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It’s Lonely to Be Invincible (Web Novel)






Xin Feng, 新丰


Action Adventure Comedy Martial Arts Xuanhuan

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Lin Fan was transported to another world, into the body of a normal disciple. Given the environment he was in, Lin Fan faced the risk of being killed at any time. However, something was out of place.

Starting the system.
Ding: You’ve received an infinite level buff: Immortality
From then on, everything changed.
To Lin Fan, if anyone could kill him, he would concede defeat. Otherwise, he would turn them into mincemeat.
To his opponents, they have given up because it was impossible to kill Lin Fan.

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 118: Very Sneaky2020-10-26
Chapter 117: The Road to Success is Right in Front2020-10-25
Chapter 116: Don’t Play Tricks on an Honest Man Like Me2020-10-24
Chapter 115: Half the Price2020-10-23
Chapter 114: I Will Be Angry If You Go Back On Your Word2020-10-22
Chapter 113: Is He Dead?2020-10-21
Chapter 112: The Three Pure Ones Won’t Let You Go!2020-10-20
Chapter 111: I Am God2020-10-19
Chapter 110: Extremely Shameless2020-10-18
Chapter 109: Valuable Blood2020-10-17
Chapter 108: I’m Broke, Very Broke2020-10-16
Chapter 107: They’re Too Powerful2020-10-15
Chapter 106: As Long as I Still Have My Beauty, I’m Still a Flirt2020-10-14
Chapter 105: Cultivating Hard2020-10-13
Chapter 104: Acting Cool Naturally2020-10-12
Chapter 103: So Cruel2020-10-11
Chapter 102: Do You Dare to Fight Me?2020-10-10
Chapter 101: Fan Fan is So Afraid!2020-10-09
Chapter 100: I, Lin Fan, Keep My Word2020-10-09
Chapter 99: Lying Down is What a Weaking Should Do2020-10-07
Chapter 98: Highly Likely That She’s a Fox2020-10-06
Chapter 97: An Uncontrollable Action2020-10-05
Chapter 96: Not Used to This Style2020-10-04
Chapter 95: This is Interesting2020-10-03
Chapter 94: Are There Any Other Skillsets?2020-10-02
Chapter 93: Can I Go Against the Oath?2020-10-01
Chapter 92: Oath2020-09-30
Chapter 91: I Want to Get Stronger2020-09-29
Chapter 90: Dividing Ill-Gotten Gains; Catch up with Me2020-09-28
Chapter 89: Do it if You’re a Man!2020-09-27
Chapter 88: Shameless2020-09-27
Chapter 87: Still Can’t Do As I Please2020-09-27
Chapter 86: Senior Brother, Fighting!2020-09-27
Chapter 85: So This Is What Unreasonable Powerful Figures Are Like?2020-09-27
Chapter 84: Hold Up, That Belongs to Us2020-09-27
Chapter 83: Be Brave If You’re a Man!2020-09-27
Chapter 82: A Perfect Way to Destroy the Evidence2020-09-27
Chapter 81: A Bewildering Action2020-09-27
Chapter 80: Setting a Short-Term Goal2020-09-27
Chapter 79: Boring2020-09-27
Chapter 78: Finally Dead2020-09-27
Chapter 77: Are You Guys Ready?2020-09-27
Chapter 76: Let’s See Who’s More Terrifying2020-09-27
Chapter 75: Speak Up and Don’t Betray Me2020-09-27
Chapter 74: Tricked2020-09-27
Chapter 73: They Are Very Cordial2020-09-27
Chapter 72: I’m Astounded2020-09-27
Chapter 71: A Strong Villain That’s Overlooked the Most2020-09-27
Chapter 70: No!2020-09-27
Chapter 69: Tough Times Produce Successors2020-09-27
Chapter 68: Thank God2020-09-27
Chapter 67: Stepping out of the sect kills me2020-09-27
Chapter 66: I Can’t Live Without Points!2020-09-27
Chapter 65: Junior Sister, are you able to stand up?2020-09-27
Chapter 64: I’m an Earth Star Border elite now!2020-09-27
Chapter 63: Who Am I? I’m Lin Fan2020-09-27
Chapter 62: I Can’t Stand His Attitude!2020-09-27
Chapter 61: Time to show off2020-09-27
Chapter 60: I’m Bleeding2020-09-27
Chapter 59: Elder Brother… Save Me2020-09-27
Chapter 58: A Competition That’s to My Heart’s Content2020-09-27
Chapter 57: I Don’t Want to Know Your Name2020-09-27
Chapter 56: Manslaughter?2020-09-27
Chapter 55: What Happened?2020-09-27
Chapter 54: I’m Back!2020-09-27
Chapter 53: Do You Think I’m Stupid?2020-09-27
Chapter 52: Cruel Humans2020-09-27
Chapter 51: Wasting My Time with You2020-09-27
Chapter 50: Lin Fan, Dead!2020-09-27
Chapter 49: Let’s Go, Fan Fan2020-09-27
Chapter 48: Full of Vim2020-09-27
Chapter 47: Chicken Soup for the Soul2020-09-27
Chapter 46: Communication Barrier2020-09-27
Chapter 45: The Stronger, the Better2020-09-27
Chapter 44: Cunning2020-09-27
Chapter 43: Non-Existent Misunderstandings2020-09-27
Chapter 42: I’m the Best2020-09-27
Chapter 41: My Daddy Aladdin2020-09-27
Chapter 40: Boohoo!2020-09-27
Chapter 39: He’s Gone?2020-09-27
Chapter 38: How Do You Wish to Die?2020-09-27
Chapter 37: Bring Them up the Sky2020-09-27
Chapter 36: Harvest2020-09-27
Chapter 35: Play Dead2020-09-27
Chapter 34: Outing!2020-09-27
Chapter 33: Overcrowded2020-09-27
Chapter 32: A Quiet World2020-09-27
Chapter 31: I Must Cultivate2020-09-27
Chapter 30: Such a Snake!2020-09-27
Chapter 29: Deadly Weapon2020-09-27
Chapter 28: Not an Easy Person2020-09-27
Chapter 27: Rag-and-Bone Man2020-09-27
Chapter 26: Wait and See2020-09-27
Chapter 25: Stingy2020-09-27
Chapter 24: I Deserve a Commendation!2020-09-27
Chapter 23: I’m a Hardworking Person2020-09-27
Chapter 22: I’m Charismatic2020-09-27
Chapter 21: I Hate All of You2020-09-27
Chapter 20: My Dear Grandfather2020-09-27
Chapter 19: Lin “I Do Whatever I Want” Fan2020-09-27
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