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Losing Money to Be a Tycoon (Web Novel)


I really just want to lose money! T_T

Best boss ever, prodigy of the business world, genius creator, visionary of the century.

These are the descriptions used for Pei Qian, President of Tengda Corporation.

Ever since his rebirth, Pei Qian finds himself in possession of a system that rewards him if he manages to lose money.

Instantly, a brilliant idea comes to mind — making crappy games!

“If the game flops, all my investment cost will be lost!”

“How difficult can it be to lose money?”

Indeed… how difficult can it be?

620 • 2020-05-26 11:16:38


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 437 A Series of Codes2020-10-22
Chapter 436 The Game was Not Meant for Ordinary People2020-10-22
Chapter 435 Pick Yourself Up from where You’ve Fallen Down2020-10-21
Chapter 434 Emphasize On The Disadvantages Of Our Cell Phones!2020-10-21
Chapter 433 Zhongdian Chinese Network’s First Order2020-10-21
Chapter 432 Otto E12020-10-21
Chapter 431 Modest in Dan Dao Hui2020-10-20
Chapter 430 Lu Zhiyao’s Interview, Help from an Eminent Person2020-10-20
Chapter 429 The Pride Only a Tengda Employee Knew2020-10-18
Chapter 428 One Website was Extremely Stable!2020-10-18
Chapter 427 Boss Pei, Should We Continue to Sell the Shares?2020-10-17
Chapter 426 Changing Movie Review Rating2020-10-17
Chapter 425 Remedy2020-10-17
Chapter 424 Boss Pei was Moved to Tears2020-10-17
Chapter 423 Premiere of the Film2020-10-15
Chapter 422 Row Piece Rate2020-10-15
Chapter 421 Venturing into a Sinking Market was Wise!2020-10-15
Chapter 420 The Method of Selling is a Problem2020-10-15
Chapter 419 Boss Li’s Plan2020-10-15
Chapter 418 Wu Bin’s Summary2020-10-14
Chapter 417 Boss Pei in Good Times2020-10-14
Chapter 416 E-Sports Club2020-10-12
Chapter 415 This Question Has A Correct Answer!2020-10-12
Chapter 414 Resume Work Earlier? No Way!2020-10-12
Chapter 413 Boss Pei wouldn’t Bear a Grudge, Would He?2020-10-11
Chapter 412 Blessing for Spring Festival2020-10-11
Chapter 411 Happy Chinese New Year2020-10-09
Chapter 410 Best Employee Selection2020-10-09
Chapter 409 Winners of the Zero Overtime Competition2020-10-08
Chapter 408 The Tengda Wealth Contained Within The Tengda Spirit!2020-10-08
Chapter 407 Discouraging Investors2020-10-07
Chapter 406 Another Reason to Move to Jingzhou!2020-10-07
Chapter 405 Giving Ruan Guangjian a Farewell Surprise2020-10-06
Chapter 404 It’s a Small Matter, and I’m Done2020-10-06
Chapter 403 What Happened Over the Past Week or So?2020-10-05
Chapter 402 How to Thank Boss Pei2020-10-05
Chapter 401 A Tailor-Made Position2020-10-05
Chapter 400 The Butterfly Game2020-10-05
Chapter 399 Teachable!2020-10-05
Chapter 398 Adopt a Different Approach to the Tengda Spirit2020-10-04
Chapter 397 Both Humans, Different Treatments2020-10-04
Chapter 396 A Bunch of Hard Workers!2020-10-04
Chapter 395 Danger!2020-10-04
Chapter 394 Boss Pei is Threatened?2020-10-04
Chapter 393 Movie Schedule2020-09-30
Chapter 392 Not One Person is to Leave; I’ll Treat Them!2020-09-30
Chapter 391 Who Else?!2020-09-29
Chapter 390 The No-Show Walks into the Trap2020-09-29
Chapter 389 The First Student2020-09-28
Chapter 388 Boss Pei, I Understand, I’m not a Three-Year-Old2020-09-28
Chapter 387 Zero Overtime Competition2020-09-28
Chapter 386 Many Problems had Occurred2020-09-27
Chapter 385 Zhongdian Chinese Network’s Classes2020-09-27
Chapter 384 What Should I Draw?2020-09-26
Chapter 383 Artist’s Impression of the Phone Booth2020-09-26
Chapter 382 You Call This a Phone Booth?2020-09-25
Chapter 381 I Am Timid, Ruan Guangjian2020-09-25
Chapter 380 Advertisements in the Movie2020-09-24
Chapter 379 My Only Requirement is that It Must be Easy to Take Down2020-09-24
Chapter 378 What is Venture Capitalism?2020-09-23
Chapter 377 There Doesn’t seem Much for Him to ‘Direct’2020-09-23
Chapter 376 The Initial Plan for the Haunted House2020-09-23
Chapter 375 Whoever Earned Money Should Spend It2020-09-23
Chapter 374 First Stab in the Back of the Year 2011!2020-09-21
Chapter 373 The Halo Effect2020-09-21
Chapter 372 Don’t Blame Me for Being Ruthless!2020-09-20
Chapter 371 I’m Still the One at Fault?2020-09-20
Chapter 370 Coin-Scattering Hedgehog2020-09-19
Chapter 369 What is the Tengda Spirit?2020-09-19
Chapter 368 Realization of the Tengda Spirit2020-09-19
Chapter 367 Boss Li’s Collaboration Plan2020-09-19
Chapter 366 1024 Digital Day’s Side-Effects!2020-09-17
Chapter 365 An Essential for Martial Artists2020-09-17
Chapter 364 One Must Overthink2020-09-16
Chapter 363 Insane Travel Itinerary2020-09-16
Chapter 362 Rigged!2020-09-15
Chapter 361 Tengda is Not Treating Me Like an Outsider!2020-09-15
Chapter 360 There are… Problems with the Test Questions!2020-09-14
Chapter 359 The Annual Meeting’s Theme2020-09-14
Chapter 358 New Employee Handbook2020-09-13
Chapter 357 Placement Advertisements2020-09-13
Chapter 356 You are not Worthy of Raising His Child!2020-09-12
Chapter 355 Guessing Boss Pei’s Intention-Difficulty Level High2020-09-12
Chapter 354 There Was Deep Meaning Behind Boss Pei’s Process!2020-09-11
Chapter 353 Boss Ma is Not a Rookie, He is Just Targeted by the Game Settings2020-09-11
Chapter 352 Constantly Comparing Oneself to Others would only Make One Angrier2020-09-10
Chapter 351 OTTO OS2020-09-10
Chapter 350 Vanished from the Face of the Earth?2020-09-10
Chapter 349 It was Perfectly Fine Before He Came Over2020-09-08
Chapter 348 Caught Those Dogs2020-09-08
Chapter 347 I Want to Invest in the Most Unwanted Project!2020-09-07
Chapter 346 I’ve Decided to Move my Workspace to Jingzhou!2020-09-07
Chapter 345 The Pendulum Rides were Too Fun!2020-09-06
Chapter 344 How did Boss Pei Know I Like Those?2020-09-06
Chapter 343 Things were Not So Simple!2020-09-06
Chapter 342 The Person who worked Overtime Secretly2020-09-06
Chapter 341 An Act Triggered by a Can of Beer2020-09-05
Chapter 340 Guardian of Justice: Modest2020-09-05
Chapter 339 Encourager ‘Glabella’2020-09-03
Chapter 338 How Could You Believe In Such Metaphysics?!2020-09-03
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