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In a Different World with a Smartphone (Web Novel)


After a freak accident involving some lightning winds up zapping him dead, 15-year-old Mochizuki Touya wakes up to find himself face-to-face with God. “I am afraid to say that I have made a bit of a blunder…” laments the old coot. But all is not lost! God says that he can reincarnate Touya into a world of fantasy, and as a bonus, he gets to bring his smartphone along with! So begins Touya’s adventure in a new, anachronistic pseudo-medieval world. Friends! Laughs! Tears! Inexplicable Deus ex Machina! He sets off on a journey full of wonder as he absentmindedly travels from place to place, following whatever goal catches his fancy. The curtains lift on an epic tale of swords, sorcery, and smartphone apps!

10075 • 2019-03-21 12:05:03


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 439 Nokia’s Darkness, and the Escape Route.2021-01-22
Chapter 438 Woman’s Anger and Man’s Sadness2021-01-19
Chapter 437 Audience, and Possession2021-01-13
Chapter 436: The Princess’ Strength, and the Second Ambassador.2020-04-09
Chapter 435: Nokia’s Princess, and Speculations.2020-04-09
Chapter 434: Knitting, and Nokia’s Envoy.2020-04-09
Chapter 433: The Pantheon, and the Gods’ Lottery.2020-04-09
Chapter 432: The Two New Kings, and Kidnapped to the Divine Realm.2020-04-09
Chapter 431: Cooperation, and the Naked Kings.2020-04-09
Chapter 430: Cats and Dogs, and Water and Oil.2020-04-09
Chapter 429: Ice Nation Zadonia, and the Two Princes.2020-04-09
Chapter 428: Verifying the Truth, and Flame Nation Dauburn.2020-04-09
Chapter 427: Post-processing, and Schraff’s Journey.2020-04-09
Chapter 426: Crime and Punishment, and Gratitude.2020-04-09
Chapter 425: Wrapping Up, and Rest.2020-04-09
Chapter 424: Finale, and Another End.2020-03-26
Chapter 423: The Power of Love, and the Molted Evil God.2020-03-25
Chapter 422: Attachments, and Awakening.2020-03-24
Chapter 421: Distribution Begins, and the Evil God Descends.2020-03-23
Chapter 420: The God-Sealing Realm, and the Trump Card.2020-03-22
Chapter 419: The Dimensional Gap, and the Man Known as Yura.2020-03-21
Chapter 418: Desire, and the [Sovereign]’s Strength.2020-03-20
Chapter 417: The Chaotic Battlefield, and the [Sovereign]’s General.2020-03-19
Chapter 416: The Signal of War, and Full Burst.2020-03-18
Chapter 415: Assemble, and the Garrison.2020-03-17
Chapter 414: The Fake Knight, and the Expedition.2020-03-17
Chapter 413: The Purple’s Invasion, and Suppression.2020-03-17
Chapter 412: Cooperation, and the Phrases’ General.2020-03-17
Chapter 411: White and Purple, and a Secret Strategy.2020-03-17
Chapter 410: Planting, and the Blue Stag.2020-03-13
Chapter 409: The Children, and the New Life.2020-03-13
Chapter 408: The Resort, and the Gods.2020-03-13
Chapter 407: The Sacred Tree, and Distribution.2020-03-13
Chapter 406: Unicorn, and the Sacred Horn.2020-03-11
Chapter 405: The Spirits of Flame and Ice, and a God’s Love.2020-03-09
Chapter 404: Five Thousand Years Ago, and One Thousand Years Ago.2020-03-09
Chapter 403: Albus, and Memories of Time.2020-03-09
Chapter 402: Reset, and Rediscovery.2020-03-07
Chapter 401: The Purifying Sapling, and [White].2020-03-07
Chapter 400: Countermeasure, and the Golden Palace.2020-03-05
Chapter 399: Deciding the Match, and the End of the Battle.2020-03-05
Chapter 398: Twin-headed Dragon Defeated, and the Awakening Divine Sword.2020-03-05
Chapter 397: Starfish-type Advanced-Class, and Six Simultaneous Strike.2020-03-05
Chapter 396: The Golden Destroyer, and the Gold Hammer.2020-03-05
Chapter 395: The Ruler-classes’ Attack, and the Twin-headed Dragon.2020-03-05
Chapter 394: Interception Preparations, and the Ruler-classes.2020-03-05
Chapter 393: The Two-World Conference, and Fire and Ice.2020-03-03
Chapter 392: The Demonoid King, and Helgaia.2020-03-01
Chapter 391: The Black Ship, and the Captive Vampire.2020-02-27
Chapter 390: The Prince of Raze, and a Foolish Challenge.2020-02-26
Chapter 389: The Fairies’ Future, and a Visit from a Prince.2020-02-26
Chapter 388: Black Cat and Black Dog, and Panashes Kingdom.2020-02-26
Chapter 387: Natural Enemy, and the Orphanage.2020-02-26
Chapter 386: The Wings of the Dead, and Madness Once Again.2020-02-26
Chapter 385: The Godslaying Poison, and Countermeasures.2020-02-25
Chapter 384: The Merging of the Worlds, and the Golden Thorn.2020-02-25
Chapter 383: Destruction of the Hideout, and the New World.2020-02-25
Chapter 382: The New Over Gear, and Disciples of the Martial God.2020-02-25
Chapter 381: Iron Machine Soldier Neo, and Trash Cleanup.2020-02-25
Chapter 380: The Truth, and the Assault.2020-02-24
Chapter 379: The Second Murder, and Securing the Suspect.2020-02-24
Chapter 378: Poisoning, and Culprit.2020-02-24
Chapter 377: Horn Kingdom, and the Heated Conference.2020-02-24
Chapter 376: Last Run, and Goal.2020-02-24
Chapter 375: Budding, and Cooperation.2020-02-23
Chapter 374: The Snowfield Course, and the Obstacle Course.2020-02-23
Chapter 373: Rough Roads, and the Forest Course.2020-02-23
Chapter 372: Start, and the Pier Course.2020-02-22
Chapter 371: The Test Race, and the Course Details.2020-02-22
Chapter 370: The Marriage Interview, and a Stand-Off.2020-02-21
Chapter 369: Two-Country Talks, and People of Similar Interests.2020-02-21
Chapter 368: A New Spark, and Getting a Bride.2020-02-21
Chapter 367: Release, and Liberation.2020-02-20
Chapter 366: Temporary Disbandment, and the Two Crowns.2020-02-20
Chapter 365: Dinner, and the Ruined Fortress.2020-02-19
Chapter 364: The Giant Golden Tree, and the Black Panther.2020-02-19
Chapter 363: The Over Gear, and the Joint Training.2020-02-19
Chapter 362: The Rewards, and the Test Results.2020-02-19
Chapter 361: The Wyvern, and the Miraculous Strike.2020-02-19
Chapter 360: The Fire Lizard Herd, and the Nest.2020-02-18
Chapter 359: Liger Subjugation, and the Night Watch.2020-02-18
Chapter 358: The Test Island, and Blood Liger.2020-02-18
Chapter 357: A Guild Request, and a Mole.2020-02-18
Chapter 356: The Academy, and Rank-up.2020-02-18
Chapter 355: Adventurer Rank, and an Examiner.2020-02-17
Chapter 354: Various Circumstances, and a Precursor.2020-02-17
Chapter 353: Aerial Battle, and Miscalculation.2020-02-17
Chapter 352: Final Weapon, and Hekatonkheire.2020-02-17
Chapter 351: Intrude, and the Magicraft King.2020-02-16
Chapter 350: Bonus Story2020-02-16
Chapter 349: Bombardment, and Hair Removal.2020-02-16
Chapter 348: Owl, and Don’t Interfere.2020-02-16
Chapter 347: The Discussion, and the Mystic Eyes of Recollection.2020-02-16
Chapter 346: Connection, and the World’s Future.2020-02-16
Chapter 345: Confusion, and the Magicraft Kingdom.2020-02-15
Chapter 344: Invading the Bedroom, and Ten Years Ago.2020-02-15
Chapter 343: Test Results, and some Family Planning.2020-02-15
Chapter 342: The Prince, and the Imperial Prince.2020-02-15
Chapter 341: Red Cats Corps, and the Prince of the Fallen Kingdom.2020-02-15
Chapter 340: Combat Training, and a Wish.2020-02-14
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