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I Might Be A Fake Cultivator (Web Novel) - Chapter 912: Lord of Transcendence

Chapter 912: Lord of Transcendence

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Twenty-six powerful beings at the Soul Formation Pinnacle Stage stared up at Qing Zhi with a hint of reverence in their eyes, as if they were looking at a brave warrior walking to his execution platform.

“Benefactor An Lin, why do I feel like everyone is looking at me weirdly?” Qing Zhi looked around at all the spectators with a perplexed expression.

“Maybe they’re jealous,” An Lin replied.

“Forgive me for my sins…” Qing Zhi was a little apologetic.

Soon, Qing Zhi sat down at the center of the Heaven Defying Dao Plaza.

Vital energy surged in a radius of over fifty kilometers as soon as he sat down!

An Lin clicked his tongue in wonder. How long had he been repressing this for him to be able to immediately break through after sitting down?

In the sky above, dark clouds began to gather as Golden Void Lightning crackled.


Golden divine lightning descended from the sky, crashing onto Qing Zhi’s bald head, resulting in an explosion of golden electricity.

Qing Zhi sat with his legs folded before him and his palms together as a layer of golden Buddhist light encapsulated his body, like an indestructible diamond barrier that allowed him to take the first bolt of lightning completely unscathed.

All the spectating powerful beings let loose a collective cry of surprise. Such powerful defensive abilities!

In contrast, An Lin’s eyes narrowed slightly. The more powerful the cultivator undertaking the tribulation transcendence was, the more powerful their tribulation lightning would be. This was why so many exceptional prodigies in history had fallen during this process.

As bolts of the powerful Golden Void Lightning crashed down one after another, Qing Zhi’s golden barrier of Buddhist light finally showed signs of cracking open. When the seventy-eighth bolt of divine lightning fell, the barrier had already been completely shattered.

After the seventy-ninth bolt of divine lightning, Qing Zhi’s bald head had become charred black…

All of the Soul Formation Stage powerful beings stared at Qing Zhi with anxious expressions. They knew that there were still two bolts of divine lightning left, but it was quite clear that Qing Zhi was already at his limits!

Right at this moment, the eightieth bolt of Golden Void Lightning broke through the clouds and fell from the sky.

The bolt of golden divine lightning fell like a celestial sword, piercing through the air and coloring heaven and earth golden in its slow descent.

Wait, there seemed to be something wrong. Slow descent?

All of the spectating Soul Formation Stage cultivators all faltered upon seeing that bolt of divine lightning.

They then all turned in unison to look at An Lin to discover that lightning was crackling at his fingertips as he looked up with a grave expression at the falling bolt of golden lightning.

“My God! Mr. An Lin really does have the power to manipulate tribulation lightning?!”

“I would never have believed that there would be such an extraordinary man in this world if I didn’t see it with my own two eyes!”

“To be able to manipulate even tribulation lightning… I don’t even know what to say anymore…”

Even though all of these cultivators at the Soul Formation Pinnacle Stage were already mentally prepared, they were still deeply shocked by the scenes unfolding before their eyes!

Even Qing Zhi had turned toward An Lin with gratitude in his eyes.

At this moment, the golden bolt of lightning had slowly but surely reached Qing Zhi.

Qing Zhi let loose an almighty roar and used up every defensive method available to him as a golden light surged explosively and the sound of Buddhist mantras erupted, making the space around him ripple like water.

A scintillating energy explosion ensued, and Qing Zhi finally managed to emerge on the other side, having successfully endured the eightieth bolt of divine lightning.

The final bolt of Golden Void Lightning fell. It tore through the sky with its terrifying might, but it traveled at a snail’s pace due to being impeded by An Lin’s Lightning Manipulation Technique.


Golden lightning exploded and the golden light lit up the entire world.

Qing Zhi let loose another almighty roar and managed to fend off the final bolt of lightning. He was already looking extremely disheveled, but his eyes were glowing with excitement. His aura had also expanded to become much more vast than what it was earlier, and a smile lingered on his face. This was clearly a successful breakthrough!

In the sky above, the lightning clouds and cracking electricity finally dissipated.

On the Heaven Defying Dao Plaza, all of the living beings present applauded the birth of a new Return to Void Stage mighty figure, but their applause was also for themselves.

That’s right, after witnessing An Lin’s technique, they realized that their respective tribulation transcendences were now in the bag!!!

Qing Zhi swallowed an immortal pill to fortify his cultivation base before making his way over to An Lin and bowing politely. “Thank you, Benefactor An Lin. Without you, this small monk may well have perished during that lightning tribulation.”

An Lin waved his hands with a smile. “There’s no need to thank me, Mr. Qing Zhi. Your body is already quite powerful and has endured most of the tribulation lightning for you. Besides, this is all just something I should be doing.”

After exchanging some more polite words, all of the other powerful beings at the Soul Formation Pinnacle Stage were already unable to repress themselves as they flooded toward An Lin, fighting to give him their money!

An Lin accepted their money with a joyful smile. One million five hundred thousand spirit stones per person!

Tens of kilometers away, atop a certain cloud.

The Celestial Thearch looked down at this scene with a gratified expression. “An Lin has not disappointed me. His lightning manipulation has integrated the Great Dao of heaven and earth. Only a cultivator of exceptional talent can obtain something like this after an extraordinary opportunity.”

Celestial Maiden Tian Shou had yet to recover from her shock as she stared intently at the white-robed man in the distance, as if she was trying to see through him.

In Tian Shou’s eyes, it was simply extraordinary that the divine bolts of lightning, which were imbued with the paramount might of the heavens, could be controlled by a cultivator. That was simply unimaginable to her.

An Lin rested for a while before helping another powerful being at the Soul Formation Pinnacle Stage transcend their tribulation.

There was no set order or anything. He just picked whomever he felt was pleasing to the eye.

Thus, the sexy spirit snake successfully transcended her tribulation.

Following this, she gave An Lin a big, big hug. People with exquisite figures were always quite enjoyable to hug. But when she proceeded to try and give An Lin a big, big kiss, An Lin abruptly pushed her away.

“Hmph! You’re trying to seduce me? A man of exceptionally flawless looks and an immeasurable future? Don’t even think about it!” An Lin immediately scoffed.

He knew that the spirit snake’s love was not pure.

She was only pursuing him for his incredible power, exceptional aptitude, his potential to become a super tycoon of the cultivation world, and his gorgeous looks…

In any case, she didn’t love his soul! So he immediately turned her down!

Sigh, exceptional people always had to contend with so many unwanted advances.

He rested for another short while. This was mostly to allow An Kirin some respite within his sea of vital energy. After all, even his arms would throb if he were to point up at the sky all day.

An Lin only called up the third Soul Formation Stage powerful being after an hour of rest.

The third powerful being at the Soul Formation Pinnacle Stage was a tree spirit from the Hall of Creation.

Unfortunately… this tree spirit was an absolute noob, and even after having its tribulation lightning decelerated through the use of An Lin’s Lightning Manipulation Technique, it was still blasted to death by the seventy-ninth bolt of Golden Void Lightning.

All of its accompanying family and friends wept in a heart-wrenching display.

An Lin was also extremely heartbroken as he handed over one million five hundred thousand spirit stones to his family and friends entourage.

There was no other choice. He had made a promise, so he had to keep it.

After having the spirit stones returned to them, the tree spirit’s family and friends continued to weep, but they didn’t pin any blame on An Lin. They weren’t that stupid. It was quite clear that the tree spirit was too weak, so there was no point in faulting someone who was only trying to help it transcend its tribulation.

After that, more tribulation transcendences were to follow.

In the end, after three days, including Qing Zhi, there were twelve new Return to Void Stage mighty figures who were born from the twenty-seven powerful beings at the Soul Formation Pinnacle Stage!!!

One had to realize that at the normal success rate, it would have been quite a good result for just two out of the twenty-seven cultivators to successfully transcend their tribulations. However, with An Lin’s intervention, this number was elevated to six times the normal rate!

Even the Celestial Thearch was quite surprised.

“This world is finally going to change…” the Celestial Thearch muttered to himself.

All of the twelve new Return to Void Stage mighty figures were extremely grateful toward An Lin, and some were even referring to him as their brother. These were all going to be part of his network of friends, so An Lin was quite happy to build a close relationship with them.

Soon, news of what had taken place at the Heaven Defying Dao Plaza, including the fact that twelve out of twenty-seven powerful beings at the Soul Formation Pinnacle Stage had successfully transcended their tribulations with An Lin’s help, swept through the entire continent like a hurricane.

The entire continent was in shock again.

There had been no statistics to back up An Lin’s ability in the past, so some powerful beings were still a little skeptical. But now, the insanely high success rate had caused all the Soul Formation Stage cultivators to admire An Lin…

There was no doubt that An Lin’s control over lightning was the real deal.

Countless cultivators remembered An Lin’s name. There were even some who had started saving money even though they were only at the Spirit Nurturing Stage. This was so that they would have a chance to hire An Lin once they reached the Soul Formation Pinnacle Stage in the future.

Who would want to f*cking die if they could live instead?!

At the same time, An Lin also received a new title. This was a title everyone across the continent approved of—Lord of Transcendence!!!

That’s right, this was the mighty being who brought hope to countless powerful beings at the Soul Formation Pinnacle Stage. He was the Lord of Transcendence, An Lin!

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