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Chapter 273: It Was Him! (1)

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Elder the Sixth gave up fighting back in desperation after being chased after by Rong Yi for a while.

High-level cultivators like them were usually busy with other staff besides cultivation, so they didn’t have much time to especially exercise their bodies. Once their spiritual power was sealed, their physical strength and sword skills would be not as good as those of cultivators practicing sword all the year-round.

Elder the Sixth returned to the side of Elder the First for a gasp of breath.

Rong Yi’s body was, however, tireless. He rushed over to beat the heads of the three.

“…” Veins stood out on the forehead of Elder the Sixth, and he restrained his temper at last to ignore the crazy man.

Elder the First also wore a darkened face since he saw Rong Yi’s body.

The expression of the two made Qi Lan’s lips upward cause it was the first time for him to see the elders from Yin family being so helpless. Feeling a loud ‘bang’ on his back head, he was hit by Rong Yi’s body again.

His bent lips quickly withdrew the upward angle and he resumed a cold and handsome face to glare at Rong Yi’s body.

Rong Yi, who was hiding among the crowd, felt strange. He was so close to his body now, but why his body hadn’t recovered to his absolute being?

At this time, Rong Yi’s body looked at the spot where Rong Yi was standing.

The eye contact made him immediately realize that the man was feigning madness and acting like an idiot. Rong Yi could not help giving him a thumbs-up in his heart.

Elder the First said, “We’d better figure out a way to get out of here.”

The cultivators in the cave started to search for triggers or switches for the exit again.

Rong Yi looked around and clearly remembered he hadn’t seen such a situation in the videos from his ancestors. How could they get out?

“Young man, have you found out where the triggers of the two caves are?” The cultivator next to Rong Yi asked aloud. He was the man who let Rong Yi speak out his ideas for everyone’s reference.

The cultivators in the same cave with Rong Yi all looked over at them after hearing that, even drawing the attention of the two elders.

Qi Lan looked curiously at what they were looking at. Unfortunately, there were too many people blocking his sight. With Rong Yi’s body making trouble and dangling in front of him to block his view, he couldn’t see Rong Yi among the crowd at all.

Rong Yi shook his head, “It takes some time.”

“Well, take your time, I won’t disturb you.”

Qi Lan seemed to hear Rong Yi’s voice and suddenly narrowed his eyes, “Rong Yi…”

“Rong Yi?” Xinyue held the sword excitedly, “Where is he?”

Qi Lan avoided Rong Yi’s body, but the latter kept jamming him, moving at the same pace and direction with him.

Elder the Sixth asked, “Where is Rong Yi?”

“I don’t know. I only heard his voice.” Qi Lan pushed hard at the person in front of him and squeezed into the direction of the voice.

Suddenly, the ground shook violently.

“What’s going on?” The crowd was shocked and bowed their heads in succession, “Who touched the trigger?”

“The ground is cracked!” Someone shouted.

The mud ground in the cave was like being cut by a knife and divided into four pieces. Each piece was ten meters wide. So the cultivators who stayed in the cave were also divided into four groups and stood separately on the four pieces of land.

“Rong Yi!” Qi Lan looked up and saw Rong Yi standing on the opposite side. Suddenly, anger poured out of his face. He jumped up and rushed over. Then, a powerful seal bounced him back.

He looked at the seal with golden light, sullen-faced.

Elder the First asked, “Who the hell is Rong Yi?”

Xinyue’s angry red eyes stared at Rong Yi standing opposite, “The young man facing us and wearing a warm-proof cloak.”

The two elders were stunned when seeing Rong Yi wearing a bright smile, “You mean that beautiful man?”

“Yes, that’s him.”

Elder the First involuntarily raised his hand and touched his face that had been beaten hard. His eyes flashed with anger, “It was him!”

Elder the Sixth was sullen with rage, “The man offended us intentionally. Brother, he must have recognized you just now and deliberately slapped you.”

Both Qi Lan and Xinyue were struck dumb. Rong Yi slapped Elder the First?

Elder the First gave his fellow a stern look. Why did the man mention this in front of so many people? Now, everyone knew that he was slapped by Rong Yi!

“Everybody look! There are words in the middle space.” Someone cried aloud.

They raised up the heads. A blue fluorescent sentence appeared in the sky, which said: When the number decreases by half, you can leave the cave.

“When the number decreases by half, you can leave the cave.” A cultivator read it aloud. “What does this mean? We should kill each other?”

On hearing this, everyone hurried away from the people around them to avoid sudden attacks or murder.

Some cultivators cried excitedly, “It’s unfair! How can low-level cultivators beat their predecessors of higher cultivation? Those who die in the end would be those like us!”


Someone said, “How could it be unfair? Right now, everyone could use no spiritual power or magic weapons. Whether you can survive depends on your martial arts and swordsmanship, OK?”

As soon as he had finished speaking, a cultivator opposite them said excitedly, “My cultivation is back.”

People standing on the same piece of land with him also said, “And me, too.”

Then, the cultivators who were standing on the left and right pieces of land also found their cultivation was back.

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