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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel)


Jian Wushuang was reborn in adversity. In order to get his revenge, he began to cultivate Heavenly Creation Skill. With the help of the Heaven defying cultivation method, Jian Wushuang gradually grew into a peerless genius from an ordinary practitioner. With a sword in hand, no one is his match. Using his extraordinary Sword Principle, he killed all his opponents and eventually became number one Sword Master from time immemorial.

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 2248 Attack2020-10-23
Chapter 2247 - Underestimate2020-10-22
Chapter 2246 Threaten2020-10-21
Chapter 2245 - Leave them to Me2020-10-21
Chapter 2244 - Direct Attack2020-10-21
Chapter 2243 Fear2020-10-20
Chapter 2242 Body of Undying.2020-10-20
Chapter 2241 Gathering the Assistants2020-10-19
Chapter 2240 Revenge2020-10-18
Chapter 2239 - Left in Hatred2020-10-18
Chapter 2238 Slaying the Dragon2020-10-17
Chapter 2237 Punisher God!2020-10-17
Chapter 2229 - Seven Star Divine Realm2020-10-13
Chapter 2236 Emperor Bai Makes his Move2020-10-17
Chapter 1331: The Last Permission for the Battle!2020-10-13
Chapter 2235 Reappearance2020-10-16
Chapter 2228 Jian Er2020-10-12
Chapter 2234 Three-way Split Up2020-10-15
Chapter 2227 Control2020-10-12
Chapter 2233 - Why the First Era Collapsed Part II2020-10-15
Chapter 2226 Execution2020-10-11
Chapter 2232 - Why the First Era Collapsed Part I2020-10-15
Chapter 2225 It Begins2020-10-11
Chapter 2231: Black Water Dragon2020-10-15
Chapter 2230 Too?2020-10-13
Chapter 2224 Apologising2020-10-10
Chapter 2223 Thunder-like Suppression2020-10-10
Chapter 2222 Xie Yu2020-10-09
Chapter 2221 - The Backing of Real Martial Arts Divine Church2020-10-09
Chapter 2220 Blood Slave2020-10-08
Chapter 2219 Reinforcements2020-10-08
Chapter 2218 The Bai2020-10-07
Chapter 2217 Real Martial Arts Divine Church2020-10-06
Chapter 2216 Abnormality2020-10-06
Chapter 2215 Palace Master2020-10-05
Chapter 2214 The Changes in the Lineage of Stars.2020-10-05
Chapter 2213 Fighting Power Skyrocketed2020-10-04
Chapter 2212 Sword Doctrine2020-10-04
Chapter 2211 Amateur2020-10-03
Chapter 2210 Sword Doctrine Trial Tower2020-10-03
Chapter 2209 Breakthrough2020-10-02
Chapter 2208 Heaven Suppressing Monument!2020-10-02
Chapter 2207 - Ancient Display2020-10-01
Chapter 2206 - Inside the Head2020-10-01
Chapter 2205 There can only be one2020-09-30
Chapter 2204 The Secret to Inverse Cultivation2020-09-30
Chapter 2203 The Emperor Bai in the Pas2020-09-29
Chapter 2202 Time for a change2020-09-29
Chapter 2201 Jian Wushuang’s Awakening2020-09-28
Chapter 2200 Master Wang2020-09-28
Chapter 2199 Awaken2020-09-27
Chapter 2198 Days of Slumber2020-09-27
Chapter 2197 Old Monsters in Deep Slumber2020-09-26
Chapter 2196 You Are Too Controlling!2020-09-26
Chapter 2195 Deep Slumber2020-09-25
Chapter 2194 Victory2020-09-25
Chapter 2193 Finally killed!2020-09-24
Chapter 2192 A figure2020-09-24
Chapter 2191 Last Hi2020-09-23
Chapter 2190 Goodbye2020-09-23
Chapter 2189 Nine Province Seal!2020-09-22
Chapter 2188 Mountain River Map, Out!2020-09-22
Chapter 2187 Unworthy Opponent.2020-09-21
Chapter 2186 Thousand Times the Fighting Power!2020-09-21
Chapter 2185 Blood Essence!2020-09-20
Chapter 2184 Half-Step Divine Demon2020-09-20
Chapter 2183 Leader of the Seven Stars.2020-09-19
Chapter 2182 Arrival of Emperor Thirteen.2020-09-19
Chapter 2181 Unstoppable!2020-09-18
Chapter 2180 Emperor Bai and the Blood Emperor2020-09-18
Chapter 2179 Power Suffocates2020-09-17
Chapter 2178 Chaotic Divine Demon2020-09-17
Chapter 2177 Blood Emperor2020-09-16
Chapter 2176 A Little More!2020-09-16
Chapter 2175 Hell on Earth!2020-09-15
Chapter 2174 Frenzy under the Crimson Ligh2020-09-15
Chapter 2173 Blood Red2020-09-14
Chapter 2172 Golden Light Scripture2020-09-14
Chapter 2171 Rematch With Demon King Chen Yu2020-09-13
Chapter 2170 Golden Armour2020-09-13
Chapter 2169 Opposing Blood!2020-09-12
Chapter 2168 Tragic Death of experts!2020-09-12
Chapter 2167 Self-Explosion2020-09-11
Chapter 2166 Demon2020-09-11
Chapter 2165 Something“s Not Righ2020-09-10
Chapter 2164 Final Battle!2020-09-10
Chapter 2163 Blood Emperor Sanctuary Grounds2020-09-09
Chapter 2162 Compromise2020-09-09
Chapter 2161 Ancient Blood Tribe2020-09-08
Chapter 2160 Emperor Beas2020-09-08
Chapter 2159 Killing Spree2020-09-08
Chapter 2158 Ancient Blood Beas2020-09-07
Chapter 2157 Ambushed2020-09-06
Chapter 2156 Ancient Blood Forbidden Ground2020-09-06
Chapter 2155 Blaton Search2020-09-05
Chapter 2154 That Move2020-09-05
Chapter 2153 Sweeping Three Emperors World2020-09-04
Chapter 2152 Victory!2020-09-04
Chapter 2151 Kaiser Blood“s Arrival2020-09-03
Chapter 2150 Overwhelming Superiority2020-09-03
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