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Letting Loose After Marrying A Tycoon (Web Novel)




Emperor Song


Fantasy Josei Romance

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The number one socialite, Song Ci, marries the worst handicapped man, Han Zhan!

Everyone laughs at Song Ci for being blind and leaving the rich and handsome second son of the Chuan Dong Group to marry a handicapped nobody. Only she knows that soon, this person will become the richest man in Wangdong City.

…Song Ci has been reborn to the summer when she was 22. Her sister who was killed by her adoptive father in her last life is still alive, the man who let her down is madly pursuing her, and the man who is out of reach for the entire Wangdong City is still a nobody.

In this life, Song Ci will tear the scum with her hands, protect her family, and marry the most beautiful love!

One day, a good friend asks Song Ci, “How do you feel after the wedding, how is Brother Han? Is he considerate or not?”

Song Ci: “Everything else is good; it’s just a little too big.”

Han Zhan, who is eavesdropping is delighted, only to hear his wife grumble.

“It’s said that every three years is a generation gap. I’m three generations from him. It’s so difficult to communicate with him. He doesn’t use emoji when chatting…”

Infuriated, Han Zhan wears an aggrieved look resembling an emoji.

After marrying the older man, Han Zhan, Song Ci drinks rejuvenating tea, wears thermal pants, puts on stockings, and lives a life of no worries.

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 117: Master Cheng, Can You Accompany Me? (1)2021-01-14
Chapter 116: Taking Abortion Pills2021-01-14
Chapter 115: Han Zhan: Little Brat, Am I Scared Of You?2021-01-13
Chapter 114: Just Jealous2021-01-13
Chapter 113: Han Zhan, I’ve Killed Someone Before2021-01-12
Chapter 112: A Man’s Possessiveness2021-01-12
Chapter 111: Godmothers are Big Bosses2021-01-11
Chapter 110: Evil Rich Bitch2021-01-11
Chapter 109: Brother Han has a Family Member2021-01-10
Chapter 108: Just a Face of a Human, But Heart of an Animal2021-01-10
Chapter 107: Su Beibei2021-01-09
Chapter 106: Online Lover2021-01-09
Chapter 105: Song Ci is an Immature Ingrate2021-01-08
Chapter 104: Only Han Zhan2021-01-08
Chapter 103: Confess, Brother Han2021-01-07
Chapter 102: Doggy Ci2021-01-07
Chapter 101: Elder Brother is Like His Father2021-01-06
Chapter 100: Cheng Yanmo VS Mu Qiu2021-01-06
Chapter 99: Your Neck Is Very Pretty2021-01-05
Chapter 98: Possessiveness Taking Over2021-01-05
Chapter 97: She was The Woman Who Dumped Han Zhan2021-01-05
Chapter 97: She was The Woman Who Dumped Han Zhan2021-01-04
Chapter 96: The Ex and Current Gather in the Same Room2021-01-04
Chapter 95: Long-Haired Princess Du Xueyan2021-01-03
Chapter 94: Pervert, Old Pervert2021-01-03
Chapter 93: A fragile friendship2021-01-02
Chapter 92: You Can have a Child, Once You are 55kg2021-01-02
Chapter 91: She is Truly a Good Wife2021-01-01
Chapter 90: You Can’t Find a Girlfriend, No Matter How Sweet Your Mouth is2021-01-01
Chapter 89: Song Ci’s Mother2020-12-31
Chapter 88: She was His Home2020-12-31
Chapter 87: Please be a Beast2020-12-30
Chapter 86: Brother Han Sitting in Economy Class2020-12-30
Chapter 85: Is it Okay if I Buy You a Bag?2020-12-29
Chapter 84: Cheng Yanmo2020-12-29
Chapter 83: A Shocking Night2020-12-28
Chapter 82: Why Didn’t You Die in the Earthquake?2020-12-28
Chapter 81: This Brother Is Good At Acting2020-12-28
Chapter 80: He Deserves To Be Rich All His Life2020-12-28
Chapter 79: Bucket List2020-12-28
Chapter 78: Han Zhan’s Mother2020-12-28
Chapter 77: The Han Family Men Won’t Marry Twice.2020-12-28
Chapter 76: Grandpa Likes Girls who Could Eat2020-12-28
Chapter 75: Baby Ci2020-12-28
Chapter 74: Grandpa’s Visit2020-12-24
Chapter 73: Brother Han Buys Durians2020-12-23
Chapter 72: Hero’s Hand2020-12-23
Chapter 71: It’s Very Hard to Restrain Myself in Front of You2020-12-22
Chapter 70: Don’t Drink Nourishing Tea, Just Drink Vinegar2020-12-22
Chapter 69: Madam and that Pretty Boy Have Something Going On2020-12-21
Chapter 68: Let’s Date2020-12-21
Chapter 68: Let’s Date2020-12-21
Chapter 67: He Belittled Himself2020-12-21
Chapter 66: Call Her Sister-in-Law2020-12-21
Chapter 65: Blame It On My Good Looks2020-12-21
Chapter 64: No Stealing Nor Snatching, My Conscience is Clean2020-12-21
Chapter 63: Blame2020-12-21
Chapter 62: The Top Socialite’s Man2020-12-21
Chapter 61: A Serious Question2020-12-21
Chapter 60: Just Make Use of Me2020-12-04
Chapter 59: A Year’s Worth of Sleeping Funds2020-12-04
Chapter 58: He is Han Zhan, My Husband2020-12-04
Chapter 57: Brother Han Isn’t Scary, Brother Han is Very Steady2020-12-04
Chapter 56: Brother Han, She Bullied Me2020-12-04
Chapter 55: You Are Too Biased2020-12-04
Chapter 54: Testing Each Other2020-12-04
Chapter 53: He is Handicapped2020-12-04
Chapter 52: These Long Socks Represent Brother Han’s Love And Care2020-12-04
Chapter 51: Getting A Marriage Certificate2020-12-04
Chapter 50: Mu Mian, Don’t You Have Any Regrets?2020-12-04
Chapter 49: Pregnant2020-12-04
Chapter 48: Brother Han’s Public Declaration Of His Relationship2020-12-04
Chapter 47: Old But Full Of Vigor?2020-12-04
Chapter 46: Put On Some Weight, It’s Good For Child-Bearing2020-12-04
Chapter 45: It’s Not Easy to Keep a Stepford Wife2020-12-04
Chapter 44: First Day of Cohabitation, Exciting2020-12-04
Chapter 43: Is Brother Han Jealous?2020-12-04
Chapter 42: Untitled2020-12-04
Chapter 41: I’m Scared2020-12-04
Chapter 40: Have Fun2020-12-04
Chapter 39: Brother Han is So Handsome That Song Ci Cannot Resist2020-12-04
Chapter 38: Han Zhan: I Am Not Single2020-12-04
Chapter 37: The Han Family House Rules2020-12-04
Chapter 36: Mu Mian is Suspicious2020-12-04
Chapter 35: Han Zhan: Uncle Mu2020-12-04
Chapter 34: Put Your Name On My Family Register, Lock You Up in My House2020-12-04
Chapter 33: Blame It On Her Good Looks2020-12-04
Chapter 32: Showdown With Han Zhan2020-12-04
Chapter 31: Who Said No Improper Proposals?2020-12-04
Chapter 30: Take Me Away, Han Zhan2020-12-04
Chapter 29: Accident2020-12-04
Chapter 28: An Old, Dried-Up Plant Finally Blossoms2020-12-04
Chapter 27: Song Ci’s Birthday Party2020-12-04
Chapter 26: Is She Trying to Seduce Me?2020-12-04
Chapter 25: Cunning Song Ci2020-12-04
Chapter 24: Song Fei is Not Allowed to Live2020-12-04
Chapter 23: The Truth About the Adoption2020-12-04
Chapter 22: Song Ci Has Great Acting Skills2020-12-04
Chapter 21: Song Fei Wakes Up2020-12-04
Chapter 20: A Sneaky Plan2020-12-04
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