase after Qi Lan to hit him on the head.

Rong Yi could not conceal a snort of laughter.

Even when his body had no soul, he did not forget to find trouble for Qi Lan.

Qi Lan could not use his magic power, so he had no choice but endured the attacks from Rong Yi’s body who was with excellent sword skills.

Everyone looked over at Rong Yi and someone asked, “Why are you laughing?”

Rong Yi just shook his head.

“Does it mean we have found the exit now?” Some other cultivator asked.

Then another cultivator said, “It’s not an exit, but a junction with other caves.”

A female cultivator walked to the front, throwing her sword to the other side of the cave. The sword went through space successfully and inserted into the water, generating ripples.

Everyone exclaimed, “It can get through!”

Perhaps it was because the sword had flown to the other end and the people in the cave opposite heard the sound.

They quickly raised their alert, “I seem to hear someone’s talking, and I am sure it’s not someone from our cave.”

“Yes, I heard it, too.”

The cultivators on Rong Yi’s side immediately cried, “Master shifu, it’s me, Han Jie, your disciple, can you hear me?”

His master was first stunned and then said excitedly, “Han Jie? Where are you? Why can’t I see you?”

“I’m right across from you, there’s a seal blocking us, so you can’t see where I am.”

“A seal? Where?” His master shifu looked in the direction of the sound source and saw a long sword insert through the rock wall.

He quickly came to the wall and patted on it, receiving no response.

Han Jie held out his hands trying to reach his master shifu but was bounced back. “Shifu, we can’t get through.”

People from Qi Lan’s side asked curiously, “How did you see us?”

“We touched a trigger to raise the rock wall, and then we saw you.”

Elder the First said, “They should also press down the trigger to see us or we can go to their side.”

Qi Lan felt that the voice sounded familiar so he asked immediately, “Is it Elder the First?”

“Yeah, it’s me, young master Qi.” He replied, “I’m on the other side together with Elder the Sixth. Who is behind you? Why does he keep beating you?”

Qi Lan felt much annoyed at the thought of that.

After flying down the cliff, they fell into a big hole. Then, except for him and Xinyue, everyone else went missing. Then the guy behind him also fell down and kept chasing after to beat him like a ghost.

At first, he thought the man chasing behind him all the time because of the little evil baby, so he took out the grass and gave it back to him. However, that guy didn’t answer but beat on him harder. It happened that his magic power was restrained by the formations here, and his sword skill was not the opponent of the other party. Thus, he was unable to fight back.

The most hateful thing was that when he tried to rebel, that guy would run to dig up the ingredients. Every digging triggered a trap. They were almost killed by the guy and felt much furious. However, the other party was not afraid at all. If they tried to beat him, he would keep digging, like saying ‘let’s-die-together’.

Qi Lan said with a gloomy face, “Let’s talk about it later. Now, tell me where the exit is.”

Seeing the entrance on Qi Lan’s side was square, they told Qi Lan the steps Rong Yi had just taken.

They followed the instructions. The rock wall really rose and the caves on both sides were finally connected. They could see and hear each other and pass through each other’s caves.

Seeing Qi Lan come over, Rong Yi immediately hid himself in the crowd, temporarily preventing the man from finding him here.

Qi Lan went up to the elders of the Yin family, “Grand elder, sixth elder.”

“Has master Qi seen our master?” asked the grand elder.

Qi Lan raised his eyebrows, “Did you come here with Yin Jinye?”

Elder the First waved his hand to deny, “No, we came here to look for him.”

“Looking him? Why?”

Elder the First sighed, “It’s a long story. I’ll talk about it in detail after we leave here. It’s related to you, too.”

The current situation truly didn’t allow them to talk more since there were so many people around and the place was very dangerous. Qi Lan noticed the inconvenience and changed the topic, “I’m also here for Yin Jinye and his partner Rong Yi.”

Mentioning Rong Yi, his eyes flashed cold light.

“Rong Yi?” Elder the Sixth turned solemn, “Has Rong Yi also come in?”

“Yes. He was hit by me and fell into the secret realm and then went missing.”

“Rong Yi…” The name made Elder the Sixth filled with anger, “He’d better die in the secret realm.”

Qi Lan felt a bit strange. The two elders hadn’t had intersections with the man. How could they hate Rong Yi so much?

At this time, the guy who had been beating his head finally shifted the target to beat the head of Elder the Sixth.

“How dare this bastard beat me!”

The disciples of the Yin family immediately drew their swords and rushed at Rong Yi’s body.

“Who is this guy?” said Elder the Sixth angrily.

Xinyue glared angrily at Rong Yi’s body, “Really a reckless guy!”

She raised her sword and joined the battle.

Rong Yi’s body was agile. With a wave of his sword tip, he knocked off the swords of more than ten of them, scratching their palms.

“Ah!” Seeing her palm was cut, Xinyue was even angrier. She picked up the sword and swayed at him again.

Qi Lan raised his hand to stop her, “You’re not his opponent.”

Xinyue stamped her feet in anger. While Rong Yi’s body said angrily, “Just wait. YI’m gonna teach you a lesson after we go out.”

He returned to the back of Elder the Sixth and continued beating him on the head with the hilt.

“You want to die? I’ll help you.” Elder the Sixth took out his swords to fight with Rong Yi.

However, Rong Yi’s body did not fight back. He was dodging while holding the hilt to knock on Qi Lan.

Qi Lan, “…”

Then, Elder the First also suffered his hit.

“…” Elder the First squinted and soon noticed the man was glassy-eyed, “He has a dull gaze and stiff face. Is he possessed?”

Qi Lan discovered this long ago, “He was fine when I first met him, but I didn’t know what happened afterward. He might be bewitched by the formations here, and can’t distinguish between the enemy and us.”

He should be thankful that the other party only knocked them on the head and did not kill them with the sword.

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