When his father suddenly disappears, An Lin is left with his father’s immense debt, putting his life at risk.
After being forced to a rooftop by his pursuing creditors, An Lin is"> Read I Might Be A Fake Cultivator (Web Novel) Free online novels, reading martial arts novels - Wuxia Free Novel
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I Might Be A Fake Cultivator (Web Novel)


On modern-day Earth, An Lin seems to have been abandoned by God.
When his father suddenly disappears, An Lin is left with his father’s immense debt, putting his life at risk.
After being forced to a rooftop by his pursuing creditors, An Lin is unexpectedly swept off his feet and brought to the ground safely.

After learning that he was saved by an Immortal, An Lin is gifted, seemingly out of pure generosity, the ‘God Of War System,’ and a pass to a new realm.
Follow An Lin as he experiences a whole new world of legends, meets many new friends, acquires legendary weapons and tools, and starts on his path of becoming a powerful cultivator. There is never a dull time in An Lin’s new life with his ‘great’ new system!

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 934: The Final Champion2020-07-09
Chapter 933: Double Kill2020-07-09
Chapter 932: The Final Showdown (Third Part)2020-07-08
Chapter 931: The Final Showdown (Second Part)2020-07-08
Chapter 930: The Final Showdown (First Part)2020-07-07
Chapter 929: An Lin vs Vermilion Bird Princess2020-07-07
Chapter 928: The Vermilion Bird Princess’ Semifinal2020-07-06
Chapter 927: Fist God Lin An2020-07-06
Chapter 926: The Sun Tree War God, Vermilion Bird Princess2020-07-05
Chapter 925: Confrontation and a Small Show of Ability2020-07-05
Chapter 924: The Mysterious Powerful Being of the Arena2020-07-04
Chapter 923: Arena of Deadly Battles2020-07-04
Chapter 922: Gold-Tier Tour Guide Cow2020-07-03
Chapter 921: The Beautiful Sun Tree2020-07-03
Chapter 920: Information Regarding the Sun Tree’s Guardian2020-07-03
Chapter 919: The Southern Heavenly Wing Nation2020-07-03
Chapter 918: The Enlightenment Crystal of Life and Death2020-07-03
Chapter 917: Life of Zuixiang2020-07-02
Chapter 916: Crime and Punishment2020-07-02
Chapter 915: A Sect of Justice?2020-07-01
Chapter 914: I Believe You2020-07-01
Chapter 913: A Lonely Person2020-06-30
Chapter 912: Lord of Transcendence2020-06-30
Chapter 911: Known Across the Entire Continent2020-06-29
Chapter 910: An Ingenious Money-Making Method2020-06-29
Chapter 909: The Decision of the Seven Celestial Maidens2020-06-28
Chapter 908: A New Era of Cultivation2020-06-28
Chapter 907: Suicidal Tribulation Transcendence2020-06-27
Chapter 906: Therapy God2020-06-27
Chapter 905: Xue Zhantian’s Mental State2020-06-26
Chapter 904: The Might of the Lollipop2020-06-26
Chapter 903: Tang Ximen’s Attraction2020-06-25
Chapter 902: The Final Victor2020-06-25
Chapter 901: Love and War2020-06-24
Chapter 900: Showdown Between Lovers2020-06-24
Chapter 899: The Most Powerful Member of the Team2020-06-23
Chapter 898: Operation to Kill the Demon King2020-06-23
Chapter 897: The Enlightened Students2020-06-22
Chapter 896: Tang Ximen’s Determination2020-06-22
Chapter 895: The Nightmare of the Free-For-All-Battle, An Lin2020-06-21
Chapter 894: Feel the Despair2020-06-21
Chapter 893: Extreme Profits2020-06-20
Chapter 892: The Birth of the Phoenix2020-06-20
Chapter 891: Immortals Appraising the Moon2020-06-19
Chapter 890: Cooking Skills That Stunned the Entire Audience2020-06-19
Chapter 889: A Mundane Entrance2020-06-18
Chapter 888: A Showdown Invitation from the Chef God2020-06-18
Chapter 887: Astronomically-Priced Divine Dishes2020-06-17
Chapter 886: Competing for Food Through Whatever Means Necessary2020-06-17
Chapter 885: The Eight Immortals2020-06-16
Chapter 884: The New Shop in the Heavenly Court2020-06-16
Chapter 883: The Path to Becoming Chef God2020-06-15
Chapter 882: An Lin’s Path to Riches2020-06-15
Chapter 881: A Deal Sealed with a Joke2020-06-14
Chapter 880: Anger Transference Technique2020-06-14
Chapter 879: Journey for the Immortal Pill2020-06-14
Chapter 878: Fourth Year2020-06-14
Chapter 877: Slaughter and Punishment2020-06-14
Chapter 876: I Don’t Like Tea2020-06-14
Chapter 875: The Injured Middle-Aged Man2020-06-14
Chapter 874: I Miss Your Slap2020-06-14
Chapter 873: The Terrifying Roleplay2020-06-14
Chapter 872: The True Appearance of the Vast Land of Blood2020-06-14
Chapter 871: Dongfang Zhuangshi’s Road to Recovery2020-06-14
Chapter 870: Restored Confidence2020-06-14
Chapter 869: Big Brother Bai2020-06-14
Chapter 868: Would You like to Learn About the Heaven Mending Sect2020-06-14
Chapter 867: Being Forced to Listen2020-06-14
Chapter 866: Forcing the Enemy Back2020-06-14
Chapter 865: The Arrival of the Heavenly Court Top Dog2020-06-14
Chapter 864: The Frantic Escape2020-06-14
Chapter 863: The Infuriated Divine Bat Emperor2020-06-14
Chapter 862: Consciousness That Transcends the Limits2020-06-05
Chapter 861: Making a Break2020-06-04
Chapter 860: This Is a Mighty Figure in Disguise Who We Can’t Mess With2020-06-04
Chapter 859: Arrival of Ghost Emperor Po Jun2020-06-03
Chapter 858: Invincible An Lin2020-06-03
Chapter 857: The Emergence of the Evil Dragon2020-06-02
Chapter 856: Escape and Counterattack2020-06-02
Chapter 855: Battling the Ghost Tribe Mighty Figure2020-06-01
Chapter 854: You Keep Fighting, I’m Just Passing Through2020-06-01
Chapter 853: The Stare of the Death God2020-05-31
Chapter 852: The Philosophical Discussion Between Spectators2020-05-31
Chapter 851: Snow Maidens of the Opposite Shore Realm2020-05-30
Chapter 850: In-Laws2020-05-30
Chapter 849: The Depressed Dominic2020-05-29
Chapter 848: Xiao Ze’s Quest For Love2020-05-29
Chapter 847: A Huge Present From Master2020-05-28
Chapter 846: It Made No Difference Who Became Champion2020-05-28
Chapter 845: Why Are You Kneeling While Watching the Competition?2020-05-27
Chapter 844: The Dumbstruck Spectators2020-05-27
Chapter 843: The Final Competition2020-05-26
Chapter 842: Competition of Flames?2020-05-26
Chapter 841: The Painstaking Master2020-05-25
Chapter 840: Who Is the Real Dark Horse?2020-05-25
Chapter 839: A Call from the Sea of Vital Energy2020-05-24
Chapter 838: Super Hard Test2020-05-24
Chapter 837: Unexpected Result2020-05-23
Chapter 836: Profitable Competition Rules2020-05-23
Chapter 835: Scolded by a Youth2020-05-22
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