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Let Me Game in Peace (Web Novel) - Chapter 690: Resurrection No More

Chapter 690: Resurrection No More

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With the monk-robed skeleton dead, Zhou Wen commanded Tyrant Behemoth to reinforce Truth Listener. The Companion Beasts and the others didn’t head over.

Apart from top-notch Companion Beasts with especially powerful bodies like Tyrant Behemoth and Truth Listener, the other creatures would die if they went up. The golden-winged bird’s speed was just too fast. One had to withstand its attacks head-on, but its attack power was especially powerful. Even ordinary Mythical Companion Beasts couldn’t withstand it.

With Tyrant Behemoth joining the fray, Truth Listener’s pressure decreased significantly, but the battle became even more intense.

It was similar to Truth Listener’s situation. Without the suppression of Absolute Strength, Tyrant Behemoth couldn’t touch the golden-winged bird. It was only an additional target to take a beating, sharing half the brunt of the firepower.

Zhou Wen had been using his mind to control Truth Listener, preventing it from shattering the second earring.

Firstly, it was easy to lose control when it was in its berserk state due to the shattering of the earring. Secondly, even if it killed the golden-winged bird, it would still be revived by Buddha Annihilation. It was useless to kill it. It was better to drag it out.

I’m really stupid. I should have thought of a way to kill the golden-winged bird first and leave behind the easier monk-robed skeleton. Zhou Wen suddenly realized that he had done something wrong.

“Chancellor Leng’s situation doesn’t seem too good,” An Sheng came to Zhou Wen’s side and said as he looked up into the sky.

Zhou Wen could also tell that Leng Zongzheng’s situation wasn’t good. His Demonic Organ Throne had been unable to suppress Buddha Annihilation despite all this time. Under such circumstances, the party taking the initiative to attack would suffer.

Once the opponent found a chance to counterattack, Leng Zongzheng would be in danger.

“The battle between the two of them is almost at the peak of the Mythical stage. Our strength isn’t enough to interfere in the battle. Even if we rely on Companion Beasts to influence the direction of the battle, we need to find an appropriate opportunity.” Zhou Wen sighed and said, “If my Torch Dragon Youngling hadn’t expended too much energy, it might have the ability to forcefully change the battle’s trajectory, but it won’t work now.”

An Sheng smiled and said, “Young Master Wen, don’t worry. The quality and quantity of your Companion Beasts are enough to stand tall amongst the Federation. Even the people with the most Companion Beasts in the six hero families are probably inferior to you. If you can’t even leave this place, no one in the Federation will be able to.”

Zhou Wen knew that An Sheng was trying to relieve the pressure on him, so he said with a smile, “That’s not necessarily the case. At the very least, Primordial Sword Immortal and Death of the Underworld aren’t weaker on the rankings than my Behemoth.”

“Those kinds of Companion Beasts are rare even among the six families. Whoever has one is already considered extremely lucky. How could one have so many like you? Let me do a count. Torch Dragon, Behemoth, and that Companion Beast that looks like a golden ape. Ignoring the other ordinary Mythical creatures, you already have three top-notch Mythical creatures that can attempt first place. You can be considered unprecedented,” An Sheng sighed.

Zhou Wen shook his head. Now, these top Companion Beasts weren’t able to help him rush out of the Buddhist kingdom. Life and death remained unknown.

Sometimes, miracles happen in this world.

Behemoth and Truth Listener couldn’t keep up with the golden-winged bird’s speed. They were originally getting beaten up, and Zhou Wen only wanted them to hold back the golden-winged bird.

To his surprise, Truth Listener had actually gotten lucky. It had accidentally caught the golden-winged bird’s wings when it was clawing wildly.

This surprise was unexpected to the golden-winged bird and Truth Listener. This was also a testament to the benefits of having low intelligence. Under the same circumstances, Truth Listener, who wasn’t intelligent, had a reaction that exceeded its brain. It instinctively grabbed the golden-winged bird’s wings and threw it over its shoulder, slamming it to the ground.


Having seized this opportunity, how could the two terrifying creatures give up? Behemoth sat on the golden-winged bird’s body and slammed its head. Truth Listener stood in front of the golden-winged bird and ripped off its wings.

The golden-winged bird had a huge advantage in speed, but its body wasn’t stronger than Truth Listener or Behemoth’s. Under the two beasts’ barrage of attacks, it was quickly killed.

Zhou Wen was chatting with An Sheng when he realized that it was too late to stop them from killing the golden-winged bird.

Seeing that the golden-winged bird’s head had been smashed in, it was no longer able to live.

Zhou Wen wanted to retrieve the golden-winged bird’s invisible flames using the Hell King’s Eye, but he realized that he couldn’t. After the golden-winged bird died, the invisible flames on its body automatically dissipated into the world.

Could it be that I have to kill a creature myself to absorb the invisible flames on its body? Zhou Wen guessed the reason.

Upon dying, Buddha Annihilation once again used its power to revive them.

The Buddhistic glow illuminated and purified the golden Buddha kingdom with no way of stopping it.

Just as Zhou Wen thought he had to kill the monk-robed skeleton and the golden-winged bird again, he realized something strange.

The golden-winged bird and the two Golden Battle God Halberds were reborn, but the monk-robed skeleton didn’t reincarnate this time. It was nowhere to be seen.

Strange, why hasn’t the monk-robed skeleton been reborn? Could it be that Buddha’s Annihilation’s strength is insufficient to revive the monk-robed skeleton? That’s not right. The golden-winged bird is even stronger than the monk-robed skeleton; yet, it can be revived. The two Golden Battle God Halberds can also be reborn. There’s no reason for the monk-robed skeleton to not have the strength to be reborn…

Zhou Wen’s eyes lit up as he suddenly thought of a possibility. Previously, when the monk-robed skeleton died, I used the Hell King’s Eye to absorb the invisible flames on its body. Could this be the reason why it couldn’t be reborn again?

“Young Master Wen, look. That monk-robed skeleton didn’t revive this time. Did Buddha Annihilation expend too much of its energy and have no way of reviving the monk-robed skeleton?” An Sheng couldn’t see Zhou Wen absorbing the invisible flames with the Hell King’s Eye, so his conclusion was similar to Zhou Wen’s first thought.

“I think I might know how to prevent them from being revived,” Zhou Wen said as he impatiently charged at the two Golden Battle God Halberds.

Tyrant Behemoth and Truth Listener also charged at the golden-winged bird and began their painful battle again.

Zhou Wen opened the Hell King’s Eye and snapped the two Golden Battle God Halberds. At the same time, he absorbed the invisible flames from their bodies. This time, the process was very smooth. He absorbed all of them in one go.

Zhou Wen couldn’t wait to know if they would revive later.

An Sheng seemed to sense something when he saw Zhou Wen slice through the Golden Battle God Halberd, but he didn’t know what Zhou Wen had done.

Be it the Hell King’s Eye or the invisible fire, they were invisible to the naked eye. An Sheng had no idea that Zhou Wen had absorbed the invisible fire with his Hell King’s Eye, so he naturally had no way of guessing.

Now, there’s only the golden-winged bird left. Zhou Wen thought for a moment and summoned the Great Might Vajra Bull. He took the opportunity and made it use the Soul Suppression Bell, causing the golden-winged bird to instantly feel dizzy.

Zhou Wen originally wanted to rush over, but to his surprise, Behemoth became dizzy but Truth Listener didn’t. It immediately grabbed the dizzy golden-winged bird.

Following that, it carried out another round of battery. The two monster-like Companion Beasts beat the golden-winged bird until it was half dead before Zhou Wen went up and killed it in one strike.

After absorbing the invisible flames from the golden-winged bird, Zhou Wen looked at Buddha Annihilation again.

However, this time, Buddha Annihilation didn’t use its resurrection ability. It appeared to be as Zhou Wen had expected. Buddha Annihilation’s resurrection wasn’t done without reason; it needed the invisible fire as its foundation. Now that the invisible fire was gone, Buddha Annihilation no longer had a target to use the skill.

“Young Master Wen, how did you do it?” An Sheng asked Zhou Wen in surprise.

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