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Lady Su’s Revenge (Web Novel) - Chapter 320 Repayment

Chapter 320 Repayment

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Ling Li stopped being surprised and looked back instantly. But there was no woman behind him, even no one.

Who was the little one… calling?

Hearing it, the mammy, who took care of him, changed her expression slightly. She came to salute and said in a panic, “Protector, please forgive me. I’ve tried my best to teach little Master. But he is ten months old, and can only say ‘mom’. I…”

Ordinary babies would speak a lot of words when they were in this age. Some intelligent babies would call their parents when they were seven months old. She had taken care of many babies over the years but had never seen such a stupid baby, who could only say “mom”.

“I see; you can leave first.”

Fang Yuan waved his hand. He was not surprised by this situation.

After the mammy left, Fang Yuan stepped into the room and picked up the baby skillfully. Ling Li, who was behind him, wanted to say something for a few times, but finally he sighed and gave up the idea of asking to hold the baby.

Seeing it, Fang Yuan remained his expression. He looked down at the active baby in his arms. A pair of indifferent eyes became gentle at the moment, “I named him Nian.”


Ling Li murmured, and the meaning of the name was self-evident.

“Li told me not to tell you anything.”

Fang Yuan’s tone was very gentle. It seemed that he worried about disturbing the baby. But he was resentful, which still shocked Ling Li.

“But I’m unconvinced! Why?! Her fate is cruel. In this life, not only didn’t she care for herself, but she paid so much silently for you. However, you didn’t know it and accepted it heartlessly, and you even resented her for her missing!”

Ling Li was depressed and his voice was low. He shook his head and murmured, “Resentment? How could I resent her? I just…”

He just missed Su Li so much that he quickened to annihilate Dongfang Family, which was the heavy burden for him, and then went to find her without hesitation.

But compared with what he had done for Su Li in recent years, these words were too useless.

Fang Yuan snorted and sneered, “I know what you are thinking about. Do you really think that Dongfang Family was so easily destroyed? If it wasn’t for Su Li to act in advance, you would have been wiped out by the force of Xiaoshen Palace behind Dongfang Family.”

“Xiaoshen Palace?!”

Ling Li was horrified, and couldn’t help rising his tone, “Is it the Xiaoshen Palace of spiritual circle?”

A year ago, the Xiaoshen Palace was suddenly destroyed by a mysterious force, which led to various rumors. There were also many rumors in Yinmo Cult. At that time, he speculated that it might be done by the Ghost Valley, but now according to Fang Yuan, it was —

“Spiritual Realm?”

Ling Li’s eyes flickered. Right, only the mysterious forces like Spiritual Realm could destroy the Xiaoshen Palace overnight.

Fang Yuan was colder, “It’s not Spiritual Realm! Ling Li, today I’ll let you know how much you owe Su Li!”

Ling Li took a deep breath and immediately bowed to Fang Yuan, who was slightly shocked.

“Please tell me everything! Otherwise, I will be restless all my life!”

Fang Yuan raised his eyebrows and indifferently said, “If you know the truth, you will suffer more. Are you sure that you want to know?”

Ling Li was slightly surprised, but nodded without hesitation.

“Please tell me the truth!”

Fang Yuan kept silent for a moment, and then recovered his expression, “Su Li, you choose the right one.”

Then he glanced at the little boy who was sucking his fingers. He said, “Although I hate to admit it, but… he is your son, so, don’t you hug him and take him away?”

Ling Li shook his head in pain and said, “I am… not qualified. After you finish your speaking, I will make plans.”

Fang Yuan was stunned, “All right.”

After a moment, at the quiet room of the valley,

Yin Xuetong served them with tea. She looked at Ling Li who was haggard and preoccupied. She did not say anything and then turned away.

After a long silence, Fang Yuan seemed to have his words organized and said finally,

“There is one thing that you should know. Your maid Ling Xian spread the false message, which almost made Li dead. Li’s only aunt Su Yue also died with a baby in her body.”

Ling Li covered his chest gently with his right hand and nodded silently. Fang Yuan repeated the old story, which tore his scabbed wound again.

Fang Yuan did not sympathize with him but continued, “But you only complained that Su Li killed Ling Xian. You did not care about her injuries, which was equally serious. The degree of severity was beyond your imagination. Those elixirs sent by you were useless, and at that time doctors even let us prepare for her later!”

Ling Li suddenly shrank his pupils, and said in a frightened voice, “How can be that, but afterwards…”

“Do you want to say that she was still fine?”

Fang Yuan squinted and said, “Hierarch Ling, think it carefully, or I will despise you.”

Ling Li pursed his lips and whispered, “Actually, Li was abnormal and it seemed that… she didn’t dare to use Xuangong easily. But I was busy with the things in Yinmo Cult at that time. Later, Su Li recovered as before so that I did not care. Now it seems…”


With a kind of glitter in his eyes, Fang Yuan said, “At that time, Su Li was like an hourglass.”

“An hourglass?”

As Ling Li changed his expression, Fang Yuan suddenly sneered and said, “Yes, in order to survive, to… carry on your meaningless wishes, she went on a path of no return.”

“Su Li gambled everything on a transient power. She controlled Nanjiang Country and Tianji Country for a few years, which was aimed at creating a peaceful environment for you.”

“But you bothered the ancient existence, so, she had to kill it at the cost of losing eight hundred foundation. When she came back, the old injuries relapsed. She must make a tactical matrix to pull through the difficulties. She succeeded, but it made her life to the end!”

“While she had only a little time, she still thought of paving the way for you. After making arrangements for her funeral, she went to the Xiaoshen Palace alone. Eventually, she and Old Ancestor of the Xiaoshen Palace… died together!”

“Ling Li, now you know… how much do you owe her?”

“If it weren’t her, how could it be so easy for you to dominate the martial arts circle?”

“If it weren’t her, you would still be in the peak of the inborn realm, and you couldn’t control Yinmo Cult completely!”

“If it weren’t her, you would have been slapped to death by the Old Ancestor of Xiaoshen Palace. Even your Ling Family wouldn’t exist in the world!”

At this moment, Fang Yuan became grimmer, “But, what did you and Ling Family do these years? Although I wished you would divorce Su Li, and let me keep her grave justifiably, I couldn’t believe you don’t know that your mother has been secretly collecting pictures of the girls from respectable families in this year. What did you do? There was only revenge in your eyes. Until Su Li died, you had never really done anything for her. You don’t deserve her!”


Anger erupted from Fang Yuan like a volcano, and the momentum was like the cold blade. It hit Ling Li immediately, because Ling Li didn’t use any force to protect his body.


The long sword was drawn from its sheath and placed on the neck of Ling Li who was in trance. Fang Yuan’s eyes were full of murder.

All he said was speculation, but… from what the old beggar and Qi Xianqing had said, he had speculated most of the fact. Even if some details were wrong, they were not important.

“Kill me.”

Ling Li became calm instantly, and his turbulent mind recovered as a pool of stagnant water. At the moment, the memories that he stayed with Su Li appeared in his mind one after another. Finally, … he could only recall their first meeting.Updates by vi p novel

Among the bright lights and stars, two people met. The girl was tearful, and the young man was puzzled, even with vigilance.

From then on, he was in debt. Until now… It was impossible to pay off the debt.

Well, he would pay for it with his life. Maybe… he would meet her in the underworld.

“That’s enough, stop.”

Suddenly, an old voice came, followed by a flash of black shadow. The short old beggar appeared, and his double fingers as aged bark caught Fang Yuan’s sword. Then the tip of the sword was broken with a sound “ding”.


Fang Yuan shrank his pupils and stopped at once. At the same time, there was a trace of fear in his mind. He was in a rage just now and almost lost his wits. If it weren’t the old beggar who stopped him, maybe he could… kill Ling Li!

Fang Yuan buckled the sword and stood there, a hint of regret flashing from his face. Even if he didn’t concern for the command of Su Li, he also thought for Nian. He could not let Nian lose his parents.

The old beggar looked at Ling Li, who was unsettling and didn’t noticed his arrival. Then he sighed slightly, “Wake up, perhaps everything… will take a turn.”

The words were plain, but like the rain drizzling Ling Li’s awareness. Thanks to it, he suddenly woke up and his eyes were full of bright light.

“A turn?”

He made a conscious voice, but only to find that his voice was as hoarse as the sound of polishing things.

He was in the peak of grief, caused by the state of mind, which could not be avoided though he had a high cultivation.

“Are you… the fortune teller?”

At this time, Ling Li recognized the old beggar. Obviously, he was the one who made a strange divination for Ling Li a few years ago.

The old beggar chuckled and looked at the two men, who were all genius in the world. There was the trace of the Mighty behind them, otherwise they would never be arranged beside the two Masters and even generated various entanglements.

But even the powerful Mighty had never expected that those two people did not affect Su Li, in contrast, it was clear that they had become her followers, being willing to obey her orders.

Of course, all this was based on that Su Li was still alive…

“Elder, what’s the turn?”

Fang Yuan frowned, showing a trace of urgency, “Is… Li not…?”

“Naturally, I do not know the life and death of Miss Su. But at the last moment of the destruction of Xiaoshen Palace, I felt the pneuma of the mirror spirit. Perhaps…”

Then, the old beggar stroked his beard, and didn’t say any words.

The eyes of Ling Li and Fang Yuan became bright instantly.

“Elder, you must make something clear, or you would not come. If we can do some helps, please tell us directly. If it can save the life of Li, we would… not recoil from death!”

Ling Li said with a sonorous voice, and he was decisive.

It was time to pay off the debt.

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