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Medical Master (Web Novel)


He was the youngest guru of martial arts as well as the perfect Mr. McDreamy of the most girls. He had mysterious absolute touch, clear-sighted observation ability and various outstanding talents.
But now, he was just an ordinary freshman in University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, who wanted to learn Chinese Medicine, see patients, and get into a relationship with a girl in a low-key way. However, in a Mid-Autumn Festival party, he was forced to put on a performance, which shocked the whole audience. The shiny and wonderful university life began from then on.
In the university, he met a beautiful and smart School Beauty Jiang Miaoyu who shook his heart slightly. But the road of love was never smooth, even to a perfect hero.
He also met a kind and friendly teacher Dr. Shen who discovered his excellent technique and gave him a chance to practice.
Besides, his three lovely and interesting roommates were indispensable in his life, although sometimes they looked a little awkward.
But this young hero’s life was not always full of happiness without a hitch, some trouble still appeared from time to time. The domineering and imperious President of the Students’ Union Li Qingshi purposely made difficulties for him repeatedly. The stubborn and hardworking martial arts practitioner Chen Cong often challenged him in different ways.
Just because of these extraordinary personalities around him, this young hero’s road of struggle looked so amazing…

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 517 The Division of Forces2020-07-09
Chapter 516 Destroy the Dawn Group2020-07-09
Chapter 515 Kill One After Another!2020-07-09
Chapter 514 Find the Headquarters!2020-07-09
Chapter 513 Track!2020-07-06
Chapter 512 Shoot! Kill Me!2020-07-06
Chapter 511 Ran into an Injustice2020-07-05
Chapter 510 Horrifying Combat Capability2020-07-05
Chapter 509 Help A Hundred People Improve Their Strength!2020-07-04
Chapter 508 The Ratings Exceeded 6%!2020-07-04
Chapter 507 One Versus Seventy!2020-07-03
Chapter 506 This Guy Is Incredibly Powerful!2020-07-03
Chapter 505 Who Is It? Give Me Another Shot!2020-07-03
Chapter 504 Using a Borrowed Knife to Ruthlessly Torture Others!2020-07-03
Chapter 503 Find a Trace!2020-07-01
Chapter 502 The Sixth Episode Is Mind-blowing!2020-07-01
Chapter 501 The Ratings Dropped!2020-06-30
Chapter 500 Please Do Me a Favor2020-06-30
Chapter 499 Constant Diagnosis2020-06-29
Chapter 498 The Examination Of Doctor Of Brightness!2020-06-29
Chapter 497 Fang Qiu, We Will Defeat You Someday!2020-06-28
Chapter 496 I’m Afraid that All of You Would Be Embarrassed2020-06-28
Chapter 495 Four Methods to Diagnose a Disease2020-06-27
Chapter 494 He Was Really Cured?!!2020-06-27
Chapter 493The Highly-skilled Doctor Treats First!2020-06-27
Chapter 492 This Is Uncanny Power!2020-06-27
Chapter 491 See the Highly-skilled Doctor Certification again!2020-06-25
Chapter 490 One Man Carried the Whole Show2020-06-25
Chapter 489 How Did Fang Qiu Do It?!2020-06-24
Chapter 488 Cured!2020-06-24
Chapter 487 Calling His Bluff!2020-06-24
Chapter 486 The Master of Uncanny Power2020-06-24
Chapter 485 Fang Qiu Was Rejected2020-06-22
Chapter 484 I Accept the Challenge!2020-06-22
Chapter 483 Fang Qiu, It’s Time to Prove TCM2020-06-21
Chapter 482 Young Chinese Medicine Doctor Is Being Doubted!2020-06-21
Chapter 481 The Third Episode Is on!2020-06-20
Chapter 480 The Next Challenge, 20 Million!2020-06-20
Chapter 479 I, Lost!2020-06-19
Chapter 478 Refusing to Sell the Treasure Book for 100 Million2020-06-19
Chapter 4772020-06-18
Chapter 476 Preparing for the Examination of Doctors of Brightness2020-06-18
Chapter 475 I’m Not Convinced!2020-06-17
Chapter 474 The Program Group Was too Harsh!2020-06-17
Chapter 473 Directly Advancing to the National Top 15!2020-06-16
Chapter 472 The Fourth Episode: Process Herbs2020-06-16
Chapter 471 Challenge Price, 10 Million!2020-06-15
Chapter 470 The Ratings Exceeded 3%!2020-06-15
Chapter 469 The Audience Was Furious!2020-06-14
Chapter 468 The Second Episode Of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor Was Broadcast!2020-06-14
Chapter 467 Is There a Manuscript?2020-06-13
Chapter 466 Really Discovered an Earth Treasure!2020-06-13
Chapter 465 The Treasure Method of Divine Consciousness2020-06-12
Chapter 464 Such A Great Plan!2020-06-12
Chapter 463 Find the Book of Heaven Treasure and Earth Treasure!2020-06-11
Chapter 462 Hypocritical? Then I Won’t Show Any Mercy!2020-06-11
Chapter 461 Offer An Explanation Regardless Of Victory Or Defeat2020-06-10
Chapter 460 A Gate-crasher!2020-06-10
Chapter 459 I Wish I Had a Watermelon2020-06-09
Chapter 458 Wasn’t this Outdoor Survival?2020-06-08
Chapter 457 I Think There Might Be Ginseng!2020-06-06
Chapter 456 Continual Discovery!2020-06-06
Chapter 455 Round Three: Collect Medicinal Herbs in the Forest!2020-06-04
Chapter 454 The Promotional Video of the Second Episode!2020-06-04
Chapter 453 Amazing Ratings!2020-06-03
Chapter 452 The Show Was On Fire!2020-06-01
Chapter 451 Young Chinese Medicine Doctor Was On Air2020-06-01
Chapter 450 To Break Through To Fifth-class Martial Superior!2020-05-31
Chapter 449 Mr. Policeman, They Robbed Me!2020-05-30
Chapter 448 Getting the Heaven Treasure!2020-05-29
Chapter 447 Shocking Sixth Class to Seventh Class Experience!2020-05-28
Chapter 446 I Have One More Thing To Sell!2020-05-26
Chapter 445 Twenty Million! I Don’t Have Any Money2020-05-26
Chapter 444 Bid for the Heaven Treasure2020-05-25
Chapter 443 Getting the Invitations!2020-05-24
Chapter 442 An ID Without Face in It2020-05-23
Chapter 441 Challenge the Outer Mongolian Wulin Community2020-05-22
Chapter 440 He Is About to Lose Control of It!2020-05-21
Chapter 439 One Versus Four2020-05-20
Chapter 438 A Master Came From Huaxia2020-05-19
Chapter 437 One Wave After Another2020-05-18
Chapter 436 He Tried to Borrow Someone Else’s Hand to Commit Murder and Failed2020-05-17
Chapter 435 Did He Win? Did He Make a Breakthrough?!2020-05-16
Chapter 434 I Know Where the Earth Treasure Is2020-05-15
Chapter 433 Tell Me His Weakness!2020-05-14
Chapter 432 Breakthrough to Be a Third-class Martial Superior2020-05-13
Chapter 431 Defeat a Seventh-class Martial Superior with Two Meridians2020-05-12
Chapter 430 Get Rid of Evil for Wulin!2020-05-11
Chapter 429 The Condition of Marriage!2020-05-10
Chapter 428 Holy Doctor!2020-05-09
Chapter 427 Xu Miaolin Was Forced into a Marriage!2020-05-08
Chapter 426 Jiang Miaoyu’s Meeting with Her Master2020-05-06
Chapter 425 Final Hit—Two Questions of Electroacupuncture!2020-05-06
Chapter 424 Being Asked to Recite?!2020-05-05
Chapter 423 Truth in the Hands of a Few!2020-05-04
Chapter 422 Gave a Wrong Question?2020-05-02
Chapter 421 Fang Qiu Cured My Broken Leg!2020-05-02
Chapter 420 The Hot Trailer!2020-05-01
Chapter 419 The Second Competition!2020-04-30
Chapter 418 Come On, Chinese Medicine!2020-04-29
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