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Long Live Summons! (Web Novel) - Chapter 813.2 [ Extinction, Instant Kill, Tribute ]

Chapter 813.2 [ Extinction, Instant Kill, Tribute ]

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Yue Yang, who’s left hand probed the chest of the Earth Demon, pressed slightly.

After the innate supreme enlightenment and the power of the wheel of extinction has been transformed, spinning pole and turn.

The ancient runes are no longer hidden as before, but fully present at the moment of birth, displaying its world-destroying power.

Stronger and deeper ancient runes appeared on Yue Yang’s brow, his left hand and the core of the wheel of extinction. With Yue Yang’s innate supreme divine sense, the power of the minor laws and the exterminating might of the wheel of extinction, the three were united and cut into the chest of the Earth Demon.

This chop does not cut the enemy’s body in half, as it did before.

Rather, it includes soul, will, and energy.

Uniformly cuts open.

Finally, give a blow as powerful as the one that extinguished the world!

Yue Yang has only just stepped into the realm of the Heavenly Supreme, the power of the enlightenment, not enough to truly play the power of the wheel of extinction, if Yue Yang reaches the tenth level of the Heavenly Supreme, into the sacred supreme, then the power emitted, is the real ‘divine power’, a strike, will really cause the destruction of the world, and not just kill an enemy so simply!

The wheel of extinction, which cut through the front chest of the Earth Demon, pierced out from the back.

The huge incomparable image will stand the earth devil all for open, but the strange thing is, the Earth Demon’s body did not split into two, the original nothing can not defend the heavenly devil divine armor, for the cut of the wheel of destruction also did not have any obstacle, as if do not know that the wheel of destruction break through the body.

After Yue Yang had finished casting this wheel of extinction, which had regained its true strength after the enlightenment of the realm of the ascended supreme, his entire body felt extremely tired.

Sweating and panting like a bull.

It was more tiring than the usual three hours of continuous combat.

Princess Qian Qian with a little shock went up to hold Yue Yang’s arm …… just now the flash of the ancient Rune, not only Yue Yang’s power drained, she and Xue Wu Xia also felt a burst of powerlessness, with slight dizziness.

The entire Earth Demon Palace ruins also had an irreversible impact.

The debris frost, rock steps ground, all turned into a vortex of destruction form, the surrounding space of any life destroyed.

Not in the awakening of the group of ice sculptures, because the seal time is too long, there are not many left alive, they first in the golden giant’s pressure annihilated a few, only two left, and because Yue Yang full force to perform the wheel of extinction presented by the ancient runes, instantly flying ashes and smoke away. Ice sculptures scattered, their bodies all let the wheel of extinction into nothingness, except for a few faded treasure books, nothing left.

“The wheel of extinction can be so strong!” Even though Xue Wu Xia had the Book of Truth, she did not know that the wheel of extinction cast by Yue Yang after reaching the Ascended Supreme was so terrifying.

“……” Yue Yang breathed heavily, not bothering to answer, in fact, he couldn’t think of it.

The Earth Demon, who was hit by the wheel of extinction, is not yet dead.

It’s just that life is cut off.

The Heavenly Demon Armor on his body came off automatically.

A storage ring, followed by an earth magic axe fell, snake hair pattern also can not be maintained, he reverted to a hideous-looking demon, and that let the little Wen Li nailed to the ice wall also under the wheel of the extinction life guardian war beast demon somewhat similar.

The earth demon seems to want to walk towards his life guardian war beast, but just after taking a step, his body produces a slight tremor.

An uncontrollable stagger, the earth demon under control.

The second step, the life guardian war beast in front of the Earth Demon, that by the silver-haired old man transformed into a hideous demon then into a stream of light, in mid-air in all directions, but not like the death of other life guardian war beasts and then back to the body of the master of the Earth Demon …… snapped, the Earth Demon’s summoning treasure code fell to the ground, quickly fell out of order, the color dull, a ray of energy light gradually weak, as the life of the master.

The Earth Demon almost kneeled on the ground when his knees went weak, but he struggled and steadily stood.

“You are very strong, if not sealed for tens of thousands of years, the current me is not a match for you. If I had great strength, I would have challenged you in your strongest state, but because of the situation outside, I no longer have time to wait, I desperately need to become stronger. Earth Demon Dweller, you are not defeated by my hands, but by fate.” Yue Yang paid a slight tribute to the Earth Demon venerable.

“My fate was sealed tens of thousands of years ago, and it is better to die like this than to continue to live! Young man, thank you, if you see His Majesty the Heavenly Demon, please tell him that I am relieved.”

The Earth Demon bent down and reached out to take out the piece set inside the chest armor of the Heavenly Demon God.

Swipe it lightly.

It was then tossed to Yue Yang.

Finally, stand strong and straight again.

He just kept a javelin-like straight body, has been standing, even if the pupils spread, life all cut off, but also die and not fall …… that even if Yue Yang decapitated him with the wheel of extinction, he is also the year arrogantly across the entire heavenly realm of the Earth Demon.

Yue Yang looked at the exquisite ‘Heavenly Devil Order’ in his hand, silently put it into his bosom, and then gave a salute to the Earth Demon.

He waved his hand and sprinkled a ball of nirvana fire.

Burning up the corpse of the Earth Demon.

This is the first time, Yue Yang after killing a powerful opponent, not to collect the corpse as flower fertilizer or dog food, the first time to sincerely respect the enemy’s corpse. If the Earth Demon was at its peak, Yue Yang would not necessarily be able to hit this powerful enemy even if he used the wheel of extinction. Before the wheel of extinction killed in seconds, the Earth Demon had let the law seal weaken and was heavily damaged by the golden giant’s might, and even let Xue Wu Xia, Princess Qian Qian, Little Wen Li and the Storm Goddess strike them repeatedly.

Such an enemy deserves Yue Yang’s respect …… he is not the first to fall in time long eliminator, and will not be the last, but he definitely deserves to be recorded in Yue Yang’s growth history.

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