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Losing Money to Be a Tycoon (Web Novel)


I really just want to lose money! T_T

Best boss ever, prodigy of the business world, genius creator, visionary of the century.

These are the descriptions used for Pei Qian, President of Tengda Corporation.

Ever since his rebirth, Pei Qian finds himself in possession of a system that rewards him if he manages to lose money.

Instantly, a brilliant idea comes to mind — making crappy games!

“If the game flops, all my investment cost will be lost!”

“How difficult can it be to lose money?”

Indeed… how difficult can it be?

620 • 2020-05-26 11:16:38


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 515 Boss Pei’s Immunity2020-11-30
Chapter 514 Boss Pei and Big Boss Ruan’s Hidden Friendship2020-11-30
Chapter 513 It was the Right Decision to Move the Workspace to Jingzhou!2020-11-29
Chapter 512 Traveler Bao Xu2020-11-29
Chapter 511 The Very First Secret Service Conference2020-11-28
Chapter 510 Fish-Catching Take-Out’s Shop Number One2020-11-28
Chapter 509 Boss Pei’s New Neighbor2020-11-28
Chapter 508 You will Enjoy a Better View with Boss Pei, and then You will Understand2020-11-28
Chapter 507 Why does Boss Pei Use a Sledgehammer to Kill Chicken?2020-11-28
Chapter 506 Lessons Learned from Failure2020-11-28
Chapter 505 It’s About Time to Open Branches!2020-11-28
Chapter 504 Boss Ma KO’ed o to 282020-11-25
Chapter 503 Back to a Familiar Place2020-11-25
Chapter 502 Teacher He, Can You Share Your Experience in Failing?2020-11-25
Chapter 501 Tengda Games’ Counterattack2020-11-23
Chapter 500 Boss Pei’s Mind Map2020-11-23
Chapter 499 Lower Standards for Good Employees2020-11-22
Chapter 498 I Knew I chose the Wrong Person!2020-11-22
Chapter 497 Cultivating Subordinate Team with Absolute Loyalty2020-11-22
Chapter 496 Your Reasoning Skills are very Impressive2020-11-21
Chapter 495 I can’t Tell What Your Real Standard Is2020-11-21
Chapter 494 Who would Dare to Teach Boss Pei?2020-11-21
Chapter 493 GOG’s Creative Community2020-11-19
Chapter 492 Should He Offer Guidance or Not?2020-11-19
Chapter 491 DGE Esports Club2020-11-19
Chapter 490 You Missed Out on a Hidden Condition2020-11-19
Chapter 489 Crowdfund to Make a Game2020-11-19
Chapter 488 Keeper of the Encourager cum Commander of the Secret Service2020-11-19
Chapter 487 Four Bare Walls2020-11-19
Chapter 486 Speedy Success?2020-11-19
Chapter 485 Additional Services for Sloth Apartments2020-11-19
Chapter 484 A Constructor that Fits the Bill2020-11-19
Chapter 483 I’m Buying This Building!2020-11-19
Chapter 482 The Mysterious ‘Sun Never Sets’ House Type2020-11-19
Chapter 481 What is Shock Therapy?2020-11-19
Chapter 480 Boss Pei’s Foresight and Dog-Eat-Dog Tactics2020-11-19
Chapter 479 Great Grandmaster Ruan Guangjian2020-11-19
Chapter 478 Is This Some Sort of Daily Training?2020-11-19
Chapter 477 Let Me Change This Industry Then!2020-11-19
Chapter 476 Don’t You Want to Hear How Much I’m Going to Pay You First?2020-11-19
Chapter 475 Deposit Fitness2020-11-19
Chapter 474 Walking the Way of Teacher Qiao, Force Him to Have Nowhere to Go2020-11-19
Chapter 473 ‘Bow Down To Reality’ Game: Struggle2020-11-19
Chapter 472 Old Master Lin Changed His Mind2020-11-09
Chapter 471 Retire and Give Room to Better Men2020-11-09
Chapter 470 Settlement2020-11-08
Chapter 469 Instant Shock!2020-11-08
Chapter 468 We’ve Figured It Out!2020-11-08
Chapter 467 Tengda Cornerstone Award2020-11-08
Chapter 466 I’m Not Bad Either2020-11-06
Chapter 465 Things will Change once Boss Pei Thinks about It2020-11-06
Chapter 464 Kind Warnings Wasted on Those who Deserved to Die2020-11-06
Chapter 463 Boss Pei was Testing You!2020-11-04
Chapter 462 It was Supposed to be a Good Day2020-11-04
Chapter 461 That Just So Happens to be Our Country’s Retirement Age2020-11-04
Chapter 460 This is the Friendship Between Boss Pei and Big Boss Ruan!2020-11-04
Chapter 459 You’ve Moved Over So Quickly?!2020-11-04
Chapter 458 Boss Pei, You Said You Won’t Invest!2020-11-04
Chapter 457 Boss Pei’s Skill in Turning Stone into Gold2020-11-04
Chapter 456 The Pain and Pride of a Producer2020-11-04
Chapter 455 Third Episode of Products of the Gods2020-10-31
Chapter 454 Start Scattering Coins2020-10-31
Chapter 453 Sorry, Boss Pei, You have to Wait for a while2020-10-31
Chapter 452 Boss Pei is Very Strict2020-10-31
Chapter 451 Boss Pei’s True Intentions2020-10-29
Chapter 450 Backup is Here, Backup has Fallen!2020-10-29
Chapter 449FlyingStar Journey2020-10-28
Chapter 448 The Savior Has Arrived!2020-10-28
Chapter 447 A Little Game2020-10-27
Chapter 446 I Turned Around for a Moment and Earned Another Five Million Yuan2020-10-27
Chapter 445 Boss Pei, How Should We Spend the Twenty Million Yuan?2020-10-26
Chapter 444 He Desheng, the Expert at Bargaining2020-10-26
Chapter 443 What to Enter on the Input Fields2020-10-26
Chapter 442 New Password2020-10-25
Chapter 441 Did It Mean I can only Mass-Produce in Tears?2020-10-24
Chapter 440 Boss Pei’s Psychology2020-10-24
Chapter 439 This News Conference is so Interesting2020-10-23
Chapter 438 The News Conference Begins2020-10-23
Chapter 437 A Series of Codes2020-10-22
Chapter 436 The Game was Not Meant for Ordinary People2020-10-22
Chapter 435 Pick Yourself Up from where You’ve Fallen Down2020-10-21
Chapter 434 Emphasize On The Disadvantages Of Our Cell Phones!2020-10-21
Chapter 433 Zhongdian Chinese Network’s First Order2020-10-21
Chapter 432 Otto E12020-10-21
Chapter 431 Modest in Dan Dao Hui2020-10-20
Chapter 430 Lu Zhiyao’s Interview, Help from an Eminent Person2020-10-20
Chapter 429 The Pride Only a Tengda Employee Knew2020-10-18
Chapter 428 One Website was Extremely Stable!2020-10-18
Chapter 427 Boss Pei, Should We Continue to Sell the Shares?2020-10-17
Chapter 426 Changing Movie Review Rating2020-10-17
Chapter 425 Remedy2020-10-17
Chapter 424 Boss Pei was Moved to Tears2020-10-17
Chapter 423 Premiere of the Film2020-10-15
Chapter 422 Row Piece Rate2020-10-15
Chapter 421 Venturing into a Sinking Market was Wise!2020-10-15
Chapter 420 The Method of Selling is a Problem2020-10-15
Chapter 419 Boss Li’s Plan2020-10-15
Chapter 418 Wu Bin’s Summary2020-10-14
Chapter 417 Boss Pei in Good Times2020-10-14
Chapter 416 E-Sports Club2020-10-12
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