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Martial God Asura (Web Novel)


One night a mysterious and unexplained phenomenon occurs in the nine provinces. Five years later Chu Feng, a regular outer disciple of the Azure Dragon school, awakens one of the mysterious nine lightning beasts. And discovers an egg sealed inside him.

From there we follow Chu Feng on his path of cultivation.

3879 • 2019-03-21 12:05:03


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 4625: Purplehaze Ghost King Pearl2021-01-15
Chapter 4624: Infuriated2021-01-14
Chapter 4623: Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk2021-01-13
Chapter 4622: The Real God Here2021-01-12
Chapter 4621: A Different Attitude2021-01-11
Chapter 4620: Sharp Shrieks2021-01-10
Chapter 4619: A True Big Thigh2021-01-09
Chapter 4618: The Most Useless One2021-01-08
Chapter 4617: I Thought You Want To Do a Good Deed?2021-01-07
Chapter 4616: Unique Treasure2021-01-06
Chapter 4615: Thousand Transformations Illusory Palace2021-01-05
Chapter 4614: Friendly Smile2021-01-04
Chapter 4613: A Fairylike Beauty2021-01-04
Chapter 4612: Death Name List2021-01-04
Chapter 4611: A Vicious Character2021-01-04
Chapter 4610: Clearing the Trial2021-01-04
Chapter 4609: Selected2021-01-03
Chapter 4608: Unfathomable Lass2021-01-02
Chapter 4607: Snatching the Slots2021-01-01
Chapter 4606: You’re Thinking Too Much2020-12-31
Chapter 4605: A Maneating Demoness2020-12-30
Chapter 4604: No One Can Move Me2020-12-29
Chapter 4603: Divine Rejuvenation Pearl2020-12-28
Chapter 4602: A Similar Trash2020-12-28
Chapter 4601: The Strongest Bloodline2020-12-28
Chapter 4600: Bloodline Dimension2020-12-28
Chapter 4599: I’ll Be Taking This Treasure2020-12-28
Chapter 4598: Come Here And Grab It2020-12-23
Chapter 4597: I’m From Ancestral Martial Galaxy2020-12-22
Chapter 4596: Little Demon King2020-12-22
Chapter 4595: There’s Still a Long Road Ahead2020-12-22
Chapter 4594: Obtaining a Slot?2020-12-20
Chapter 4593: Asura Graveyard2020-12-20
Chapter 4592: I’m Going to Die2020-12-20
Chapter 4591: Spurting Blood From Fury!2020-12-20
Chapter 4590: It’s Only a Matter of Time Before the Sky Changes2020-12-20
Chapter 4589: Public Execution2020-12-14
Chapter 4588: I’ll Decimate Your Clan2020-12-13
Chapter 4587: Knocking On Your Doorstep2020-12-12
Chapter 4586: The Carrot and the Stick2020-12-12
Chapter 4585: A Trap2020-12-12
Chapter 4584: The Mysterious Elder2020-12-12
Chapter 4583: Failure!2020-12-12
Chapter 4582: The Selfish King2020-12-12
Chapter 4581: Screams in the Forbidden Ground2020-12-12
Chapter 4580: It All Depends On You2020-12-12
Chapter 4579: Interested In Long Xiaoxiao2020-12-12
Chapter 4578: The Formation Inside the Body2020-12-12
Chapter 4577: The Final Ranking2020-12-12
Chapter 4576: The Conclusion of the Tournament2020-12-12
Chapter 4575: Enough2020-12-12
Chapter 4574: Monster Amongst Prodigies2020-12-12
Chapter 4573: Battle of Martial Profoundness2020-12-12
Chapter 4572: The Strength of the Strongest Prodigy2020-12-04
Chapter 4571: Who Hurt You?2020-12-03
Chapter 4570: A Disparity In Prowess2020-12-02
Chapter 4569: Represent the Galaxy In a Battle2020-12-01
Chapter 4568: A Challenger From the Outside2020-11-30
Chapter 4567: The Enraged Long Xiaoxiao2020-11-30
Chapter 4566: The Arrogant Black-robed Man2020-11-30
Chapter 4565: Breaking the Formation!2020-11-30
Chapter 4564: Stopping the Calamity2020-11-30
Chapter 4563: Hidden Mystery2020-11-30
Chapter 4562: A Purgatory2020-11-29
Chapter 4561: Wufeishijiedenger2020-11-29
Chapter 4560: Entering the Stone Doors2020-11-28
Chapter 4559: The Strongest Expert in the Galaxy2020-11-27
Chapter 4558: Black-robed Young Man2020-11-26
Chapter 4557: Destined For Greatness2020-11-25
Chapter 4556: The Phenomenon of the Gambling Formation2020-11-24
Chapter 4555: The Overbearing Shengguang Yu2020-11-23
Chapter 4554: Bias2020-11-22
Chapter 4553: A Shocking Action2020-11-21
Chapter 4552: Who Is Chu Feng?2020-11-20
Chapter 4551: Differentiation of Ranking2020-11-19
Chapter 4550: The Start of the Gamble2020-11-18
Chapter 4549: Daoist Niantian2020-11-17
Chapter 4548: I’ll Make a Choice on Your Behalf2020-11-16
Chapter 4547: We’re Here For Chu Feng2020-11-16
Chapter 4546: Unforgivable2020-11-15
Chapter 4545: Chu Lingxi’s Breakthrough2020-11-15
Chapter 4544: Who Doesn’t Have Connections?2020-11-15
Chapter 4543: Chu Lingxi Is Forced Into a Marriage2020-11-14
Chapter 4542: The Incomplete Mantra2020-11-13
Chapter 4541: Battling the Sculpture2020-11-13
Chapter 4540: Gathering of Peers2020-11-13
Chapter 4539: Love Rival2020-11-12
Chapter 4538: Storm Realm2020-11-11
Chapter 4537 - All Because Of Chu Feng2020-11-11
Chapter 4536 - Return2020-11-10
Chapter 4535 - Not Quite The Same2020-11-10
Chapter 4534 - Time For Me To Act2020-11-09
Chapter 4533 - Nearly Vomiting Blood In Rage2020-11-09
Chapter 4532 - Long Daozhi’s Cultivation2020-11-08
Chapter 4531 - Grasping The Hero’s Sword2020-11-08
Chapter 4530: Going All Out to Protect Chu Feng2020-11-07
Chapter 4529: Entrusting Great Expectations2020-11-07
Chapter 4528: A Good Friend2020-11-06
Chapter 4527: Change In Identity2020-11-06
Chapter 4526: You Can Give It a Try2020-11-05
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