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Mr Fu, I Really Love You (Web Novel) - Chapter 799: Can I Go With You?

Chapter 799: Can I Go With You?

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She was only afraid that they would still be swollen when Tuan Tuan came home in the afternoon and would scare him.

Lin Nuan had initially planned on going to the hospital to visit Song Yao, but she was also scared that she’d give Song Yao a scare with such swollen eyes. After calling the hospital and hearing that Song Yao’s condition was stable, Lin Nuan headed back with Fu Huai’an. She wanted to put a cold compress on her eyes to see if she could get rid of the swelling.

In a good mood, Lin Nuan now had an appetite for food. She went with Fu Huai’an to a cafe to have some food, and then they headed back.

On the way back, Fu Huai’an kept on making calls on his phone. Lin Nuan sat in the front passenger seat, lowering her head and scrolling through Weibo. The atmosphere was both quiet and harmonious.

The corners of Lin Nuan’s lips curled up slightly. Even though Fu Huai’an wasn’t free to talk to her, she would still be very blissful to have him by her side, even if they were each doing their own stuff.

On the way back, Aunt Blessing called. After asking about Lin Nuan, Fu Huai’an, and Tuan Tuan, with some difficulty, she brought up the matter of Sun Miaomiao wanting to get an internship…

Aunt Blessing asked Fu Huai’an if there were any suitable positions in the Kaide Corporation that Sun Miaomiao could have for her internship. She said that during this period, Sun Miaomiao had been fretting over this matter!

Aunt Blessing was never one who liked to trouble Fu Huai’an!

The reason she gave Fu Huai’an a call this time around, was that back when Little Blessing was lost during Lin Nuan and Fu Huai’an’s wedding, Sun Miaomiao had missed the opportunity to intern at the Jiahe Corporation for the sake of looking for Little Blessing. Aunt Blessing felt bad about it and thus asked Fu Huai’an.

Sun Miaomiao was an art major. She had applied to be the assistant of a game artist at a game company under the Jiahe Corporation.

That day, she had an appointment to make a trip to the Jiahe Corporation’s game company in the afternoon, but because Little Blessing had been lost and she was anxiously looking for him, she forgot about the interview. She hadn’t even given the company a call. After that, when she went to the company, the game artist refused to even meet her!

Aunt Blessing knew that the Kaide Corporation also produced games and had their own game company. Therefore, she tried asking if there were any positions suitable for Sun Miaomiao.

“I’ve got it, Aunt Blessing. I’ll get Little Lu to keep an eye on this!” Fu Huai’an agreed.

Aunt Blessing, who was on the other end of the call, heaved a sigh of relief and apologized to Fu Huai’an again, saying, “I’m sorry, Huai’an. Did I create trouble for you? I only feel that Miaomiao helped us take care of Little Blessing, and ended up losing her internship opportunity because of it, that’s why I…”

“Aunt Blessing, there’s no need to say this between us!” There was a slight smile in Fu Huai’an’s eyes.

On the other end of the call, Aunt Blessing smiled. “That’s right, we won’t talk about these things!”

After hanging up the call, Lin Nuan turned to look at Fu Huai’an. “What did Aunt Blessing have to say?”

“She said that the young lady who helped take care of Little Blessing during our wedding wants to find an internship, and she asked me to help her keep a lookout for a position.” Fu Huai’an flicked on the turn signal, getting Lin Nuan to help him connect the phone to the car via Bluetooth and dial Little Lu’s number.

Lin Nuan nodded. She still had a slight impression of that young lady. She was very beautiful and had a good disposition, one that was clean and comfortable.

Fu Huai’an told Little Lu about what Aunt Blessing had asked about, and Little Lu said that he would make arrangements as soon as possible.

It wasn’t anything difficult, as the Kaide Corporation was a big corporation. Although their primary business was real estate, they had taken over many other companies, including pharmaceuticals, games, advertisements, supermarkets, convenience stores, entertainment, digital culture… They were involved with all possible industries there were out there.

They had game companies as well, and since the chairman had spoken up, it’d be a piece of cake to get a small position like an artist’s assistant.

“Sir, the flight to Dubai is arranged to take off at 9:30 am. President Lu has already informed the media. I’ll pick you up at 7:30 am tomorrow. Is that fine?”

Little Lu’s voice rang throughout the car, and Lin Nuan turned to look at Fu Huai’an…

Little Lu was going to come and fetch Fu Huai’an?

Didn’t Fu Huai’an say that he was only going to send Qin Zhe to Dubai and that he wasn’t going to get involved in danger?

“It’s fine!” Fu Huai’an replied.

After hanging up the call, Fu Huai’an saw from the corner of his eye that Lin Nuan was frowning and looking toward him. He said, “I’m going to Dubai for work matters…”

Lin Nuan’s calm heart started to panic again.

Fu Huai’an looked at Lin Nuan, who was facing the front, and smiled. “The hotel that the Kaide Corporation is setting up in Dubai is having a groundbreaking ceremony, and I have to attend it! Don’t worry… since I promised you that I wouldn’t get involved in danger, I won’t! Moreover, the corporation has already informed the media. My every action will be filmed by the media’s cameras!”

“Really?” Lin Nuan felt a little more at ease.

“I won’t lie to you!” Fu Huai’an reached out his hand to take Lin Nuan’s, then brought it to his lips for a kiss. “Trust me!”

Lin Nuan couldn’t suppress the doubt in her heart, and she said, “Can I go with you?”

Fu Huai’an knew that after the previous episode, Lin Nuan felt terrified about going overseas.

“You aren’t afraid of going overseas?” Fu Huai’an smiled.

“I’m even more afraid that you’ll get in danger!” Lin Nuan’s voice sounded extremely stubborn.

It was so quiet in the car that there was only the sound of the radio left. Fu Huai’an’s thumb stroked Lin Nuan’s hand gently, and his dark gaze was looking toward the front, at the Chinese parasol trees that kept on moving in reverse. He said, “I don’t wish for you to go…”

Lin Nuan’s hand, which was locked with Fu Huai’an’s, tightened subconsciously.

“Nothing is certain. I’ll be sending Qin Zhe into Dubai. If anything happens to him and others trace it to me, I’ll be tied down with you around!” Fu Huai’an said.

Lin Nuan’s countenance turned pale…

She understood that what Fu Huai’an said was right. She couldn’t do anything, and if something were to happen, she wouldn’t even be able to protect herself. She would only be a burden!

It was like how she had gone to Iraq to search for someone courageously, calmly looking at death in the eye. In the end, if it weren’t for Fu Huai’an, she would have died there back then.

She thought that if she had skills like You Nainai or Mu Taotao, Fu Huai’an would have no excuse to reject her.

Lin Nuan’s eyes heated up as she frowned and lowered them. She had never felt that she was this emotional before. It was as if the tears that she had cried today were more than the amount she had cried over the past twenty or so years!

A while later, Lin Nuan raised her head and looked to the front.

How could she not understand this? She had stubbornly wanted Fu Huai’an to live a peaceful life with her, one that had no dangerous elements at all. It was because Lin Nuan was only an ordinary person. She didn’t have the amazing skills that female leads in the movies had! She didn’t possess any unique abilities that female leads in the movies had!

When she watched movies, it wasn’t as if she hadn’t imagined herself to be the lead, moving about freely amidst gunshots!

However, she only treated those as movies. After she left the theater, she never felt regret for only being an ordinary person.

However, today, Lin Nuan really wished that she had good skills!

If she did, would she be able to be by Fu Huai’an’s side when he decided to take risks? And then, after they ended the journey and came back, they would be able to return to the most ordinary lives led by ordinary people!

If that was the case, would she not feel so anxious about her gains and losses? Would she not be so afraid and terrified?

The silence continued until they arrived at home.

Lin Nuan grabbed some home clothes and went to remove her makeup and take a shower.

Standing under the showerhead, she closed her eyes. The hot water slid down her skin, but it couldn’t take away the hints of coldness that Lin Nuan had in her heart from the grief she was feeling.

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